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Studio 6: Patricia Oji


patricia oji oranges
Oranges, Patricia Oji, oil painting
patricia oji waterlilies
Waterlilies, Patricia Oji, oil painting

I am a representational painter who portrays familiar subjects in a contemporary style. 

I paint still lifes as intimate portraits of common items we take for granted or overlook, such as a bowl of marbles, hanging pots and pans, fish on a counter,  a flag on a porch. Through darker palates and shadows, I create a somber or reflective mood, capturing the quiet magic of these ordinary things. Many of my works suggest an Asian influence. This may come from the subject itself, as in the tea or origami paintings, or from the composition and use of color in still lifes like “Lion Dancers” and “Sushi.”  

I am inspired by California painter Carol Peek’s use of light, and how Annie Leibowitz captures the personality and “soul” of her subjects in one image. I also admire Robert Lang’s origami work that brings a new dimension when applied to everyday figures and objects.

My work asks viewers to stop in their tracks, take a deep breath, and appreciate the life in the ordinary objects that surround us.

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