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AWD's volunteers play an essential role in supporting the administration and programming of Art Works Downtown. As a volunteer, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you are part of a team, and that you are essential to the success of AWD and its mission.

Art Works Downtown's mission is to broaden our community's engagement with art.  Everything we do strengthens the creative fabric of our community and promotes art as a vital part of public life in San Rafael, Marin County, and beyond.

 Volunteer Opportunities

Gallery Receptionist

Do you enjoy fine art exhibits and engaging with visitors about art? Are you happy directing inquiries and taking messages? If yes, this may be a position for you. Art Works Downtown is an active art center serving many different groups of people while managing a large building with a very small staff. Gallery Receptionists are essential to our process because they provide a welcoming experience for our guests and regular community while allowing the staff to focus on other important work. This position greatly helps AWD maintain a positive atmosphere and productive workflow.Gallery Receptionist volunteer job description  

To apply: 
Print and mail or deliver this application: application
or contact
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  , 415.451.8119

 Volunteer Profile: Chris Gomes

As we all know, the rock that nonprofits stand upon is volunteerism. Without their time and energy most nonprofits would disappear and without their belief in the mission, organizations would never exist. Art Works Downtown would like to nominate Chris Gomes for volunteer of the year because he totally rocks. Chris has become an important part of the Art Works Downtown team by being someone we can lean against. Art Works Downtown’s bustling culture can be challenging for many volunteers due to the variety of different communities we interact with such as visual artists of all ages, art patrons, curators, musicians, guests who are new to art, and the general public of downtown San Rafael. This dynamic often requires volunteers to be able to navigate many personalities while working on physical tasks at the same time. We can rely on Chris to positively interact with all community members while staying productive. Chris’s ever friendly and attentive personality stilts the welcoming atmosphere we rely on to connect art and the community. Chris is always available for any need, such as gallery hosting, bar tending at Art Walks, cleaning after events, attending to disgruntled visitors, assisting guest artists, and mentoring new volunteers. Without any expectation, Chris often volunteers beyond his committed hours just to make sure everything is resolved and everyone is taken care of. Being able to rely on Mr. Gomes not only helps accomplish various goals, but also boosts the organization’s productivity because our small staff can focus our energy on other areas with the piece-of-mind that he has it covered.

Art Works Downtown wouldn’t be able to manage low-income housing, the monthly Art Walk, a 40,000 square-foot art center in a pre-1900’s building, and over 40 exhibitions a year without the community’s help. Particularly without the deep and reliable support Chris provides. We would like to thank Chris Gomes for contributing years of his time, solid work ethic, and soaring positivity towards enriching community-connectedness through arts and culture for San Rafael and the Bay Area.