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Studio 10: Carol Jacobsen

acrylic on canvas or panel

Carol Jacobsen dec  2021 Carol Jacobsen 

Carol Jacobsen corette king Corette King, Carol Jacobsen

Carol Jacobsen Alicia Ball

Alicia Ball, Carol Jacobsen

Since 2020, Carol Jacobsen has been working on her latest series, Women of Color and Accomplishment. Thirty one of her portraits are in her first book of the series published in 2021. Fall of 2022 will see her second book published with another thirty one portraits.

Most of the portraits are of African American women who have been ignored in history books. Their beauty, grace and dignity shine in these painting. By using colors and painting styles influenced by Impressionist painters and others, Jacobsen combines the Black diasporic history with European art, merging popular and privileged cultures. 

Jacobsen often uses non-traditional skin tones in an attempt to decouple these women from their race, inviting users to see them anew.


Contact Info:

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


studio hours: Monday, Wednesday, Sataturday, 1–3pm; and 2nd Friday Art Walk