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Studio 30: Peter Adamyan

The Max Thelen Studio is a studio residency program generously funded by the Fenwick Foundation in commemoration of Max Thelen Jr. The residency aims to support emerging artists by providing free studio space, exhibition opportunity, and exposure to the public for one year. 


Oil and acrylic paint, OSB wood, bicycle tire and tire valves
24" x 24"

The Max Thelen Studio Residency
oil paint, wood, mixed media

Humanity has lost its connection with the natural world and let brand identity replace cultural identity. Our ability to manipulate our surroundings to suit our needs has made us the top species on the planet but now appears to be leading to our own decline. We're obsessed with the latest technologies that soon become antiquated and discarded.

My work is created using as many recycled materials as possible, pulling from religious iconography, art history and environmentalists of the past. I strive to create a narrative throughout my work that aims for a simpler life or how ours have become overly complex. In simultaneously critiquing our rampant materialism, addiction to a consumer based economy and reminding us that it was not always this way, I wish to turn a mirror on our relationship or lack thereof to the natural world and to imagine a world where we have willingly gone back to a hunter gatherer society built on the waste of our world.