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Studio 38: Minna Pinger

Pinger1 bauto-biographical mixed media, mail art

I am interested in the ways people document their life experience, consciously and unconsciously, using words and images. Most of my most recent work comes from journals I have kept since I was a child. I often enlarge and rework the pages themselves; exploring the relationship between our private stories and our public ones, and how those stories play out in our homes and families. I love words; their power to translate experience as well as the way they look on a page. I also do “Mail Art” partly because I think the US Postal Service is an extraordinary invention and when something goes through the mail, it becomes part of a larger human story. As words make their way from the brain to the hand to the page, what is produced is a kind of portraiture; a visual manifestation of our deeper selves. I have been told that handwriting analysis is actually still used in France as a means of assessing the psychological makeup of a potential employee. One could say that our move away from the epistolary tradition and from handwriting in general is yet another way we are distancing ourselves from whatever it is that makes us human. Part of what I do as an artist is to bear witness to the here and now and mailing post cards is part of that mission. They may be fleeting, even disposable, but the cards are "historic" documents, particularly in the time of Covid. And besides, who doesn't like getting mail?


studio hours: most afternoons and by appointment

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