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Studio 19: Lara’s Lab/Lara Myers

Documentary Installation Art

Lara’s Lab is an exploration of and experimentation with documentary installation art. 

The current project of Lara’s Lab is a participatory project called, Things Guys Actually Said To Me. Personal stories about sexual harassment, sexism, misogyny, discrimination, etc. are collected in-person from women and custom necklaces are made using text summarized from each woman’s story. Each woman who participates gets her custom necklace for free. (The necklaces will also be available for sale. All proceeds will go towards the cost of the project.)

To participate, stop by Lara’s Lab, Studio 19 during each month’s Second Friday Art Walk from 5–8pm. You may also participate whenever Lara is in the studio during Art Works Downtown’s weekly hours. It is advised to email her before visiting to see if she will be in her studio when you visit.

Lara Myers is an Army brat, a godchild of a Charo backup singer, a former dancer for the San Francisco band, ArmaGetItOn, and a documentary installation artist. She was the 2016–2017 Max Thelen Studio Residency artist at Art Works Downtown. 


Contact Info:


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


studio hours: to be announced