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Studio 28: Jason Sheldrick

Drawing, Printmaking, Mixed Media

© Jason Sheldrick
© Jason Sheldrick
© Jason Sheldrick

Jason Sheldrick's art has always been influenced by spaces, the components that make up spaces, or parts thereof, either defined by something concrete like architectural elements, or something less tangible like fog, his work all has a sense of surrounding, enclosure and warmth. The intricacies of how things and objects are put together or assembled hold intrigue, whether it be the structure that make up a city block, the materials that make up an edifice or the pieces that have been thrown together than make up a hydro pole. Adding to the architectural aspects found in his work, he continually references human or natural forms and features, such as limbs that become tree branches, in a quest to search out the meaning in form, and find the answer to the questions: what makes us human?

Jason grew up in Ottowa, Ontario, Canada and moved to the Bay Area in 2004. He attended Cantebury High School with an emphasis in Visual Arts. This was followed by Algonquin College's Architectural Technology Program. He currently lives, work and has an art studio in San Rafael.

Contact Info:

phone: (415) 250-8201

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

studio hours:
available by appointment
Mondays - Fridays 6pm-10pm,
all day Saturdays and Sundays