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Studio 30: Hayley Samantha Jensen

The Max Thelen Studio is a studio residency program generously funded by the Fenwick Foundation in commemoration of Max Thelen Jr. The residency aims to support emerging artists by providing free studio space, exhibition opportunity, and exposure to the public for one year. 

Hayley Samantha Jensen Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart ©  Hayley Samantha Jensen
photographed by Collin Pollard

The Max Thelen Studio Residency

painting, video, neon, sculpture

Hayley Samantha Jensen, originally from New Orleans, recently graduated from San Francisco Art Institute with an MFA in Studio Art. She works through thoughtful play in her work, finding enchantment and sadness in the intricacies of environmental assemblages. While she focuses on painting, she also works with video, neon, and sculpture.



"My work references the spectral dimension of existence, finding kinship with nonhumans and fostering prismatic hope in the dark. Plastic materials provoke and complicate to subvert the image further into the complex depths of interconnection. Through plastic's past, I recognize it's ghosts and memorialize their lives as kin through colorful play. I engage in a conversation around animism, playing with its vibrancy and demystifying it in order to informally hang out with animism as an idea, as a solution, and mourn with it for the human inflictions of preceding and proceeding violence. Through challenging anthropocentric ideologies, I provide a platform to engage in solidarity with nonhuman entities, locking eyes and connecting the innately connected."