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Studio 18: Harry L. Caldwell IV

master engraver, painter, illustrator

CaldwellHarry Einstein for webArtist statement:

Hand engraving is a meditation. It is an exercise in patience, focus, persistence and breath. The art of engraving has both grounded me in my most chaotic moments and helped me heal from terrible illness. My passion for the art fueled me while traveling the country, and Inspired me to share moments of love and kindness with the world.

I design personal heirlooms from long-lasting materials. My engravings create a sense of permanence in a world of rapid change. My intention is that they are a legacy to be passed forward through generations. I currently focus on creating two forms of hand engraved coins. Hobo nickels are miniature bas relief sculptures depicting the faces of travelers telling stories from various points in history. Love Tokens are joyful reminders of the beauty found in the smallest of details. The coins are intentionally engraved with maximum detail to bring the viewer into a moment of reflection. Delicately carved monograms, flowers, scrolls and sacred geometry remind us to slow down and witness the beauty in the moment.

In our current climate of polarization I feel particularly called to depict faces and feelings of marginalized communities. I want to amplify the voices of the disenfranchised. My coins are a message, moving my audience toward the social, spiritual and systemic changes that make our society more equitable. 



Harry L. Caldwell IV is a queer identified, mixed race, tantric yogi, with midwestern roots and a passion for exceptional design. His work has been published nationally, and exhibited in solo exhibitions in Seattle at the CORE Gallery. He has been presented with multiple design awards during his 15 year career and holds a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Design from the Art Institute of Seattle.

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hours: Sunday–Tuesday, 11–4pm; and by appointment