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Studio 6: Fiammetta Castaldi

mixed media artifact

Hillside © Fiammetta Castaldi
origami boxes © Fiammetta Castaldi
scarf @ Fiammetta Castaldi

Every space, object, feeling is so unique to each of us, that I envision separate realities, worlds, and lives claiming existence in the same time/space.

Often I have found myself looking around, fascinated by the knowledge that no matter how barren the landscape, how minimal the light, how uninspiring the sight, there is in the world at least one artist that would find inspiration in it, and create a masterpiece out of his/her emotion.

In my art I try to capture not a reality with capital 'R', but this sense that anything has more than one incarnation and a single stated value. I hope that my work communicates the chance of other 'lives', and brings a smile of surprise and recognition, all with a faint sense of joyful mischief.

Contact Info:

phone: (415) 717-1903

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


studio hours: call for an appointment