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Kathleen Edwards Unfolding

KathleenEdwards UnifiedFieldTheory
Unified Field Theory © Kathleen Edwards


accordion books

Kathleen Edwards

February 11–March 25, 2022 
Open Thursday-Saturday, 1–8pm

March 11, 5–8pm
In-person reception and Art Walk 

There are infinite possibilities of intimate, sequential worlds that can be contained between two covers. A small studio space with little storage inspired me to use the accordion book form to create larger pieces, both traditional and wall-hung. 

My imagery explores a synthesis between human and plant, life and death, past and present, emotion and materiality. My greatest inspiration is the beauty and forms of nature. I am working at a personal level while also holding an awareness of the universal and metaphorical, hoping that my tiny actions on paper can create and communicate an energy shift. In a time when Judeo-Christian cultural stories about our relationship with the Earth are not working, recognizable imagery allows me to explore new conceptual possibilities through visual storytelling.  

IG @kathleenedwardsartist   

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KathleenEdwards DeathBook3 KathleenEdwards WeBroughtTheSeaWithUs
Death Book 3 © Kathleen Edwards We Brought The Sea With Us © Kathleen Edwards