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Viscerally Stumped Hayley Samantha Jensen 2019

Hayley Samantha Jensen Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart ©  Hayley Samantha Jensen
photographed by Collin Pollard


Viscerally Stumped

Hayley Samantha Jensen

The Max Thelen Studio Residency

September 13—October 7, 2019
Reception: September 13, 5pm–8pm

The entities I paint have eye(s). Thinking about the anthropocentric ideologies of the Western world, I use the eye as a symbol for consciousness or value of being (subjecthood). I engage in a conversation around animism, the attribution of soul to plants, natural phenomenon, dirt, clouds, etc., playing with its vibrancy and demystifying it in order to informally hang out with animism as an idea, as a solution, and mourn with it for the human inflictions of preceding and proceeding violence.

Working in the debased material of plastic as condensed indexes of living matter, I activate the history of this lethal material. Through plastic's past, I recognize it's ghosts and memorialize their lives as kin through colorful play. These materials are a platform to engage in solidarity with nonhuman entities, locking eyes and connecting the innately connected.

50% of the proceeds from each painting will be donated to the Rainforest Action Network, Ocean Conservancy, and/or the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center.