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Doubling Up 2016

Liz Schiff When Hearts Collide

When Hearts Collide © Liz Schiff

Doubling Up: Painterly Prints & Printerly Paintings

Liz Schiff and Mimi Makowsky

April 8–30, 2016
Reception: April 8 • 5–8pm

Liz Schiff and Mimi Makowsky are long-time watercolor artists who also share a passion for monoprints. In this exhibit, both artists showcase recent works that juxtapose monoprinting with painting, marrying the unique textures of printmaking with the transparent characteristics of watercolor.

Works by Liz Schiff feature her "By the Wind Sailor" and "By the Fly" series. The "By the Wind" series was inspired by jellyfish known as By-the-Wind Sailors that periodically wash up on Northern California shores. Liz makes impressions with the dried "sailors" and other material, and then paints back into these monoprints to create unique underwater-like imagery. Also included in the show are pieces from Liz's "By the Fly" series where she uses primarily butterfly and leaf imagery to create small flights of fancy.

Working in watercolor enhanced with both monotype and transfers, Mimi Makowsky explores a sense of place and renewal. She uses recurring themes of light and vegetation to express her enthusiasm for a new phase of life.


Mimi Makowsky Quarry Lake

Quarry Lake ©  Mimi Makowsky 15"x21.5" framed

Attracted to the Light © Liz Schiff

Attracted to the Light ©  Liz Schiff

Three O'Clock © Mimi Makowsky, 27.5"x21" framed

Three O'Clock ©  Mimi Makowsky, 27.5"x21" framed