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138 Houses Lara Myers 2016

Lara Myers The 138 Houses We Live in When We Were 10, Dawn from Memory Alone

The 138 Houses We Lived In When We Were 10, Drawn From Memory Alone 

The 138 Houses We Lived In When We Were 10, Drawn From Memory Alone

An installation by Lara Myers

March 11–April 2, 2016
Opening Reception: March 11 • 5–8pm
Drawing Collection Receptions: March 12, 19, 26 + April 2 • 1–4pm

The 138 Houses We Lived In When We Were 10, Drawn From Memory Alone is a show about our visual and anecdotal memory of our childhood homes.

Since 2013, I have interviewed 138 people about the house they lived in when they were 10 years old. 

I had each person draw their childhood home from memory alone without looking at any photos or contacting family for information.  If they could not remember a detail of the house, say, where the windows were or the type of roof the house had, it was left out of the drawing.  The focus is on the visual memory of these houses as opposed to an accurate representation of the houses.  I then recorded each person telling a story about their house.


I redraw the drawings so that they have a consistent look.  The drawings are printed on laminated transparency film and suspended by nails off of small 2" wood blocks.  The suspension away from the blocks allows shadows to be cast on the blocks, intimating that the drawing is just a memory of the house.

I construct two copies of each mini-house and put one in the installation and give one to the person who drew the house.

My goal is an installation of 500 houses accompanied by audio of the stories about each house. 

This installation includes the 138 mini-houses I have constructed so far, along with audio of the stories playing both aloud and on a self-guided tour using headphones.

Lara Myers The 138 Houses We Live in When We Were 10, Dawn from Memory AloneHow to participate in the project:

You can add your house drawing and story to the installation by participating in one of four Drawing Collection Receptions that will be held from 1:00 to 4:00 on each Saturday of the show: March 12, 19, 26 and April 2.  You will receive a copy of your mini-house at some point in the future as a thank-you for participating.  (You can also just come and view the show on these days.)

How to pick up your mini-house:

If you are one of the 138 wonderful people who have participated so far in this project, thank you!  You may pick up your copy of the mini-house at the Opening Reception or at one of the four Drawing Collection Receptions.  I encourage you to contact me to let me know which reception you will attend so I can be sure to have made your copy by that date.  I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you to Grafix ( for their donation of the transparency film used in this project. 

Thank you to Thomas Fetherston Custom Furniture Design, San Rafael, for their donation of wood.

Photographs by Dana Davis of Dana Davis Photography, Oakland, CA