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Opening the world through travel 2015

Opening The World DANG D 3CC
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Opening the World Through Travel

Mission:Empower and expose at-risk young adults to experience a world outside of their own through volunteer and cultural experiences in their community and abroad.

August 14-September 4, 2015
Reception: August 14 • 5–8pm


Opening The World and Girls Stepping Up for Change collaborated on a grant with Marin County Parks. They used photography as a way to experience and view the beauty of our Marin Parks. During six hikes, in six parks, the youth learned photography. They became observers and photographers of nature. Exploring the parks and their diversity was an experience that broadened the groups' awareness of Marin and strengthened their relationships with each other. 

Opening The World was founded in 2012. The program is designed to empower and expose young adults, that have overcome major obstacles and issues, to a world beyond their own. With Opening the World these young adults learn many new skills, volunteer and engage in cultural experiences within their community and abroad. Travel changes people and Opening The World offers new possibilities to youth that might never have such an opportunity. This summer the group will go to Costa Rica.

The group “Girls Stepping Up For Change” provides young women an active way to facilitate positive change, rehabilitation and prevention. The group fosters a safe environment for developing positive peer relationships while aiming for overall health and emotional well-being. They share in many adventures, running events, and provide hours of service to others.

Photography is a medium that can capture the imagination. Photography provides these young adults a way to document their lives, surroundings, and travels. It teaches them a creative and tangible skill they can use throughout their lifetime.

Photography Teacher – Marianne Owens

Jeannine Curly - Opening the World

Girls Stepping Up for Change - Angela Arenas 

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