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Vita Brevis - Roberta Weir


Vita Brevis

Roberta Weir paintings, drawings, and prints

October 10-November 8, 2014
Reception: October 10 • 5–8pm


ROBERTA WEIR’s first solo show since 1995. The exhibit, entitled VITA BREVIS, will feature paintings, drawings, and prints from 1977 to 2014, focusing on the theme of impermanence, with some not so subtle reminders of mortality. “The transitory nature of life has preoccupied me from the age of five, when I first became aware of this truth,” Weir says.

The Bay Area painter opened the Weir Gallery in Berkeley in 1987, presenting local artists including Jerry Garcia, whose drawings and paintings she began exhibiting in 1989, and with whom she enjoyed sharing techniques of printmaking, going on to publish several popular editions of his etchings. Garcia once referred to Roberta as “an artist who never sold out.”

Much of Weir’s work is full of a classical beauty that opens onto a dark vision, as befits the season of Halloween and the Day of the Dead. “In spring,” says the artist, “I will turn the coin over.”