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Ellie Barrett Wilder 2013

Ellie Barrett Wilder

November 8–December 7, 2013 
Reception: November 8 • 5–8pm


Ellie Barrett Wilder is interested in stream of consciousness. Used in literature, and experimented with at length by the Dadaists and Surrealists, it’s a time-honored tradition, offering a sense of freedom for the artist. Throughout our lives we’re compelled to make sense, to be organized, straightforward, predictable, and to get the story straight. Formal aesthetics demands structure and order. In her work, Wilder expresses freely using images, symbols, color, texture, and form, with layers of space and light. This style of expression brings with it an invitation to meaning. The narrative then follows the act, as it often does in life.                                      

 The Temple, 2013, digital encaustic on panel,  20" x 16"

Curiosity, 2012, encaustic on panel, 5" 5"                       The Veil, 2013, photo encaustic on panel,8 x 10"