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After Hours 2013

After Hours

an exhibition of art works downtown staff • one night only!

Featuring: Elisabeth Setten, Lark Calderon-Gomez and Stan Gibbs

Exhibition Date: June 14,2013 5-8pm  June 15,2013 10am - 5pm - 2013
in the Underground Gallery

           elisabeth setten cherry tree1       lark gomez calderon gomez collaboration       stas gibbs self portrait

                "Cherry Tree 1",                  Gomez/Calderon-Gomez         "Self Portrait",  
                 Elisabeth Setten,                         Collaboration,                   Stas Gibbs,
   sumi ink on paper 20" x 24" © 2007         Mixed Media Work            acrylic on paper



  • Elisabeth Setten:

    Ancient cultures regarded trees as spiritual beings able to elevate the human consciousness to a higher plane and deepen one’s awareness of the inner self.

    As an artist from West Marin, I find myself pondering this question: Who am I as a human being in nature and what is my role within it?

    In a spontaneous collaboration (see video), I attach a sumi inked brush to a tree’s branch and allow the tree’s painting to unfold. The resulting abstractions produce a unique natural vocabulary that invites us to explore the intricacies of the natural world and reconsider our selves within it.


  • Lark Calderon-Gomez:

    Married to photographer, Dan Gomez, mixed media artist, Lark Calderon-Gomez has always had a strong affection for photography. It was only natural to embark on a series of collaborative work together.
  •  Stan Gibbs:

    Stas will feature abstract sketches in paint.more