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Underground Gallery • Past

image cluster members exhibit 2023 

Art Works Downtown Members' Exhibit 2023

Warm your soul with a cornucopia of creativity while discovering unique holiday gifts throughout two levels of galleries featuring over 60 artworks.

November 24, 2023–January 20, 2024
Receptions and Art Walks: December 8, January 12, 5–8pm
Open Hours:
December Thursday–Sunday, 1–8pm
January: Wednesday–Saturday, 12–6pm

Exhibiting in the:  Underground Gallery, Founders' Gallery, Donors’ Gallery

Underground Gallery

Julia Baker, Jenny Blackburn, G.R. Brown, Michelle Bushneff, Dan Caven, Jo Clarke, Virginia Fauvre, Janey Fritsche, Jessica Green, Tubi Ho, Gail Morrison, Cecily O’Connor, Susan Press, Anna Rochester, Nadia Tarzi-Saccardi, Alexandru Salceanu, Gordon Sizelove, Dobee Snowber, Valerie Jelenfy Stilson, Melissa Woodburn, June Yokell

Kelly H. Guillermo Coyotes Under the Desert Sun, 2023, Oil on canvas, 24 x 18 in.

Coyotes Under the Desert Sun, 2023, Oil on canvas, 24" x 18".

Guillermo H. Kelly

October 5–November 10, 2023
October 13, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk
November 10, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk

Guillermo H. Kelly, a native of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico, has an extensive background in art.  He began drawing at the age of six and a year later received his first set of oils and painting lessons from a neighborhood artist who took an interest in young Guillermo’s artistic abilities.  By age eleven Guillermo had won an art school scholarship to the renown Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (I.N.B.A.) in Mazatlán, from which he graduated in 1978. 

Guillermo Kelly’s art is influenced by the Mazatlán of his youth and by Mexican artistic traditions.  Mazatlán is a port town that was bordered by jungle and is often in the path of hurricanes.  Guillermo grew up on a ranch amid cows, horses, dogs, cats, snakes, scorpions and tarantulas.  The sea, the landscape and the surrounding animal life, such important features of his childhood, would later find their way into his artwork. 

Guillermo’s family included many musicians.  As a youngster he was a keen observer of the traditional costumes and body paint used by the Matachines, groups of indigenous dancers that included his mother.  Guillermo’s artistic sensibilities were also greatly influenced by the music he heard played within his family circle and on the streets of Mazatlán, by the sounds of his environment and by the huge carnival culture of the city.  

Ram 2 PXL 20221105 160553560
  untitled by Ram, woven clay

Weaving with Clay
Ram Sundararajan

August 11–September 29, 2023
August 11, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk
September 8, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk

As an artist, I yearn for a deeper connection with art that transcends the visual realm. Handwoven pottery has become my chosen medium, offering a tactile experience that engages the senses and evokes emotional responses. Working with porcelain, I am captivated by its delicate sensitivity and its ability to respond to the human touch. Clay becomes my collaborative partner on a creative journey, demanding yet supportive. My aim is to create objects that seamlessly blend into our lives, providing both visual pleasure and a tangible connection to profound narratives. Through form, texture, and color, I strive to bring elegance, character, and enchantment to the ordinary, transforming it into something extraordinary. Ultimately, my pottery reflects a deep appreciation for the inherent artistry in our daily rituals and a belief in the transformative power of aesthetics.  
IG  @ramsceramics  
FB: @ramsceramics

DSnowber WE VEGOTTHIS36x24
We Got This, Dobee Snowber, 36" x 24".

Connecting the Dots
Dobee Snowber

June 9–July 28, 2023
June 9, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk
July 14, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk

When people ask me why I paint I immediately respond, it’s about connection.

It’s a bridge to the common ground I share with others and a direct connection to myself. 

My work is narrative, about moments. The familiar bits and pieces that combine in different ways and make up a life. Moments, like dots that exist in and of themselves and then segue into the next dot. I don’t know when I start a piece which moment I will zero in on. That is the magic in the process, revealing itself in its own creation.

After many years my work has come full circle and I have returned to the figure and faces, often incorporating the theme of swimmers, pools and water. Mixed in are images of home and structure and of assemblages, made from found objects I have collected over time. 

The swimmers plunge into or emerge out of the water, like the constantly changing moments in any given day; the effort to swim up and out and to breathe. In the absence of swimmers the pools appear, with or without water, still or tumultuous, taking on a life of their own. Or there are just faces, that hold their own story. The homelike structures are about entropy and the history they hold, worn and beaten but still standing. The Assemblages take this idea one step further by incorporating actual pieces of this history.

Dobee Snowber holds a BA in Intellectual History/Feminist Studies from Kirkland/Hamilton College and a BFA in Printmaking /Painting from the Maine College of Art, Portland, Maine. She has participated in several residencies including at the Vermont Studio School and Penland Art Center. She has shown extensively in various venues including galleries, museums, group collaborations, solo exhibits and commercial projects and is part of several private collections in the US and abroad. She is currently represented by SHOH Gallery , Berkeley, CA and Mary Praytor Gallery, Greenville, SC. 

Dobee is currently working as a mixed media artist, making time whenever possible to create. She has lived in the Bay area for over 25 years. Prior to that she lived in Santa Fe and various and sundry places east of the Rockies, including Maine, NY, Washington DC and New Jersey.  
Instagram: @dsnowber  
Facebook:  @Dobee.Snowber  


 A Breath of Spring, oil paint on oil paint paper, 18" x 24"

Variety is the Spice of Life
Licita Fernández

April 14–May 26, 2023
April 14, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk
May 12, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk

Marin Open Studios: May 5, 6, 13, & 14; 11am–6pm

"Knowing as a young child that I would become an artist when I grew up, I have been creating artwork for 76 years. Color is very important to me as can be seen in this exhibit which consists of whimsical still lifes in acrylic which are musically inspired. And for variety are several abstract pieces in oil, five of which look vaguely like something recognizable." – Licita Fernández  
IG: @artista2you  
FB: @licitafernandez  
LI: @licitafernandez

Whimper Lead Image V1c
Not with a Bang but a Whimper; photograph; 36 x 48”

Not With A Bang But A Whimper

Sheldon Bachus

February 10–March 31, 2023 
February 10, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk
March 10, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk

Not With A Bang But A Whimper is an exhibition of photographs focusing on the potential end of the world’s glaciers. It is a photographic story about a Fall 2022 voyage to the South Sawyer Glacier in the Tracy Arm of the Inside Passage. The story begins  with a visual description of the environmental context for the voyage, then introduces the dangers posed by global warming, and ends with illustrations of the environmental entropy created by our vanishing glaciers. This exhibition is accompanied by a photographic essay Not With A Bang But A Whimper: Climate Change and Our Vanishing Glaciers, copies of which are available for gallery visitors to read as they view the exhibition’s twelve photographs.

MembersHolidayExhibit 2021 WEBSITE IMAGECornucopia
Art Works Downtown Members’ Exhibit 2022

Steep yourself in a cornucopia of creativity by perusing three galleries inside Art Works Downtown.

November 25, 2022–January 21, 2023
December 9, 5–8pm: opening reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk
January 13, 5–8pm: reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk

Public Hours:
December: Thursday–Sunday, 1–8pm
January: Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm 

Exhibiting in: 
Underground Gallery, Founders' Gallery, Donors’ Gallery

Underground Gallery exhibitors

Sunila Bajracharya, Annie Bates-Winship, Harry L. Caldwell IV, Dan Caven, Dana Christensen, Janey Fritsche, Wendy Goldberg, Mirto Golino, Susan Hontalas, Patricia Leeds, Nini Lion, Sandie McCreary, Laura Kamian McDermott, Cecily O’Connor, Patricia Oji, Megan Olson, Kathy Pallie, Josh Powell, Anna Rochester, Gordon Sizelove, Valerie Jelenfy Stilson, Kieran Strachan, Rainey Straus, Sue Weil, Melissa Woodburn

Rebek Arielle Ground Work-2
Collected Ground, 2021, unique silver gelatin photogram, 14" x 11".


Ground Work
Arielle Rebek

October 14–November 11, 2022
October 14, 5–8pm: opening reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk
November 11, 5–8pm: reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk

In Ground Work, Arielle Rebek examines physical materials and patterns within the landscape as a method of more deeply understanding human-maintained and altered natural spaces. The lens-based and cameraless photographic works in this exhibition are the result of routine visits and observations in local regional parks. Specifically, the Wildcat Canyon eucalyptus grove in Richmond, CA was one of the primary sites and sources for Ground Work. Arielle is interested in how these spaces are maintained and how they evolve over time through use and changes to the climate. 

Arielle Rebek (she/her) is an Oakland-based artist and educator whose work employs photography and installation. Rebek engages in deep material investigation and experimental photographic processes as a means to explore magnitudes of time, photographic archives, and relationships within the natural environment. Arielle is originally from the Chicago area and earned her BA in Studio Art from Carleton College. She has an MFA in Art Studio from the University of California - Davis, where she was awarded the Margrit Mondavi Fellowship and Mary Lou Osborn Award. Rebek has exhibited internationally, notably the Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, the Institute of Contemporary Arts-Singapore, Chung 24 Gallery and Carleton College. She has participated in artist residencies at Google, LASALLE Topical Lab, The Image Flow, Kala Art Institute, and Root Division. Currently, Arielle is a lecturer in photography at University of California - Berkeley and California State University Sacramento. 
IG: @arirebek

Smile by Sunila Bajracharya
Smile by Sunila Bajracharya

Breathing Out
Sunila Bajracharya

August 12–September 30, 2022: exhibition dates
Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm:
 public hours
August 12, 5–8pm: opening reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk
September 9, 5–8pm: reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk

"I am fascinated by human nature. It is so mysterious and makes me infinitely curious. I see the figure as the outside of our human world, and our inside world is created by the human mind. When my mind & body connect with my tools they start dancing: on the surface of a blank canvas, or with the clay in my hands finding shapes on their own. I often begin with quick sketches or start working quickly hoping to spark the unconscious and move on from there.”  - Sunila Bajracharya

I am grateful to the EACH FOUNDATION for giving me the opportunity to have a studio at AWD and supporting me in my art journey

Sunila Bajracharya is the 2021–2022 The EACH Foundation Studio Artist Resident. Generously funded by the EACH Foundation, the residency aims to support emerging artists by providing free studio space, exhibition opportunity, and exposure to the public for one year.

 2QF161 Front


Found Not Lost
a mixed media art exhibit

June 9–July 29, 2022exhibition dates
Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm:
 public hours
June 10, 5–8pm: opening reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk
July 8, 5–8pm: opening reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk

Marsha Balian, Katie McCann (aka beetleblossom) and Mirto Golino are artists who incorporate vintage and discarded objects and ephemera into their artwork.

Story telling weaves its way through each of these artist’s work like a magical thread. Fragments of memories are transformed into mixed media, assemblage and collage with elements of humor, wonder andcuriosity.

Reclaimed materials find new homes in unexpected contexts. Paper, fabric, photographs, nails, buttons, wood, and strange parts of forgotten objects are part of the “palette” that find their way into the eclectic artwork of each of these artists. The resulting compositions are rich in texture, color and emotion.

Marsha Balian:  @marshabalian

Katie McCann:  @beetleblossom

Mirto Golino:  @mirtoolizart

 BlackfordChas ValleNoche

Valle Noche, Chas Blackford

BlackfordChas BiciclettaBlu

Bicicletta Blue, Chas Blackford

The Inefficiency of Explanation

Chas Blackford

April 1–May 21, 2022:  exhibition dates

Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm: public hours

Friday April 8, 5–8pm: opening reception and Art Walk

Friday May 13, 5–8pm:  reception and Art Walk


Since the first hominids began to depict their visions on cave walls, their fellow beings have undoubtably asked: ‘What does it mean?’. Many millennia later those questions are still being asked.


How best to answer that? We have academics, art critics and often the creators themselves offering interpretation and insight. The dilemmas that artists face in addressing this intrinsic need of explanation are multiple.


The artist may feel the meaning is apparent and needs no further discussion or revelation; they may deliberately desire to be cryptic or enigmatic; some may not be able to articulate their expression beyond what they have already rendered while for others being aloof may reinforce a desired air of mystery to their art.


Perhaps viewers expect too much in the way of defined meaning, looking for more than what’s there. My belief is that most artists appreciate visceral reaction to their work without the guidance of external analysis. 


A titling a work can help guide (or obfuscate) the interpretation; however some may feel the label “Untitled” is an artistic cop out. So it may really come down to what Rod Stewart so aptly sang: “Every Picture Tells a Story (Don’t it?)”.


Please enjoy my stories and forgive the inefficiency of my explanations, whether visual, title or verbal.  

Instagram: @chasmo99 @chasblackford

KathleenEdwards UnifiedFieldTheory
Unified Field Theory © Kathleen Edwards


accordion books

Kathleen Edwards

February 11–March 25, 2022 
Open Thursday-Saturday, 1–8pm

March 11, 5–8pm
In-person reception and Art Walk 

There are infinite possibilities of intimate, sequential worlds that can be contained between two covers. A small studio space with little storage inspired me to use the accordion book form to create larger pieces, both traditional and wall-hung. 

My imagery explores a synthesis between human and plant, life and death, past and present, emotion and materiality. My greatest inspiration is the beauty and forms of nature. I am working at a personal level while also holding an awareness of the universal and metaphorical, hoping that my tiny actions on paper can create and communicate an energy shift. In a time when Judeo-Christian cultural stories about our relationship with the Earth are not working, recognizable imagery allows me to explore new conceptual possibilities through visual storytelling.  

IG @kathleenedwardsartist   

read more

AWD Members Holiday Exhibition 2021

MembersHolidayExhibit 2021 WEBSITE IMAGENovember 12, 2021–January 23, 2022

Underground Gallery and Founders' Gallery 

Steep yourself in a cornucopia of creativity by perusing two galleries in the sub-terranian level of AWD. Visitors and holiday shoppers will surely discover unexpected inspiration amongst the variety of mediums, compositions, and expressions.


Barbara Andino Stevenson, Lucy Arnold, Baladev Barry, Sunila Bajracharya, Annie Bates-Winship, William Binzen, Karie Buster, Harry Caldwell, Gail Caulfield, Dan Caven, Marc Cohen, Larry Davidson, Norma Dimaulo, Janey Fritsche, Geraldine GaNun, Deborah Gray, Dave Getz, Wendy Goldberg, Mirto Golino, Jill Hoefgen, Claude Ibrahimoff, Ben Kilmar, Marie Krajan, Sheri Langer, Sunyoung Lee, Nini Lion, Sanda Manuila, Hilary Maslon, Mary Anne McKernie, Cecily O’Connor, Patricia Oji, Cindy Pavlinac, Davis Perkins, Joy Phoenix, Minna Towbin Pinger, Susan Press, Margo Reis, Anna Rochester, Susan Saunders, Susan Searway-Fertig, Anne Shaheen, Valerie Stilson, Gordon Sizelove, Vera Tchikovani, Will Toft, Vaidis Valaitis, Richard Weinberger, June Yokell, Bing Zhang

Planet Earth Screwed- Overheated- Paper- metal screw- 9- x 14- x 9- 011 

 Planet Earth Screwed: Overheated ©  2016, paper, metal screw, 9” x 14” x 9”

Take Shelter- From the News Multiple- Bamboo and paper umbrella with newsprint- 30- x 22- x 30- 009

Take Shelter (From the News) ©  2017, paper and bamboo umbrellaswith newsprint, 30” x 22” x 30”

Phyllis Thelen: Coming Full Circle

January 10–February 27, 2020
Receptions: January 10 • 5–8pm + February 14 • 5–8pm


These two bodies of recent work, Planet Earth Screwed and Take Shelter (from the News) continue Thelen’s artistic response to political and ecological events and issues.


Planet Earth Screwed is a series of a dozen globes, where each globe defines a pressing issue that challenges our planet. Each globe defines an issue, such as pollution, overpopulation, the effects of climate change, yet when seen together they send a powerful message about our disregard for our most precious resources.

Several encaustic paintings accompany the globes. These works convey the strength of our emotions as we contemplate the state of the planet.


Thelen has made a dozen umbrellas out of paper and bamboo. They are full size, waterproof, and open and close like normal umbrellas. Each one is covered with clippings from newspapers and magazines from recent years. The umbrellas recall Thelen’s earlier sanctuaries or small retreats, which were also designed to protect us from turbulent events. 

While umbrellas are normally intended to shelter us from nature’s nurturing sun and rain, here they have a different purpose. These umbrellas are covered by therelentless storm of news that bombards us every day. They seem to offer only temporary shelter, as the storm continues.

Phyllis Thelen:Coming Full Circle featured sponsors

                    Marin Arts

Images: Sunflowers with Seeds​ ©  Janelle LaChaux (top left); Like a Rolling Stone © Ellen Leo (top right); Guitar © Claude Ibrahimoff (bottom left); Milagros © Eric Kelly (bottom right).

AWD Members Exhibition

November 8, 2019–December 22,2020
Receptions: November 8 • 5–8pm + December 13 • 5–8pm

The Members’ Exhibition will showcase the many talented artists who are members of the Art Works Downtown community. Artworks created by Studio Artists and artists from outside the AWD building will be available for the holiday gift buying season in a salon style exhibition format. Don’t miss this opportunity to shop for your next masterpiece.

Patricia Ancona, Barbara Andino-Stevenson, Lucy Arnold, David Barry, Annie Bates-Winship, Molly Blauvelt, Kay Carlson, Bianca Caston, Dan Caven, Patsy Chador, Dana Christensen, Lisa Clarke, John Cobb, Annie Curtis, Larry Davidson, Norma DiMaulo, Kathleen Edwards, Licita Fernandez, Janey Fritsche, Sara Gallagher, Dave Getz, Karlyn Good, Dove Govrin, Deborah Darling Gray, Ane Howard, Claude Ibrahimoff, Jude Kaye, Eric Kelly, Marie Krajan,  Janelle LaChaux, Sherilyn Langer, Carol A. Levy, Nini Lion, Dulce MacLeod, Hilary Maslon, Gail Morrison, Sandie McCreary, Mary Anne McKernie, Win Normandi, Cecily O’Connor, Cindy Ostroff, Marianne Owens, Heli Perrett, Susan Press, Margo Reis, Kay Russell, Susan Searway-Fertig, Barbara Sebastian, Mary Serphos, Anne Shaheen, Jenny L. Snodgrass, Julia Spaulding, Valerie Stilson, Vera Tchikovani, Nadia Tarzi-Saccardi, Will Toft, Vaidis Valaitis, Liz Wiener, Melissa Woodburn, Bing Zhang

lisa clarke  CONCENTRATE2 

Concentrate ©  Lisa Clarke, clay metal, resin, ceramic, plastic, wood, 
15.5" x 10.5" x 5".

Her relationship status has just been updated to complicated.

What Lies Ahead

Lisa Clarke

October 11-November 2, 2019
Reception: October 11 • 5–8pm

Exploring the painful andbeautiful process in which people come together for the common good. Inwhich humans acknowledge their place in nature. In which we understand that we are completely insignificant as far as the universe is concerned. And in which we discover that we are as unique, intriguing, and inexplicably wondrous as anything else in existence.

Justin Pastores Guard Savings and Growth 6.5x9.5 Watercolor 2019

Guard, Savings, and Growth ©  2019 Justin Pastores, Watercolor, 6.5" x 9.5"  

Baggage Claim

Justin Pastores 
2018-2019 The EACH Foundation Studio Artist in Residence

August 9-September 7, 2019
Receptions: August 9 • 5–8pm

A solo exhibition of watercolors, graphite drawings, and pen & ink work exploring emotional baggage. The extra weight of stacked objects are reflected through our memories while holding a stabilizing present and an anticipating future.  @j_pastores

The EACH Foundation Studio Artist Residency

each foundation
 The EACH Foundation prides itself on being a radically inclusive, ethnically diverse, and impossibly efficient 501(c)3 grant-making nonprofit. EACH stands for eight giving areas (Education, Environment, Children, Community, the Arts, Animal welfare, Health, and Homelessness) which their thirty volunteers and philanthropic advisors give to for social change, granting over 10% of their assets per year to over 200 unique nonprofit organizations annually.• 415.277.5993 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Richard  Weinberger The Blues oil on canvas30X30

 The Blues ©  Richard Weinberger, oil on canvas, 30" X 30"

Richard Weinberger

July 12-August 3, 2019

Reception: July 12 • 5–8pm

My painting style is basically figurative. I’m fascinated by the properties of oil paints and the dynamics of its colors. I use a limited palette in each one of my pieces, to set a mood and to try and bring out feelings and emotion. My subjects are whatever interests me. Edgar Degas talks about ambiguity and I leave it to the viewer to experience my paintings and form their own conclusions.

“A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness, and some fantasy. When you always make your meaning perfectly plain you end up boring people” ― Edgar Degas

 Karina Ramirez Cortez
© Karina Ramirez Cortez  

Karina Ramirez Cortez

June 14-July 6, 2019
Reception: June 14 • 5–8pm

KRC presents her latest body of work whilst introducing some of her previous works. Her new studio space at Art Works Downtown has inspired her to bring something new and fresh to her collection. This exhibit will display the vast range of creative outlets she has dabbled in throughout a lifetime of creating, including: tattoo art, fashion design, aerosol paintings, living altars, and more...

 Gabriel 18

 ©   Karyn Gabriel

Karyn Gabriel

May 2–June 8, 2019
Reception: May 10 • 5–8pm

Influenced by shapes and pattern found in urban landscapes and nature, my work pares form its essence revealing the structures surrounding us. I find beauty in the elemental, the slightly brutal yet quiet forms often hidden in plain sight. I explore structure through repetition, modularity and texture. I'm driven to create quiet simplicity from the many and discovering the meditative beauty in the textures created. 

 Marcus Alm


Marcus Alm

April 12–27, 2019
Reception: April 12 • 5–8pm

Imposter Syndrome presents a collection of Marcus Alm’s artworks and works by other artists which have been manipulated. A practiced art style from mimicking others who inspired him to create and find his voice. The exhibition will include drawings, sculpture, paintings, and mix media works.


Transitions and Transformations

Terra Linda High School students

March 8–April 6, 2019
Reception: March 8 • 5–8pm 

Transitions and Transformations features Terra Linda student work in fine art, ceramics, graphic design, digital art, and photography. 


Debbie Patrick The Performance Hayward 
The Performance-Hayward ©  Debbie Patrick, oil

Music in the Air

Debbie Patrick

February 8–March 2, 2019
Reception: February 8 • 5–8pm

As a “military brat” who traveled extensively, I have always been fascinated by people in other cultures - their unique faces and personalities. From early on, the main focus of my work has been portraiture. At the age of 14, I studied briefly with Guy Bernardo, and after receiving my first portrait commission while in high school, I was hooked on becoming an artist. I married into a very musical family and, not having a single ounce of musical ability, became an avid listener and lover of all types of music. Unable to create music, I turned instead to painting to express my appreciation of both musicians and dancers, trying to capture them in the act of doing what they love. I enjoy working in the studio, doing figure studies while listening to anything from blues and rock to opera and classical. 

The paintings in “Music in the Air” depict a variety of performers - professionals onstage with dramatic lighting, casual outdoor street musicians, dancers waiting in the wings. Alternating between oils and pastels, I let the subject and the quality of light I wish to achieve dictate which medium I use.I always try to capture a subject’s unique personality or mood, especially as reflected in their eyes or a certain gesture.

As a member of several art organizations, including the Pastel Society of the West Coast (Distinguished Artist status), Pastel Society of America, the Marin Society of Artists and Golden Gate Marin Artists, I have exhibited and won awards in juried shows across the United States.  

 Susan Press She's Playing Her Song Mixed Media

She's Playing Her Song © Susan Press, ceramic

 Susan Press Blackbirds Ceramic 17x9x9

Blackbirds © Susan Press, ceramic, 17" x 9" x 9".

Stories in Clay

ceramics sculpture by Susan Press

January 11—February 2, 2019
Reception: January 11, 5pm–8pm

Since the early 70’s, I have been working primarily with ceramic clay. I studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute with focus on lithographic printmaking and hand-built ceramics. I studied under Richard Graf and Richard Shaw.

Using both low and high fire clay I construct variations on the human figure. Sometimes the form takes that of hanging puppets and other times free standing or walled-boxed figures. My work has often been described as illustrative. With each piece I do attempt to tell a story either with the figure or figures in the piece, and/or the materials I use to embellish the work. Photo strips are chosen to relate to the figures and their expressions. Found materials are meant to trigger a memory or personal story in those viewing a figure. I hope to sometimes stir emotions including delight and humor.


AWD Members Exhibition

November 9-December 22, 2018
Receptions: November 9 + December 14 • 5–8pm

This exhibition showcases the artist members and studio artists of Art Works Downtown by featuring a wide variety of small artworks including sculpture, fiber, painting, photography, and much more. Don’t miss this opportunity to shop for your next masterpiece.

Patricia Ancona, Lucy Arnold, Annie Bates-Winship, Hugh R. Bengs, Beverly Brown, Molly Blauvelt, Dan Caven, Kay Cousineau, Larry Davidson, Susan DeHaven, Norma Dimaulo, Carol Durham,Ryan Erler, Virginia Fauvre, Licita Fernández, Paul F. Ford, Swann Freslon, Janey Fritsche, Dave Getz, Wendy Goldberg, Joanne Harwood, Joseph T. Hayes, Janice Hughes, Claude Ibrahimoff, Megan Kenyon, Judith Klausenstock, Janelle LaChaux, Ann Langston, Patricia Leeds, Ellen Leo, Carol A. Levy, Nini Lion, Dulce MacLeod, Michael Manente, Katya McCulloch, Mary Anne McKernie, Nancy Nichols, Patricia Oji, Marianne Owens, Justin Pastores, Cindy Pavlinac, Cathy Pitzak, Susan Press, Anna Rochester, Kay Russell, Noel Ryan, Bruce Schauble, Susan Searway-Fertig, Anne Shaheen, Valerie Stilson, Matthew James Tasley, Vera Tchikovani, Judith Williams, Melissa Woodburn, Sue Weil




Centro Cultural de Guatemala

traditional Guatemalan celebration clothing

October 12-November 3, 2018
Reception: October 12 • 5–9pm

The Centro Cultural de Guatemala organization presents a collection of traditional Guatemalan celebration clothing. Designs across skirts, head-dresses, shirts, jackets, and more represent individual villages and feature bold colors, symbols, and patterns. This clothing—called traje—is an essential cultural practice, preserving Mayan history and Guatemalan identity.

This exhibition and receptions are part of the larger project, Latinx, celebrating Latin culture and art. Latinxincludes additional exhibitions and events at Art Works Downtown and various venues in the San Rafael Culture and Arts District. Learn more at and

 Eric Kelly The Sorrows med

The Sorrows © Eric Kelly

Eric Kelly Santos The Chamber of Darkness

Santos The Chamber of Darkness © Eric Kelly

Eric Kelly Milagros Night med

Milagros © Eric Kelly

Curiously Grim

digital collage and mixed media by Eric Kelly with Le Mysteri

September 14—October 6, 2018
Reception: September 14, 5pm–8pm

Victorian Photography Takes A Surreal Turn In San Rafael Art Installation

Drawing from his extensive collection of peculiar 19th century photography as well as classic public domain images, Eric Kelly uses digital processing to combine and transform antique images into surreal dreamscapes and assemblages. He constructs the artwork in layers of metal leaf, digital prints, found objects, and resin, mounted on wooden panels or antique printers trays. Some of his artworks use multiple layers of clear resin to float images and objects in three dimensional space, creating the illusion of being suspended in liquid.

The end result can be unsettling, with viewers finding themselves face to face with the unflinching gaze of portrait sitters long since forgotten, but now revivified within a strange dream tableau. Described as “curiously grim” by SF Station, his art can also be darkly humorous – one print series transforms unintentionally absurd old photos into storybook illustrations, complete with florid Victorian-style captions.

Resembling a theater set more than the whitewashed space of a typical art gallery, the installation showcasing the art is designed by Rodney Griffin, for many years associated with the Edwardian Ball, and a founding member of Le Mysterium Art Collective. His whimsical lamps, often with antique cameras as the base, perform dual duty as gallery lighting and decor.

Eric Kelly studied art at California College of Arts and Crafts, and over the years explored lithography, paper making, traditional collage, drawing, graphic arts and commercial design. Although he now uses sophisticated digital imaging, his artwork remains rooted in tangible, meticulously assembled materials, and harkens back to an era when the boundaries between fine art, craft and decoration were less strongly drawn than today.

Instagram: @erickellyart

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 415.264.9809

Molly Brown Morning Fog

Morning Fog ©  2018 Molly Brown, oil on board, 9” x 12”.

Through A Bird’s Eye

Molly Brown

August 10-September 8, 2018
Receptions: August 10 • 5–8pm

An exhibition of images seen from a bird’s perspective.   This collection of mostly new work in oil includes seascapes, landscapes and abstractions of the natural world.  Natural colors, patterns and atmospheres are paramount.   

Artist Molly Brown has been trained in scientific illustration and pays great attention to detail in her artwork.   This new work is a departure and focuses on mood and color, abstracting land and seascapes.  All of the work can be imagined as how a bird might perceive the world while flying or perched on a branch.  Changing the viewer’s perspective is the desire and goal.

Molly Brown is the founder and teacher of the Bolinas School of Botanical Art which is currently exhibiting in the Donor’s Gallery. She receives continued inspiration from all the plant and animal species found in the coastal environments of West Marin. 

Rosario Sapienza 1935 Auburn 

1935 Auburn ©  Rosario Sapienza


...the eye of the beholder...

Rosario Sapienza

July 13-August 4, 2018
Reception: July 13 • 5–8pm

As a trained artist in several media since adolescence, Rosario applies his "eye" to be on the lookout for beauty reflected in the opportunity for composition, lighting, and subject interest in photographing what he sees as beauty. Well traveled through 49 states, Canadian provinces, Mexico, the Caribbean, Italy, and Sicily, Rosario's eye has photographed scenes, architecture, "automobilia," and other expressions of art as beauty. 


Wei Way Bird by LS

 Wei Way Bird ©  Liz Schiff

Georgias Mountain by LP 

 Georgia's Mountain ©   Lynette Porteous


watercolors and mixed media by Liz Schiff & Lynette Porteous

June 8-July 7, 2018
Reception: June 8 • 5–8pm

Liz Schiff and Lynette Porteous are long-time friends and watercolor artists. Liz is also a long-time monoprint artist. These two artists showcase paintings that reflect their interpretations both of what they see and what they imagine.

Inspired by a recent trip to China where she purchased an assortment of calligraphy papers, Liz  combines these Chinese papers with bird imagery in a series of mixed media monoprints entitled Flight to China. Liz uses a variety of textures and colors to create paintings that are often whimsical, often lyrical—each one with a different story to tell.

Lynette takes her inspiration from the world around her. This exhibit features her beautifully rendered watercolor landscapes. With a rich palette of exquisite color combinations, Lynette's paintings infuse the viewer not only with a sense of place, but also with a sense of wonder.

 larry robert davidson

Bodie Revisited © Larry Robert Davidson, photographic collage construction, 5" x9".

The Collage Series

Larry Davidson

May 5–June 2, 2018
Reception: May 11 • 5–8pm

The Collage Series. A life in photography reimagined. Fairfax photographer Larry Davidson has taken 45+ years of accumulated prints and given them a new and inspired second life as one of a kind collage works of art. Re occurring themes in these new pieces are the sky, sunrise, sunset, the moon, water and repeating geometric shapes and colors—colorful, vibrant and unique.

Collage work can be viewed at

Personal web-site, 

Phone 415.785.4192

 Sanda Manuila Fear

Fear © Sanda Manuila

Disturbing Times

solo exhibition by Sanda Manuila

April 13–28, 2018
Reception: April 13 • 5–8pm

Disturbing Times Statement:
Since the 2016 elections, events have been troublesome and the future uncertain. My purpose in this exhibit is to question our global situation in these disturbing times.  My paintings are visual stories, which I emotionally charge to engage the viewers to question what they see and how they feel.

Born in Geneva, Switzerland of Romanian political refugees, Sanda Manuila experienced expatriation and isolation at a very early age.  As a young adult she left her native country and moved to Northern California where she is currently living.

Over the years Manuila has learned how to become a citizen of the world, a stratus she also gained by studying art over many years and in different locations.  She studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux, France, Atelier Bessil in Montpellier, France, and at the Cornish Institute of the Arts in Seattle, WA.  More recently she has traveled to Italy to study at the Angel Academy in Florence and in Rome Artworks in Rome.  Additionally she participated in an Artist Residency at Dacia Gallery in NYC. 

Manuila has participated in many group exhibits, among which at the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville, CA, the Moca in Novato, CA, Art Works Downtown in San Rafael, the Southern Nevada Museum of Modern Art in Las Vegas, NV as well as Dacia Gallery and First St. Gallery in NYC.

Sanda Manuila creates oil and pastel paintings, which are stylized representational images from which exude an allegorical quality.  Her visual stories depict a state of mind in which the boundaries between dream and reality have become very fluid.  Her purpose is to make art that depicts the challenging path of life, and what it entails to be a woman in an intimate, social, cultural, and universal realm. 


Home Refuge Sanctuary

Terra Linda High School Students

March 9–April 7, 2018
Reception: March 9 • 5–8pm 

In light of the California fires, immigration issues that many of our high school students and their families are facing in the context of the recent polarizing political and social change, Terra Linda art students explore and question the meaning of Home and Refuge and Sanctuary. Home is often seen as a place of refuge or sanctuary, but sometimes it's not. Where do we look for solace then? Where do we find peace, quiet, and a place to reflect or to get away from problems or stresses? Where do we feel safe? Is that a place, or an activity?


 Glenwood Labyrinth, San Rafael © Cindy A Pavlinac, photography.


Entrance, Grace Cathedral Labyrinth, San Francisco
Cindy A Pavlinac, photography.


Leonardo's Bridge, Clos-Lucé, Amboise, France
Cindy A Pavlinac, photography.

Journeys of Renewal: Contemplative Photography

Cindy Pavlinac

February 9–March 6, 2018
Reception: February 9 • 5–8pm 
Artist Talk & Workshop: Saturday, February 24, 10am–12 Noon

Professional photographer Cindy Pavlinac has dedicated herself to exploring sites of ancient wisdom and community. She works intuitively using the camera as her tool to communicate the beauty, mystery, and power of place. Labyrinths largely influence her work, both in the metaphor they represent and the grace of their simple geometry. Journeys of Renewal: Contemplative Photography will include images of local and historic labyrinths as well as other places of great presence, and the gallery floor will be transformed into a walkable labyrinth installation.

“Labyrinths have woven a meandering path through the human psyche for thousands of years,” Cindy says, “and are often at the heart of the quest for self-knowledge, awakening, personal integration, community building, and transcendence. These single pathway designs engage the body while freeing the mind. They symbolize the journey of life in that the physical turnings of the path, alternating right and left, shake loose what no longer serves. The center point invites pause in a state of balance. The return journey offers new perspectives, insights, and hope.” 

In addition to her images of labyrinths, Journeys of Renewal: Contemplative Photography will feature other pictures of sacred spaces that invite reflection and provide viewers moments of quietude. It will also include a selection of Cindy’s newest body of work: colorful, abstracted photos of water and nature printed on metal.

To complement the exhibit, AWD will offer an artist talk and slideshow with Cindy on Saturday, February 24th, 2018 from 10 a.m. to Noon. The presentation will be followed by an interactive workshop. Please register by emailing Cindy Pavlinac: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The class fee payment of $25 per registrant will be handled at the door the day of class. Bring a friend and enjoy a discounted rate of $20 per registrant.

Cindy Pavlinac is a fine art photographer, multimedia presenter, and exhibiting artist. Her images have won numerous awards and appeared in publications such as Time Magazine’s Pictures of the Year, 2002. She presents internationally at venues like Oxford, is an Art History instructor at Dominican University, and offers individual photography mentoring. Please visit her website:  to see more examples of Cindy’s art and publications. A gift book, “Marin Labyrinths, Circling Home, Photography & Prose by Cindy Pavlinac” will be published to accompany the exhibit.


Ceramics 2 teapots and an owlSweet Spirit Ceramic Center Showcase

January 12-February 6, 2018
Reception: January 12 • 5–8pm

This exhibition showcases wonderful artwork by the Sweet Spirit Ceramics students. The variety of hand-built and thrown works will surely illuminate your spirit and tickle your imagination as well as showcase the skills of these ceramic artists.

Ceramics artists at work

Ceramics coffee tea hot tubs 

AWD Members' Exhibition


December 8, 2017-January 3, 2018
Reception: December 8 • 5–9pm

This exhibition showcases the Artist Members and Studio Artists of Art Works Downtown by featuring a wide variety of small artworks including sculpture, fiber, painting, photography, and much more. Don’t miss this opportunity to shop for your next masterpiece.

Gracie & George © Robert Urban 

Robert Urban

drawings and paintings

November 10-December 5, 2017
Reception: November 10 • 5–8pm

Imagine Pablo Picasso in a three-piece suit, and you’ve imagined Bob Urban. He began making art as a youngster, but soon faced an obstacle: he had to earn a living. After tours in the US Navy, University of Southern California, the University of New Mexico and the University of California, Berkeley – where he nourished his artistic impulse by creating posters for car dealers – he got a hair cut, donned a suit, and went to work for Life magazine, first in San Francisco, then in New York. Next stop: Helene Curtis in Chicago. Then it was off to San Francisco and the beginning of a career in advertising and marketing that eventually led him to launch his own marketing consultancy—still wearing coats and ties, and making art for his kids and grandkids after hours—until he turned 70. Whereupon he sold his consultancy, donated his coats and ties to the Salvation Army, and turned an after-hours avocation into a full-time pursuit.

The consequences can be enjoyed in this exhibition, which features drawings and paintings of portraits, landscapes, and fantasy.


The Wild Hunt

Magick Number

October 13-November 7, 2017
Reception:October 13 • 5–8pm

Working under the moniker Magick Number, Michael and Alina Campbell have collaborated on an interactive art event for one evening only. Join us this Friday the 13th as they host The Wild Hunt, a carnivalesque shooting gallery in the lower level at Art Works Downtown. 

Angelique Benicio
The Lopsided Boogie and How She Came Out of Darkness Still 
Angelique Benicio 

The Lopsided Boogie and How She Came Out of Darkness

video installation by Angelique Benicio

August 11-September 9, 2017
Receptions: August 11 + September 8 • 5–8pm

The Lopsided Boogie and How She Came Out of Darkness, is best described as performance work created for film. The main character, Lopsided Boogy, tries to navigate her way through a dark but dreamy world where white grease-painted clowns feast at a chaotic and decadent tea party. Accompanying the film is a selection from Benicio's series of mixed-media photographic compositions which depict her fantastical creatures moving through strange worlds.

 Nate Castillo

Artifacts of Intention

Nate Castillo

July 14-August 5, 2017
Reception: July 14 • 5–8pm

Artifacts of Intention is a process oriented body of work that reflects a desire to rediscover a long lost love of drawing while embracing art without ideas. Utilizing repurposed or modified power tools and nontraditional techniques of mark making Nate Castillo surrenders a measure of control and allows the work to become a collaboration between artist and tool.  The result is a drawing that Nate witnessed develop while embracing the artifacts of his intention.

Robert Stupack the main head
The Main Head 

Paleoindian Art of Marin
"A Face from Every Angle"

Robert L. Stupack

June 9-July 8, 2017
Reception: June 9 • 5–8pm

In 1976, UC Berkeley Anthropologists determined that the first inhabitants of California occupied Ring Mountain in Corte Madera some 8,000-12,000 years ago. Their lives centered around their "God" (a now dormant volcano), fertility, and the strange creatures around them. These technologically advanced people recreated images of these forces on their tools made from stone, wood, pyroclasts, glass, and metal. Seventeen years of research and discovery have produced the largest collection of its kind. All items in this exhibition were collected in Marin.


Mark Olson

May 5–June 3, 2017
Reception: May 12 • 5–8pm

Mark Olson

Orange Green © Mark Olson 

The visual archeology of color through time. The painting is time compressed, and its drama is color as seen through a lens. Point and background. Discourse and dissonance. Layers and territories. Eruptions and histories. Movement and decay. Through shifting light and mood the stories are told in time, as time itself is captured and held by the endless light of the painting.

Painter Mark Olson is a graduate of San Francisco State University, and California College of the Arts. He currently lives and works in San Rafael, California

 Tonal Range Blissful me

 Blissful Me

Tonal Range

Artists: Malaya Gibson, Coral Kiefer, Sophia Santa, Jillian Shea, Emily Hamilton, and Sarah Egas.

Curator: Jillian Shea

April 14–29, 2017
Reception: April 14 • 5–8pm

Tonal Range is a photography term used to describe a range of value. This exhibit showcases work exploring range and value to the depths of their meaning, recycling the term tonal range to apply to time and humanity.

More Info 

 giving voice

Giving Voice: identity, issues, ideals

by Terra Linda High School students

March 10–April 8, 2017
Opening Reception: March 10 • 5–8pm 

TL Visual Art students give voice through drawing, painting, photography, and ceramics  to themes of identity, issues and ideals in this time of change and uncertainty.

indigo landscape © 2016 Barbara Bryn Klare, indigo-dipped paper, 18" x 24"

I C E L A N D :: blue

Drawings, Cyanotypes, and Works on Paper 
by Barbara Bryn Klare

February 10–March 4, 2017
Reception: February 10 • 5–8pm

In November 2016, I was artist-in-residence at the Icelandic Textile Centre in Blönduós, Iceland. Blönduós is a small town in northwestern Iceland where the glacial river Blanda meets the Arctic Sea. The pieces in this show were inspired by my time there and in Akureryi, where I stayed in a weaving studio.

The show includes indigo-dipped landscapes, cyanotypes of wool roving and ram’s horns, textile drawings,  sketches, and ink drawings inspired by the water, snow, light, and mountains of northern Iceland.

TNFA 10Panorama1 

The Near Future Ago

January 13-February 4, 2017
Reception: January 13 • 5–8pm

The Near Future Ago is labor of love by curator, manager, and artist Kip Westerfield. His exhibition-happening format came out of a need for places to exhibit emerging artists. He states “because I've had some experience throwing shows and organizing groups, I chose to start a loose knit group of artists who wanted to show with each other, mostly students, skateboarders, musicians, etc from my life and friends. The connections spread pretty quick once folks found out I was motivated to do the work of keeping it all going. There have been over 80 different artists in our shows and we are growing with each event.”

Westerfield works at Smith Andersen North gallery and frame shop, where he convinced the owner to let him have the first show for a one-night only event. That one-night event brought 34 artists and about 150 guests. After a second successful show at the gallery, other places got wind of it and requested The Near Future Ago in their space for repeated events. Other venues include The West End Bar, Bedrock Records, ProofLab skateshop, and ANDTHEM gallery in San Rafael. This exhibition at Art Works Downtown will be the 14th event featuring an exciting variety of artists who have participated in every exhibition as well as artists who are new to the scene.

AWD Member Holiday Exhibition

December 9, 2016-January 7, 2017
Reception: December 9 • 5–8pm

The Members’ Exhibition will showcase over 100 talented artists. Artwork created by studio artists and artists from outside the AWD building will be available for the holiday gift buying season. Don’t miss this opportunity to shop for your next masterpiece.

Davis-Perkins Loring-Doyle Sue-Weil
© Davis Perkins © Loring Doyle © Sue Weil
Louise Finn Gould 2

A Journey of Imagination

paintings by Louise Finn Gould

November 11-December 3, 2016
Reception: November 11 • 5–8pm

Louise Finn Gould states: "In my work I seek a balance between the real and the imaginary. I am inspired by the beauty and majesty of nature. I am intrigued by my dreams at night. I am in awe of the ever changing sky and how clouds shift and change. I am touched by family photographs, both my own and others, often capturing subtle connections and emotions. I am committed to the journey of creative exploration. I believe that each person has a unique voice and expression that is there for their discovery if they so choose. It is my hope that my own personal expression of creativity will spark in others a feeling or memory."


 Stephanie Jucker Emerald Forest

Emerald Forest

an installation by Stephanie Jucker

October 14-November 5, 2016
Reception:October 14 • 5–8pm

Emerald Forest in an installation inspired by Stephanie Jucker's father, whose extreme passion for nature and art was only matched by his intense addiction to alcohol.

His favourite drink came in a green bottle and this has coloured her memories of him. The gin bottle glinting green like an emerald, glowing green like poison.

Below are some of the works that will be in the exhibit. For more information and prices contact me directly.


Marnago NUEVAS 1
Nuevas 2 ©  Marnago 

Ink Happiness

A solo show by Marnago

August 12-September 14, 2016
Receptions: August 12 • 5–8pm + September 9 • 5–8pm

This show is an emotional journey through memories from the past and present, from darkness through light. Every character tells a story, a hidden secret that must be discovered. The artist states: “In my childhood I began to draw my destiny with shapes and lines, drawing was the only way to escape from my reality.” 

Marnago was born in California, but grew up in Latin America and Europe. In addition to his degree in history, Marnago is a creative spirit and an autodidactic, artist, writer, and poet. 


 Flowering Hope 6156

Beyond the Bloom Awareness Art Exhibit by Flowering Hope

collage, mixed media

July 8-August 6, 2016
Reception: July 8 • 5–8pm

This show brings voices to light. Flowering Hope is an awareness and support organization for survivors of gender-based violence, providing a venue for a voice and an opportunity for healing through creative means. Beyond the Bloom is Flowering Hope’s first Art Awareness Exhibit and is a culmination of voices from survivors, supporters, advocates, family members, and the public. This unique exhibit seeks to both bring awareness to the issue of gender-based violence, while also providing a venue for over 200 voices. Flowering Hope carries out much of its work in collaboration with organizations that work with women and/or girls, providing Art Outreach sessions to both staff and clients, free of charge. Information about these collaborating organizations and the work they do will also be 


The Second Memorial Exhibit for 
Lucille "Lulu"  Harris

watercolor paintings, collage, mixed media, ink drawings, acrylic, and oil

June 10-July 2, 2016
Reception: June 10 • 5–8pm

Lucille "Lulu"  Harris

© Lucille Lulu Harris 

This show illustrates the many ways Lucille created her work for over 25 years. She was influenced by the three main places she lived and worked—Bay Area,Tassajara Zen Center, and Kauai, Hawaii.

Lucille created her work from 1959 to 1984. She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and San Francisco State University. She was very active in the San Francisco arts community. Her work was shown at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, the Art Institute, and the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco; the Oakland Museum of California; the Richmond Art Center; and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. In Hawaii, her work was shown at The Garden Island Art Center and the State Building in Kauai, and The Honolulu Academy of Arts.

In addition to this she had work in many galleries and many private collections.  

Hawk ©  Victoria Lee McKesson-Falk

Collage by Veelee

paper collage and mixed media 
by Victoria Lee McKesson-Falk

May 6–June 4, 2016
Reception: May 13 • 5–8pm

VeeLee uses all paper (new and used) as one would use paint. Her subjects vary from people and animals to current issues affecting the earth and people. She also uses found materials and transforms them into objects she needs to represent her work.

Liz Schiff When Hearts Collide

When Hearts Collide © Liz Schiff

Doubling Up: Painterly Prints & Printerly Paintings

Liz Schiff and Mimi Makowsky

April 8–30, 2016
Reception: April 8 • 5–8pm

Liz Schiff and Mimi Makowsky are long-time watercolor artists who also share a passion for monoprints. In this exhibit, both artists showcase recent works that juxtapose monoprinting with painting, marrying the unique textures of printmaking with the transparent characteristics of watercolor.

Works by Liz Schiff feature her "By the Wind Sailor" and "By the Fly" series. The "By the Wind" series was inspired by jellyfish known as By-the-Wind Sailors that periodically wash up on Northern California shores. Liz makes impressions with the dried "sailors" and other material, and then paints back into these monoprints to create unique underwater-like imagery. Also included in the show are pieces from Liz's "By the Fly" series where she uses primarily butterfly and leaf imagery to create small flights of fancy.

Working in watercolor enhanced with both monotype and transfers, Mimi Makowsky explores a sense of place and renewal. She uses recurring themes of light and vegetation to express her enthusiasm for a new phase of life.


Lara Myers The 138 Houses We Live in When We Were 10, Dawn from Memory Alone

The 138 Houses We Lived In When We Were 10, Drawn From Memory Alone 

The 138 Houses We Lived In When We Were 10, Drawn From Memory Alone

An installation by Lara Myers

March 11–April 2, 2016
Opening Reception: March 11 • 5–8pm
Drawing Collection Receptions: March 12, 19, 26 + April 2 • 1–4pm

The 138 Houses We Lived In When We Were 10, Drawn From Memory Alone is a show about our visual and anecdotal memory of our childhood homes.

Since 2013, I have interviewed 138 people about the house they lived in when they were 10 years old. 

I had each person draw their childhood home from memory alone without looking at any photos or contacting family for information.  If they could not remember a detail of the house, say, where the windows were or the type of roof the house had, it was left out of the drawing.  The focus is on the visual memory of these houses as opposed to an accurate representation of the houses.  I then recorded each person telling a story about their house.


Dominican University of California 125 Years

Dominican University Art + Design

Dominican University Studio Art and Graphic Design Majors

February 12–March 5, 2016
Reception: February 12 • 5–8pm

Artwork by juniors and sophomores majoring in studio art or graphic design at Dominican University of California. Curated by students, the artwork represents a theme, medium, or concept they are currently exploring.


© Madeline Knopf 

Explorations of Climate Change by Visual Arts students at Terra Linda High School

photography and works on paper

January 8–February 6, 2016
Reception: January 8 • 5–8pm

Transformation, alteration, and adaptation are explored in a variety of media created by the Visual Art students at Terra Linda High School. Student works combine elements of the natural environment and personal perceptions as a response to the interconnectedness of their changing world.

Margo Reis Bicycle Free for All
Bicycle Free for All © Margo Reis

AWD Artist Members' Exhibition

December 11, 2015-January 2, 2016
Reception: December 11 • 5–8pm

The Members’ Exhibition will showcase the many talented artists who are members of the Art Works Downtown community. Artworks created by studio artists and artists from outside the AWD building will be available for the holiday gift-buying season in a salon style exhibition format. Don’t miss this opportunity to shop for your next masterpiece.


Rice X Men
X-Men © Sheri Rice, collage, 8"x10"

5 Women Who Make Art

Pattie Grey, Bonnie Himberg, Jane Kiskaddon, Geraldine LiaBraaten, Sheri Rice

mosaic, fiber, painting, photography

November 13-December 5, 2015
Reception: November 13 • 5–8pm


douglas heine abstract31
Abstract 31 © Douglas Heine, mixed media on alumium

Douglas Heine

Mixed Media on Aluminum

October 9-November 7, 2015
Reception:October 9 • 5–8pm


Frida Kahlo by Joe Hayes; mosaic, smalti; 18" x 14"; 2014
Frida Kahlo © 2014 Joe Hayes, mosaic, smalti, 18"x14"

A Night at the Casa Azul Silent Art Auction 

September 11—September 26, 2015 
Reception: September 11, 5–8pm
Party: September 26, 7:30–10pm


Opening The World DANG D 3CC
© Dang

Opening the World Through Travel

Mission:Empower and expose at-risk young adults to experience a world outside of their own through volunteer and cultural experiences in their community and abroad.

August 14-September 4, 2015
Reception: August 14 • 5–8pm


Gallery Corner Guitar © Jacob Brest

Jacob Brest


July 10-August 8, 2015
Reception: July 10 • 5–8pm

Abstract Expressionist Artist


The Children of DrawBridge

Art by Homeless and Underserved Children

DrawBridge-Underwater Wacky
DrawBridge - Underwater Wacky

June 12-July 3, 2015
Reception: June 12 • 5–8pm


Lark Calderon-Gomez:Selected Paintings and Mixed Media

Lark Calderon-Gomez Frida w Pistol
Frida with a Pistol © Lark Calderon-Gomez

May 1–June 6, 2015

Reception: May 8 • 5–8pm


Consecration [​The Fire] © Todd Klempan
Consecration [​The Fire] © Todd Klempan

Silent Auction Art Exhibition

April 10–25, 2015
Reception: April 10 • 5–8pm


2d + 3d = ART

Ceramics and Works on Paper Created by Visual Arts Students at Terra Linda High School, San Rafael School District

March 13–April 4, 2015
Reception: March 13 • 5–8pm


Mixed Media Textures and Color

Acrylic Drawings and Paintings by Sondra Rothwell

Explosion of Color and Texture © 2015 Sondra Rothwell
Explosion of Color and Texture © 2015 Sondra Rothwell

February 13–March 7, 2015
Reception: February 13 • 5–8pm



Vaidis Valaitis

January 9–February 7, 2015
Reception: January 9 • 5–8pm

jhyhWe Create What We Want

Artwork by The Sweet Spirit Ceramic Center Students

December 12, 2014-January 3, 2015
Reception: December 12 • 5–8pm


Loring Doyle butterfly2I'll Have Another Cup of Color

New Works by Loring Doyle

November 14-December 6, 2014
Reception: November 14 • 5–8pm



Vita Brevis

Roberta Weir paintings, drawings, and prints

October 10-November 8, 2014
Reception: October 10 • 5–8pm


DebuggerFloaters, © 2014 Will Buhler, mixed media on paper, 8.5”x11”

Artwork by Will Buhler

September 12-October 4, 2014
Reception: September 12 • 5–8pm


Homecoming: Highlights from Phyllis Thelen's Museum Shows

Artwork by Phyllis Thelen

Honker, Phyllis Thelen Artwork Photo by Cindy Pavlinac
Honker, Phyllis Thelen, © 2014, Okra pod, bamboo, coconut fiber, paper, ginkgo pods, 26" x 22" x 9"
Photo by Cindy Pavlinac

August 8-September 6, 2014
Receptions: August 8 • 5–8pm


The 100% Recycled Tour

Artwork by Michael McGee
Presented by Marin Interfaith Street Chaplaincy


July 11-August 2, 2014
Reception: July 11 • 5–8pm 


Andy Buchwald stick 4 2

Talking Sticks

Artwork by Andy Buchwald

June 13-July 5, 2014
Reception: June 13 • 5–8pm


Patti Oji - New WorksPatti Oji Harvest from the Sea

May 9-June 7, 2014
Reception: May 9 • 5–8pm


Youth Leadership Institute

Photo by Angela Seeger

Unveiling Marin: Capturing Community Environments
A Youth-Led Photovoice Project

April 11-May 3, 2014
Reception: April 11 • 5–8pm


The Hell Brewers

March 14-April 8, 2014
Reception: March 14 • 5–8pm

A Peek Into the Weird World of 
Dr. Flotsam 
and His Carny Clan

The art of Mike Shine and friends with special music guest, Beso Negro.


Synergetic "super symmetry" with vibrance of life, through the prism of dreams

Timur Yusupov

Artwork by Timur Yusupov 
Curated by 
Nataliia Karpenko


February 14-March 11, 2014


Home Sweet Home

A show by the Fortnight Collective

January 10-February 11, 2014


Artworks Berkeley Camera Club2The Berkeley Camera Club Show

December 13, 2013 - January 4, 2014


Ellie Barrett Wilder

November 8–December 7, 2013 
Reception: November 8 • 5–8pm


Clan Amnesis

Collaborative Installation - Jenny Hynes + Dan Homer

September 13 – October 11, 2013
September 13, 2013
October 11, 2013


Deanna PedroliDeanna Pedroli 
"Hollywood Holograms"

Contemporary, postmodern multi-media paintings

August 9 - September 10, 2013
Reception: August 9, 5 – 8pm

Vibrant, richly colored, and dimensional.

Inspired by Miro, Matisse, Lobdell and Joan Brown

Education: San Francisco Art Institute and Dominican University



Lights & Boxes

Dan Caven

July 12 ~ August 3, 2013in the Underground Gallery
Reception: July 12, 5 – 8pm

  • Description: mixed media

Dan uses found and discarded material, neon tubes, blown glass, cast metal and paint in various arrangements.

After Hours

an exhibition of art works downtown staff • one night only!

Featuring: Elisabeth Setten, Lark Calderon-Gomez and Stan Gibbs

Exhibition Date: June 14,2013 5-8pm  June 15,2013 10am - 5pm - 2013
in the Underground Gallery

           elisabeth setten cherry tree1       lark gomez calderon gomez collaboration       stas gibbs self portrait

                "Cherry Tree 1",                  Gomez/Calderon-Gomez         "Self Portrait",  
                 Elisabeth Setten,                         Collaboration,                   Stas Gibbs,
   sumi ink on paper 20" x 24" © 2007         Mixed Media Work            acrylic on paper



Jenny Snodgrass


May 10 - June 8,  2013
in the Underground Gallery


Dixie_School_newsDixie School 3rd Grade Annual Exhibit

art work by Dixie School via the Dixie Arts Council

March 8 - April 2,  2013
in the Underground Gallery 


beri_ketema_coffeeSBeri Ketema

"The Beginning of the Beginning": graphite drawings

Jan 30 - March 2, 2013
in the Underground Gallery

reception:  Feb 8  5 - 8pm during 2nd Fridays Art Walk


Art on the Farm

Building-wide fundraising exhibit for Marin Organic

Nov 30, 2012 - Jan 17, 2013
in the Underground Gallery

opening reception:  Dec 14 5 - 8pm
2nd reception:  January 11 5 - 8pm

Holiday fundraising exhibit for Marin Organic's Farm Field Studies Program; a collaboration between Art Works Downtown, Marin Organic, Marin History Museum and Art on the Farm.  Celebrate art and local farms in a fun and educational manner. 65+ artists displayed through out our entire 40,000 sq.ft art center. more>


art by Patricia Oji

December 7 - January 10, 2012
in the Underground Gallery  


AWDOpenStudios2012_MarinMag600sqAWD Studio Arist, Vaidis Valaitis

during Open Studios weekend 2012 in the Underground Gallery

Nov 9, 2012  5 - 8pm      Nov 10 + 11, 2012 11am - 5pm


LoringDoyle_erotic_SLoring Doyle


Oct 12 - November 3, 2012
in the Underground Gallery


TheresitaSolomon_DeniseJohnsonTheresita Solomon + Denise Johnson

The Spirit Within  •  ceramic works

September 2012
in the Underground Gallery



Megan Kenyon 

Floribunda, Color and Space

August 10 - Sept 8, 2012
in the Underground Gallery

floral themed paintings     


Deanna Pedroli

Deanna Pedroli

Tropical Punch

July 12 - August 4, 2012
in the Underground Gallery


deneth piukmashiDeneth Piukmashi

The Man I Know

June 6 - July 10, 2012
in the Underground Gallery 


from Petaluma to IstanbulFrom Petaluma to Istanbul

Janet Robbins

May 9 - June 5, 2012
in the Underground Gallery