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Poppy View

Acrylic Painting by Anne Wolfe

March 13—April 25, 2015
March 13 + April 10 • 5–8pm

Explanation of painting: Female and her sidekick (cat) are seated at the epicenter observing life before it unfolds, as it unfolds, and the various forks in the roads. The poppies make the characters sleep so they can stay neutral as they watch everything from the highest heights to the fields where this gorgeous flower is in control of the all institutions interacting with the poppy flower business. The painting features many metaphors about contemporary issues including: churches, states, chaos, order, the Malaysian plane, spy plane escorts, satellites, transport systems, gender inequity, and blood on the leaves.

Poppy View © 2015 Anne Wolfe, acrylic painting, 40” x 60”.