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Lara Myers1

Gently Bang Your Head Against The Wall Here:  An Installation About The 2016 Electoral College © 2016Lara Myers, machine-stitched and hand-stitched stuffed fabric soft sculpture (fabric, thread, stuffing, pins).  

Gently Bang Your Head Against The Wall Here: 
An Installation About The 2016 Electoral College

Lara Myers

March 10–April 8, 2017
Reception: March 10 • 5–8pm

The main component of this installation is 538 soft sculpture lips made of machine-stitched and hand-stitched stuffed fabric laid out in a 30-foot long grid that represents the U.S. map of the 2016 presidential electoral college results. Each lip represents one of the 538 electoral votes.

The installation shows how the distribution of electoral votes would change if electoral votes were not awarded under a winner-take-all system in each state, but instead were awarded proportionally based on each candidate's proportion of votes in each state. For example, if a state has 10 electoral votes and Hillary got 30% of the popular vote in that state and Trump got 70%, Hillary would get three electoral votes and Trump would get seven electoral votes, as opposed to the current system where Trump would be awarded all 10 electoral votes.

All of the electoral votes that would be awarded to Trump under this system are stitched shut with red x's. All of the electoral votes that would be awarded to Hillary are left white without being stitched shut with red x's. Red x'd lips = electoral votes that went against the nationwide popular vote. The plain white lips = electoral votes that reflected the nationwide popular vote, or put another way, the will of the people.

This change is shown by unstitching the x'd lips that would change from Trump to Hillary, with the unstitched thread left dangling from the lip. The electoral votes that would switch from Hillary to Trump under the proportional system would be shown by partially stitching the lip with x's and leaving the needle in the fabric to show that the lip is changing from unstitched to stitched.

Another component of the installation is a catharsis wall with different stations encouraging viewer participation. One station will be a padded section of the wall with the instructions "Gently Bang Your Head Against The Wall Here."

TNFA 10Panorama1 

The Near Future Ago

January 13-February 4, 2017
Reception: January 13 • 5–8pm

The Near Future Ago is labor of love by curator, manager, and artist Kip Westerfield. His exhibition-happening format came out of a need for places to exhibit emerging artists. He states “because I've had some experience throwing shows and organizing groups, I chose to start a loose knit group of artists who wanted to show with each other, mostly students, skateboarders, musicians, etc from my life and friends. The connections spread pretty quick once folks found out I was motivated to do the work of keeping it all going. There have been over 80 different artists in our shows and we are growing with each event.”

Westerfield works at Smith Andersen North gallery and frame shop, where he convinced the owner to let him have the first show for a one-night only event. That one-night event brought 34 artists and about 150 guests. After a second successful show at the gallery, other places got wind of it and requested The Near Future Ago in their space for repeated events. Other venues include The West End Bar, Bedrock Records, ProofLab skateshop, and ANDTHEM gallery in San Rafael. This exhibition at Art Works Downtown will be the 14th event featuring an exciting variety of artists who have participated in every exhibition as well as artists who are new to the scene.

Tom Remus
©  Tom Remus

Tom Remus

December 9, 2016-January 7, 2017
Reception: December 9 • 5–8pm

As an artist, Tom Remus believes that the true purpose of art is to allow people to participate in the aesthetic experience of feeling appreciation of the inherent beauty of the natural world we all live in and are an active part of.  Mount Tamalpais has been a focus of Tom's for many years and he has recorded her many moods in photonic representations for other people to enjoy in their homes.  Enjoy.

 Janelle La Chaux HomeBoyz
Dead Homies ©  Janelle La Chaux, 2016

Janelle La Chaux

surrealism paintings

October 14-November 5, 2016
Reception: October 14 • 5–8pm

Janelle La Chaux paints surrealism art with oil paint on canvas. She was born in Berkeley, California and has lived most of her life in the Hayward and Oakland area. Janelle moved to Marin about 5 years ago, loves it, and doesn't want to move.

The content of her works are often sourced from personal experiences such as her life-long illness, Sickle Cell Anemia; the beautiful scenery she sees around the bay area; and inspiration from books. Janelle finds that art is soothing to the soul.

Janelle’s main passion is oil paint on canvas, but she also works in sculpture and clay. She began painting thanks to her uncle’s encouragement. He said “since you can draw you can paint.” So she took a leap of faith, bought some oil paints and canvas, and went for it. She attended classes at College of Marin to learn how to clean her brushes and mix colors and took off from there. Janelle thanks God for giving her an uncle who pushed her to believe in herself so that she can paint anything she puts her mind to.

Janelle La Chaux WillowWater

Willow Waters © Janelle La Chaux 

Janelle La Chaux PurpleSkies

Purple Skies © Janelle La Chaux 

 Roberto Carlos Lainez Recinos Bananas Oranges2
Bananas & Oranges ©  Roberto Carlos Lainez Recinos

Summer's Exhibition

Acrylics by Roberto Carlos Lainez Recinos

July 8-August 6, 2016
Reception: July 8 • 5–8pm

In this exhibition, visitors will see a variety of paintings from highly detailed still life paintings to beautiful landscape paintings. There will also be several architectural type of paintings. The majority of Roberto's paintings are in acrylics and some of them are framed. Most of the pieces are colorful and good for the eye sight. As an emerging artist, he focus in realism. Drinks and snacks will be provided for visitors.