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Artist Wall • Past


Carlos Ortega

Carlos Ortega

May 5–June 2, 2018
Reception: May 11 • 5–8pm

Carlos Ortega is a multimedia artist primarily working in painting and ceramics. His artwork celebrates the spiritual matrix and boundless beauty of our existence.

 Vine3 susan searway fertig

Vine 3 ©  Susan Searway-Fertig

Vine8J susan searway fertig

Vine 8 ©  Susan Searway-Fertig

A Grapevine's Persona

a new digital art series by Susan Searway-Fertig

November 10-December 23, 2017
November 10 • 5–8pm 
December 8 • 5–9pm

My process for creating A Grapevine’s Persona – Digital Art Series is similar to the way I create my figurative Persona series only instead of using drawing, paintings, or watercolors as a basis I am using photography. A Grapevine’s Persona series is dedicated to my husband who loves and introduced me to wines and going wine tasting. As we travel around vineyards I always have my camera close at hand, literally. I shoot anything and everything to find a composition. Yet I mostly concentrate my work on nature.

The most wonderful thing about working with nature as your subject matter is that it is ever changing. Artist Robert Bateman states it best, “Everything in nature has its own personality.” You can never capture or see the same composition twice. There are always little nuances of change. When you take photographs or observe wildlife they almost never stay in that “perfect” composition you envision. Therefore you have to do a lot of improvisation and creativity to get the composition you desire.

I use Illustrator or Photoshop to create my digital composition silhouettes by hand on the computer adjusting each point, line, and curve to create the shapes that form grapes, vines, and leaves that are intertwined and frozen in time. Once I am happy with the silhouettes and the negative shapes that the black background creates I transfer the silhouettes into Photoshop. In Photoshop I then take my photographs and use a photomontage technique for the interior space of the digital silhouettes. This process can result in having up to and over 150 layers of grapes, vines, and leaves within each digital composition. Once I am happy with the photomontage process I sometimes choose to play around with the colors, levels, effects, etc. to express my thoughts for each composition. I then print out my composition most recently on dye infused metal.

Each of my digital compositions are numbered in a limited series per size. 



Tiny Chickens

Curator: Beatrice Kelly-Andrews

August 11-September 9, 2017
Receptions: August 11 + September 8 • 5–8pm

The Tiny Chickens exhibition is a group exhibition featuring small scale artworks in various mediums of, or inspired by, chickens.

 Cityscape 30x24 date
Cityscape © Licita Fernández, 30" x 24" 

Color, Whimsy, Mystery

Licita Fernández

May 5–June 3, 2017
Reception: May 12 • 5–8pm

Licita Fernández identified herself as an artist as far back as she can remember (Licita would have a scrapbook of art she did from the time she could first hold a pencil to third grade).  The current exhibit includes a selection of acrylic paintings on canvas that date from 2012 in addition to digital prints she created on my iPad using the app ArtStudio.  The paintings are very colorful with whimsical subject matter; the prints are more abstract, many are more painterly. 

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