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Dia de los Muertos

dotd sr logo 2020Dia de los Muertos

October 9–November 2, 2020

In collaboration with the Multicultural Center of Marin and the San Rafael Día de Los Muertos, Art Works Downtown is joining the festivities by offering an exhibition of altars and selling covid masks.

Day of the Dead–Día de los Muertos San Rafael is celebrating its 32nd anniversary for the entire month of October 2020 with an interactive celebration presented online and in various store-fronts. As usual, YOU are the key to asuccessful celebration. Join in the fun to enjoy videos of altars, videos of talent submissions, and so much more by visiting:

Altars:  See the Altars by visiting 1337, 1335, 1331, and 1327 Fourth Street, San Rafael, CA any time October 9–November 2. Keep an eye out for additional altars around San Rafael too.

Events:  The month of October will be full of online events. Find the event schedule and links to join here:

Masks:  AWD is no longer selling masks. They will be available at the car procession in the Canal District of San Rafael on November 1st. Learn more here:

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Isidoro-Filadelfo Angeles

Isidoro-Filadelfo was born in Oaxaca, Mexico in 1965. From an early age, he loved to draw. In 2005 at the age of 40, he began his formal art training under the instruction of Emily Lazarre at the College of Marin in Kentfield, CA. Isidoro had his first solo show in 2007 at College of Marin Student Center. He continues to enjoy critical acclaim for his uniquely bold take on figurative realism. He lives and works in San Rafael, CA. 

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Patricia Oji

I am a San Francisco Bay Area contemporary painter who works in a realistic style. I show the world from above and below, using fresh angles and points of view. I use a very limited palette of 3 secondary colors (plus white) to convey my own interpretation of familiar scenes (cityscapes) and subjects (chickens & koi).

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Karina Ramirez Cortez

As a native to the Central Valley California, I was submerged in my Mexican culture from the beginning. I’ve been enamored with everything from the food, to the music as well as it’s traditions. Being born and raised in America has come with some challenges, from language barriers to cultural differences, but it’s also had many blessings. Art has been my main outlet from my earliest memories and it has allowed me to stitch the gap between my two cultures. I’ve been a Marin resident for over 15 years now and I feel very blessed to have found an embracing pocket in the North Bay that appreciates diversity not only culturally but creative-wise as well.


Showcasing an altar at Art Works Downtown is a milestone for my career as well as for my family. With that said, I would like to dedicate this altar to my family members and my ancestors whom struggled, and worked very hard to give the future generations a better life in America.

Honored & Thankful 


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Minna Towbin Pinger

I grew up in a family of artists in New York City and have been living and working in San Rafael since 2014. Most of my work is assemblage, combining text and image to tell a story. I am interested in teasing out the sacred moments that occur in our daily lives and finding treasures in refuse. Much of my work grows out of my journals where I document what startles or moves me in my own life and the lives of those around me.

It is an honor and delight to have the altar to my mother in the San Rafael Community celebration of Día de los Muertos.

Images of my work are on Instagram at mama pinger and soap_people and on Facebook at Minna Towbin Pinter-artist


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