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Ordinary 2019

 JennyPhillips NettedBag C 2019

Netted Bag ©   2019 Jenny Phillips, watercolor on canson bristol vellum, 14.75" x 14.75".



March 1–April 19, 2019
Receptions: March 8 • 5–8pm + April 12 • 5–8pm

Curator: Victoria Mara Heilweil

Ordinary is an exhibition highlighting the ordinary through subject matter and use of materials. The antithesis of the spectacular, familiar objects bring art down to human scale and into the intimacy of daily life. Marcel Duchamp first championed the use of mass produced, utilitarian objects in his readymade artwork in the early 20th century, and has continued to influence nearly a century of artists that have followed him, each pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be art, and how it could be created. Decades later, feminist artists continued with these ideas, often taking ordinary objects from the domestic realm as material for their art. These artists highlighted unseen labor, and incorporated their everyday life as rituals for their artwork. Ordinary features eight female artists who work with these concepts in their art and process. 

Featuring: Tana Quincy Arcega, Irene Carvajal, Victoria Mara Heilweil, Dana Hemenway, Sarah Newton, Jenny Phillips, Chris Thorson, Imin Yeh

March 8 Performance: Inheritance

"Don't shy away from hard work, get an education, cherish your family". Grandpa's hands were busy making something useful, grandma would be cooking. I would be given a task and told it feels good to be useful. This is the inheritance I received from my grandparents. My grandfather worked at a distillery as a mechanic in the mid 1900's in San Jose, Costa Rica. He hand made many of the tools needed for the maintenance of the distillery and for his own home. Grandma was a school teacher and a lousy cook. But never has food tasted so good to me as hers.

Inheritance is a performance comprised of edible objects molded from these tools. I will be ingesting and digesting my family history as I share their stories.

Victoria HeilweilIrene Carvajal Meanderings
In Plain Sight: Alabamba Street #2 San Francisco ©  2018Victoria Heilweil, archuval pigment print on birch panel. Meanderings   ©   2018–2019 Irene Carvajal,pressed paper clay.
Dana Hemenway Imin Yeh Tape
Untitled (extension cords-green) ©  2013 Dana Hemenway, 42 extension cords, fluoresent ligt fixtures, power, wood, hanging hardware.

 Sculpture for Your Work Space © 2017   Imin Yeh, screen print on paper in the form of painter's tape resting on a perper screw. 

Tana Quincy Arcega IWillGiveThemFish JennyPhillips NettedBagi 2018
  I Will Give Them Fish   © 2018   Tana QuincyArcega, bath towel, burlap, and resin. Netted Bag I © 2018 Jenny Phillips, watercolor on canson bristol vellum, 14.75" x 14.75".
Chris Thorson Sarah Newton Summer Lake Landscape
Rock ©  2015Chris Thorson, pigmented hydrocal.  Summer Lake Landscape © 2014  Sarah Newton, ink wash, gouache, white chalk on grey paper.