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Waking Dreams Angelique Benicio 2017

Angelique Benicio entangled

Entaglement © Angelique Benicio, oil on wood,12" x 12" 

Waking Dreams

Angelique Benicio: painting - scuplture - video

August 4–September 22, 2017
Receptions: August 11, 5-8pm + September 8, 5-8pm
Art Talk: August 26, 11am
Closing Party: September 16, 7–11pm (tickets required)
performance art by Angelique Benicio at the Twisted Circus event

Angelique Benicio’s work evokes the enchantment and eerie quality of Grimm’s fairy tales. The lush surfaces and realistic attention to detail in these oil paintings draw the viewer in, but there are unsettling undercurrents. Many paintings reveal an acute awareness of uneasy surroundings; others depict children facing difficult situations. Benicio understands that all of us have access to states of innocence and experience, regardless of age. The artist’s love of allegory is apparent in both her two dimensional and three dimensional works. Her paintings and installations invite the viewer to ask if there is something familiar gazing back, some long forgotten feeling, which, though difficult to define, is both unnerving and transformative.

The work of award-winning artist Angelique Benicio has exhibited in museums and galleries in California and abroad, including the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in Novato, the Axis Gallery in Sacramento, and the Trans-Art Gallery in Trondheim, Norway. Her performance work has exhibited at The Crucible in Oakland and Trails and Vistas in Truckee. 

Angelique Benicio blue midnight

Blue Midnight © Angelique Benicio, oil on canvas,96" x 25"

Angelique Benicio impervious mollusks

Impervious Mollusks © Angelique Benicio, oil on wood,20" x 14"

Angelique Benicio how she came out of darkness

How She Came Out of Darkness © Angelique Benicio, oil on wood,18" x 24"