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Asleep in the Tanning Bed 2017

Lynch Nathan doubledown

Doubledroop © 2016 Nathan Lynch, burned cedar, 68" x 68" x 12" 

Meine Em-To Round A Course Remnant

To Round A Course Remnant © Em Meine, ink on paper, 6" x 8"

Asleep in the Tanning Bed

Nathan Lynch and Em Meine 

March 3–April 14, 2017
Receptions: March 10, 5-8pm + April 14, 5-8pm

Nathan Lynch statement:

Working in fired clay and wood I started making three-dimensional abstract representations of events. Then I manipulated those events and gave them bends and shadows to articulate the way that the history of an event is told, or stories are relayed. As if accumulating another layer, the story changes over time with emphasizing, forgetting and retelling. The history of an event becomes a collection of half-truths and partial views. Consider the news. There can be a strong dissonance between what actually happened and what is told/experienced/retold/represented/read. As I worked I was thinking about personal, cultural and political conflicts and the benefit of adopting a generous allowance for differences.  But that thinking took place during the last presidency when multiple points of view made sense. 
Nathan Lynch is represented by Rena Bransten Projects 

Em Meine statement:

A constellation contained on a piece of paper, a vessel with no point of entry, a map that's also a sculpture turned back upon itself - these drawings represent things that aren't real, or can't be. The work addresses containment and confining - layered webs, tethered stars, and closed circuits. Each drawing is a contained thought - self-sufficient, but perhaps better understood in the context of a sea of other thoughts, where ideas can respond to and communicate with one another. 


Lynch Nathan alltheneighborscametowatch

All the Neighbors Came to Watch © 2016 Nathan Lynch, glazed ceramic, 18" x 21" x 14"

Meine Em-A Constellation Waiting

A Constellation Waiting © Em Meine, Sumi ink and acrylic on paper, 6" x 8"

Lynch Nathan shadowoverthepool

Shadow over the Pool © 2016 Nathan Lynch, glazed ceramic, 24" x 21" x 20"

Meine Em-Through a window

Through A Window © Em Meine, Sumi ink and acrylic on paper, 6" x 8"