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Shadows 2013

shadows tiny

Kay Russell • Patricia Ancona • Claudia Tarantino

January 25 - March 22, 2013
in the 1337 Gallery

opening reception:  Feb 8 • 5 - 8pm
2nd reception:  March 8 • 5 - 8pm

Three, accomplished Bay Area artists explore the pieces behind us in "Shadows". What lies behind us in terms of our past memories, emotions, and the layers of our psyche that we may not always choose to examine in the rush of the day to day world.


Shadows postcardS

Kay Russell is an Associate Artist with Art Works Downtown.  She is an instructor of Watercolor and Drawing at City College of San Francisco.  Her paintings have grown from landscape representation toward the portrayal of spirit and atmosphere.  Russell makes backgrounds for her objects by creating several layers of watercolor monotype textures before starting the painting.  Her gouache, gum arabic and various masks allow her to move freely through the work, emphasizing an unpredictable and exciting process that is about the moment, each action leading to the next.  Learn more via her website

Patricia Ancona is an Associate Artist with Art Works Downtown.  Ancona uses everyday objects and the image of the doll to explore psychological concepts in her paintings. Concepts reflect and are inspired by Ancona's personal life experiences, including global realities that affect all of us.  Ancona's images have a dark humor that beckons us to reflect on our own life experiences.  Learn more via her website

Claudia Tarantino uses the unique properties of porcelain to make trompe l’ oeil sculptures that are refined and detailed. She constructs arrangements that “fool the eye” of the viewer.  Tarantino's work reflects her connection with nature, family and history.  Her current work explores memories, the stepping-stones to who we are, and the association of then and now. Boxes of “stuff” collected and saved, containers and tins of treasures too special to discard, photo albums and journals all link us to the past. We save them, forget them and rediscover them.  Learm more via her website

Click here for full Press Release of "Shadows" + our other February 8 events



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