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Organic Intentions 2012


Organic Intentions

Mari Andrews
Mary Button Durrell
Patricia Lyons Stroud

August 10 - September 28, 2012
in the 1337 Gallery

dynamic sculptural installations by 3 Bay Area artists

opening reception: Friday Aug 10 • 5-8pm
second reception:  Friday Sept 14 • 5-8pm
during 2nd Fridays Art Walk
Art Works Downtown presents the relationship of form to nature through the homologous language of three original Bay Area sculptors.  Mari Andrews makes objects from natural materials (stones, twigs, seeds, pods and lichen). Mary Button Durell creates almost all of her works from tracing paper and wheat paste. Patricia Lyons Stroud creates woodworks referencing elements of nature and the human body.

<Click photo to view a slideshow of exhibit:

About Mari Andrews:

Mari Andrews maintains a studio in Emeryville where her work has evolved out of drawing and obsessive collecting of human and natural detritus found from city walks to strolls in the parks and beaches. Andrews weaves these two passions together in her annealed steel wire sculptures with the black wire acting as a pencil line, accentuating, connecting or transforming a found object into something else. She finds that having collected many of these items her self brings a special sense of wonder and intimacy to each piece.  Andrews refers to her art works as “three-dimensional drawings” and “paperless drawings”. Many of these works hang on the wall together, and recall a series of symbols or a visual language like hieroglyphics.

About Mary Button Durell:

Mary Button Durell is a San Francisco based-artist who has created her works solely from tracing paper and wheat paste for more than 20 years. Due to the transparent nature of the material, tracing paper, Durell’s works tend to interact with light and create interior and exterior shapes, while the surfaces may look like oyster shell or marble.  Her structures, hand-built with no wire frame, are organic and built upon each previous shape, joined to gether, cell by cell. It is no wonder they are frequently compared to cellular life. Most of Durell’s earlier works tend to stay true to the color of the paper and paste itself, however this show has a series of wall pieces that have a bright orange color, an almost neon accent of acrylic paint accentuating the lines at the edge of a shape.

About Patricia Lyons Stroud:

By the very nature of the materials Stroud uses (wood, cement and beeswax), her work has a more immediate physical presence and sense of weight. Her works range from forms that mimick the spine of invertebrates, celebrate the spikes and texture of sea corrals, the smooth, wavy surfaces of fungi and the slithering, snaking of giant nemotodes climbing up a gallery wall (ie.. “The Way In” from 1995). An obvious master of her craft, Stroud has developed this vocabulary of surface and form creation for almost forty years.
“Organic Intentions”, as well as Megan Kenyon in the Underground Gallery, and 35 artist studios, will be open and on display at Art Works Downtown during 2nd Fridays Art Walk, September 14, 5-8pm.

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