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Love + Pleasure

Love + PleasureLPmedium

the art of Susan Danis + Livia Stein

April 29 - June 17, 2011
in the 1337 Gallery




L+Pmediumleft: Livia Stein / right: Susan Danis

Love + Pleasure

the art of Susan Danis + Livia Stein

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Dewitt Cheng for and North Bay Bohemian!

Susan Danis’ and Livia Stein’s art couldn’t be more different as far as mediums are concerned but yet the works find an affinity for each other in their bold and dramatic statements and explosive use of colors and materials.

Danis’ wild assemblages of unexpected objects delicately cross the line from structured and deliberate to wonderfully grotesque. The works are endearing yet thought-provoking, seeking to explore the mystery of her vibrant worlds. Materials range from toys and socks to dentures, hair, tentacles, feather boas, taxidermy and other unexpected delights.

Stein’s works are about a story within a story, weaving abstract and figurative worlds in her larger than life paintings and monoprints. She likens her pieces to dramas enacted on a canvas rather than a stage, where she invents and reinvents her life and fantasies in bold intensity.

See their two worlds collide when they celebrate their friendship and their art in this powerful exhibit.




click on any image below to view the gallery •  all artwork © Susan Danis and © Livia Stein



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