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Gallery 1337 • Past

1. FritscheJaney DayTrippin

Day Trippin’, Janey Fritsche, oil on panel, 24" x 24".

Landscape Perspectives

June 2–July 22, 2023
June 9, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk
July 14, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk

The exhibit, Landscape Perspectives, reimagines and celebrates traditional landscape-based artwork by offering a diverse collection of expressions, approaches, and interpretations. From realism to surrealism, to abstraction, and beyond; viewers will surely enjoy this multi-dimensional experience. 

Exhibiting Artists

Chris Adessa, Sheldon Bachus, Barry Beach, Benjamin Benet, Debra Bibel, Jenny Blackburn, John Bucklin, Annette LeMay Burke, Morgan Carhart, Gail Caulfield, Dana Christensen, Patrick Cosgrove, Norma Dimaulo, Janey Fritsche, April Gavin, Wendy Goldberg, Lisa Gonzalves, Gail Gurman, Janet Jacobs, Clementine Keenan, Catherine LEE, Kathleen Lipinski, Liz Mamorsky, Michael Manente, Gary Marsh, Gail Morrison, Kathy Pallie, Cindy Pavlinac, Amrita Singhal, Sue Weil, Rusty Weston, Emil Yanos, June Yokell, Jeffrey Zalles

Juror: Kim Eagles-Smith, owner and director Kim Eagles-Smith Gallery, Mill Valley CA,

Juror Statement:
“In my selections for this exhibit I used the following guidelines:  The artist’s ambition, that they made a serious attempt to create a work of substance. That the artist exhibited a suitable rigor of craftmanship.

I was also looking for examples  that began with a creative idea to express the theme of this show and was more than a simple depiction. I also was mindful of selecting as much diversity of media as the limits of selection and works submitted would allow.”

Kim Eagles-Smith

RundallCody Cherry

Cherry, Cody Rundall, archival pigment print, 14" x 11". 

A visual art exhibit about culinary delights

April 7–May 20, 2023 
April 14, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk
May 12, 5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk

Indulge in the delectable delights of Delicious, an art exhibit that will tantalize your taste buds and stir your soul. Art Works Downtown presents this mouth-watering collection of fine art to celebrate our connection to the richness of food through a myriad of artistic expressions. Including a veritable smorgasbord of styles, techniques, and media crafted to convey multifaceted meanings and emotions. From sumptuous still-life paintings to whimsical sculptures that playfully reimagine food in unexpected ways, this exhibit offers a feast for the eyes and imagination.

Exhibiting Artists

Lucy Arnold, Sheldon Bachus, Noel Barnhurst, Annie Bates-Winship, Ellen Brook, Gail Caulfield, Marc Cohen, Wyn Di Stefano, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, Carole Fitzgerald, Sam Fleeger, Jonathan Gaber, Wendy Goldberg, Kathy Gray, Richard Herring, Jenna Hobbs, Steven Johnides, Todd Johnson, Barbara Lawrence, Patricia Leeds, Alec MacLeod, Linda Maki, Mary Anne McKernie, Gail Morrison, Donna Mossholder, Mary O'Brien, Joy Phoenix, Cody Rundall, Bill Russell, Karen Sanford, Carolyn Tillie, Dan Woodard, Melissa Woodburn

Juror: Julie Zener, owner and director Julie Zener Gallery, Mill Valley CA, 

Juror Statement:
The artist's submission were palette quenching and tasty!  It was my pleasure to review the works of emerging artists who put their creative twist into the subject matter of food. With so many submissions that range in various mediums, it was difficult to narrow down the selections. I opted to curate a show with variety of mediums, sizes, and subject matter to encompass the theme of Delicious.  I will look forward to viewing the upcoming exhibition and reception of April 14.  


Pine fourglobes

Zach Pine, Sand Globes Worldwide: Crissy Field East Beach #1, San Francisco, California, dye sublimation print on white base aluminum, bamboo mount, 18 x 12”.

EcoArt: Envisioning Strategies and Solutions

February 3–March 25, 2023
February 10, 
5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk

March 10, 
5–8pm: Reception and Art Walk

Curated by Deanna Pindell
In collaboration with Women Eco Artists Dialog (WEAD)

Interactive and often playful, these eco-artworks offer inspiring visions, strategies, and solutions to help our communities build resilience for our changing climate. Each of these widely accomplished artists have created projects in service to the world beyond the gallery.

Several are games that help us solve regional issues; others combine play, work, and education to restore beaches, riparian habitats, and redwood forests. Our love of trees, grief over rising seas and extinctions, concerns about waste, and passions for the cultural histories of our local places are each addressed in enterprising community-engagement designed by artists and architects. Viewers are encouraged to envision a most desirable future.


Featuring artists:
Michele Guieu
Janette Kim
Lauren Elder
Juniper Harrower
Kent Manske and Nanette Wylde
Daniel McCormick and Mary O’Brien
Zach Pine
Sharon Siskin
Lisa Zimmer-Chu


WEAD is a pioneering network of feminist eco­artists, educators, curators, and writers working toward the goal of a just and healthy world. We focus on women’s unique perspective in ecological and social justice art. WEAD maintains an invaluable website ( that serves as a virtual gallery of eco­artists work, connects artists and curators with exhibition opportunities, and educates and enlightens through its groundbreaking WEAD Magazine.Founded 25 years ago, WEAD is now a non-profit collective serving an international community of artists, educators, writers, and curators with a variety of programming. WEAD, the Women Eco Artists Dialog, is still based in the Bay Area.

WEAD logo

The Small Works ExhibitSmallWorks2022 postcard FRONT-2

November 19, 2022–January 21, 2023
Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm: public hours
December 9, 5–8pm: opening reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk
January 13, 5–8pm: 2nd reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk

The Small Works Exhibit, provides a dynamic offering of over 80 unique artworks to holiday shoppers and the art-loving public

Featuring artists:
Lucy Arnold, Sheldon Bachus, Juline Beier, Elizabeth Bernstein, Kendra Bontz, Kristen Brown, Marijean Brush, Jan Buscho, Gail Caulfield, Martha Cederstrom, Marc Cohen, Mittie Cuetara, Debbie Dicker, Norma Dimaulo, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, Elizabeth Ennis, Michael Friedland, Alex Friedman, Janey Fritsche, Gail Galli, Geraldine Ganun, Kevin Gauna, Anki Gelb, Elizabeth Gleason, Wendy Goldberg, Mirto Golino, Stacey Grossman, Gail Gurman, Charlotta Hauksdottir, Karl Hauser, Susan Hontalas, Tim Horn, Stephanie Jucker, Laura Kamian McDermott, Connie Kirk, Ann Langston, Barbara Lawrence, Ahn Lee, Patricia Leeds, Mary Ann Leff, Eric Lendl, Jonathan Lewis, Suki Liebow, Kirk Lindgren, Abbey Loberman, Liz Mamorsky, James Marc, Anna Mathai, Ian McClerin, Mary Anne McKernie, Barbara McLain, Juliet Mevi, Elise Odom, Patricia Oji, Karen Olsen-Dunn, Cindy Ostroff, Marianne Owens, Cindy Pavlinac, Celena Peet, Joy Phoenix, Barbara Poole, Josh Powell, Susan Press, Sandra Rubin, Jolene Russell, Bruce Schauble, Susan Searway-Fertig, Mary Sheft, Gordon Sizelove, Rainey Straus, Ramaswamy Sundararajan, Justine Tatarsky, M. Kathryn Thompson, Stephanie Thwaites, John Torrey, Gregory Vernitsky, Sharon Virtue, Melissa Woodburn, Emil Yanos, June Yokell, Linda Yoshizawa, Jeffrey Zalles 

Juror Statement:

“The submissions included plenty of great artwork, making the selection exciting and challenging. I would like to thank all the artists who submitted their work to Art Works Downtown. 

“While my selection process involved evaluating the artworks for artistic elements and principles, I focused on selecting pieces that evoked emotional responses, utilized well-executed techniques, and demonstrated a strong visual presence. 

“I hope the audience will enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed selecting the works. Beautiful, contemplative, and engaging artworks can be found throughout the exhibition, making this show an excellent opportunity for art exploration during the Holiday Season.”

Juror: Emebet B. Korn, Gallerist, owner and director, Desta Gallery, Mill Valley CA;

Exhibit Image Jamil Hellu Odyssey 2022
Jamil Hellu, Untitled (Silhouette) and Untitled (Pink) from the Odyssey series, 
2022. Courtesy of Rebecca Camacho Presents.

Hope is a Discipline

September 30–November 11, 2022
Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm: public hours
October 14, 5–8pm: opening reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk
October 21, 6:30pm: Art Talk by curator Marc Mayer with exhibitors Libby Black and Jamil Hellu in Gallery 1337
November 11, 5–8pm: 2nd reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk


Libby Black

Craig Calderwood

Jamil Hellu

Jaime Knight

Wei Keong Tan

Corrie Wille


Curated by: Marc Mayer



“The only lasting truth is change.” - Octavia Butler

In the wake of anti-LGBT legislation sweeping the nation, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and threats to democracy, how do we deal with the devastation and uncertainty of losing our rights? While struggling with feelings of futility, the words of organizer, educator, and prison abolitionist Mariame Kaba provide us with a useful mantra, “hope is a discipline.” Kaba recognizes hope as an important survival mechanism and makes the case that hope is not “dumb cheer, empty aphorisms, or baseless optimism,” but crucial, clear-eyed, visionary work.

This exhibition presents the work of LGBTQ artists in the Bay Area who employ practices such as world building, alter-egos, performance, pleasure, humor, disco/music, and speculative fiction to imagine alternate spaces, realities, and possibilities, not only spark hope but also challenge prejudice in order to foster a sense of belonging. These practices, many of which have long histories in LGBT communities, present models of how the joy of culture can reconnect us to the world and remind us that anything is possible, if we are willing to fight for it. 

Communion With Seal Mark Coggins

Communion With Seal, Mark Coggins, archival pigment print, 5" x 10".

Photographic Essence

the art of black and white photography

August 5–September 17, 2022: exhibition dates
Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm:
 public hours
August 12, 5–8pm: opening reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk
September 9, 5–8pm: 2nd reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk


Featuring artists
Nick Allen, Norman Aragones, Sheldon Bachus, Annie Bates-Winship, Elizabeth Bernstein, Dana Christensen, Mark Coggins, Steve Cozad, Harlan Crowder, Olivier Desmet, Richard Dweck, Rory Earnshaw, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, Suzanne Engelberg, Gina Gaiser, Julie Garner, Rick Gilbert, Stacey Grossman, Roni Hoffman, Kirk Lindgren, Yaniv Sherman, Rustam Tahir, Lois Tema, Beatrice Thornton, Mark Zukowski


Standing on the shoulders of great photographers such as Dorthea Lange and Ansel Adams, artists of today continue to transcend reality through the medium of black and white photography. Art Works Downtown’s exhibit—Photographic Essence—exposes a poetically dynamic experience by showcasing 25 artists working in this timeless medium. Viewers will surely discover new worlds, self-reflection, and fresh perspectives in the dance of texture, shape, subject, and light.

Scott Nichols, owner and director Scott Nichols Gallery, Sonoma;  



Harmonic Material
a mixed media art exhibit

June 3–July 23, 2022: exhibition dates
Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm:
 public hours
June 10, 5–8pm: opening reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk
July 8, 5–8pm: opening reception and 2nd Friday Art Walk

Art Works Downtown offers Harmonic Material, an exhibition of artworks utilizing various mediums to achieve visual, narrative, or compositional harmony; which is loosely defined as a pleasing effect or balance with a sense of movement.



Inas Al-soqi, Dan Caven, Kyle Churchman, Jane Corich, Emily Erickson, Karyn Gabriel, Sarah Horowitz, Lisa Jetonne, Stephanie Jucker, E.A. Kellas, Renee Kelly, Sunyoung Lee, Patricia Leeds, Nathan Lomas, Michelle Miller, Celena Peet, Margo Reis, Kay Russell, Hilary Sheehan, Dobee Snowber, William Thoms, Morrie Warshawski



TaVee McAllister Lee, Gallery Manager of Transmission Gallery, Oakland; 


TaVee Lee juror statement

In considering the work submitted for “Harmonic Material” I looked first for a sense of balance or pleasing rhythm in the work, often achieved with color, composition or texture. In some cases there was an achievement of harmony between disparate materials or a resonance or sense of vibrancy in the relationship between objects, elements or even ideas. Selected works include examples of symmetrical and asymmetrical balance as the framework for integration and completion.

 Contemporary Botanicals


Contemporary Botanicals

April 1–May 21, 2022:  exhibition dates


Exhibit Statement
Art Works Downtown presents Contemporary Botanicals to celebrate spring by showcasing an artistic garden of varied approaches to, interpretations of, and expression through, our relationship to flora and fauna.


Valentina Arenas Catalán, Lucy Arnold, Ilene Avery, Kate Barrengos, Larry Batti, Benjamin Benet, Tori Berghoff, Linda Lee Boyd, Jan Buscho, Claudia Campazzo, Sonia Gill, AnneKarin Glass, Ayris Hatton, Cassidy Hersey, Donald Hershman, Susan Hontalas, Rachel Kalman, Andrzej Michael Karwacki, Jeff Key, Derek Lynch, Gail Miles, Pamela Mooney, Susan Press, Bill Russell, Susan Searway-Fertig, Rainey Straus, Nadia Tarzi-Saccardi, Carol Thomas, M. Denise Ward, June Yokell, Susan Zimmerman


Vanessa Indies, Director of Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco; 


SHIFT website image-2 



by Tapestry Weavers West

February 4–March 19, 2022  

This exhibition showcases 20 contemporary tapestries by members of Tapestry Weavers West focused on the dramatic shifts in our daily lives in recent years. Shift: to change position, direction, place or form. To be altered as part of systemic historical change. In our tumultuous world, the ground seems to be constantly shifting under our feet. How do we shift in response to world events? How do we see the world shifting around us? What has shifted in our lives? How do we seek balance?


Chelley BonDurant, Bobbi Chamberlain, Kate Colwell, Marcia Hanson Ellis, Janette Gross, Jennie Henderson, Stephanie Hoppe, Laura Kamian McDermott, Heather Larsen, Sarah Michael, Yonat Michaelov, Care Standley, Kathe Todd-Hooker, Sue Weil, Ama Wertz

Juried by Christine Koppes, Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) San Francisco opening in 2022 and formerly the Curator and Director of Public Programs at the ICA San Jose. 

Tapestry Weavers West promotes the art of contemporary tapestry through its regular exhibitions, quarterly meetings, and newsletters. Members are invited to share their work, attend tapestry related lectures and keep an online presence throughout the website and social media sites. 

Small Works Exhibition 2021

SmallWorks2021 website imageNovember 19–January 23, 2022

The annual Small Works Exhibition offers over 80 fine artworks to the art-loving and holiday gift-buying community.



Jenny Helbraun Abramson, Leah Anton, Vincent Avalos, Sunila Bajracharya, Baladev David Barry, Barry Beach, Jenny Blackburn, Kendra Bontz, Kristen Brown, Jan Buscho, Gail Caulfield, John Cobb, Deborah Corsini, Natalie Craig, Larry Davidson, Ian Day, Norma Dimaulo, Melinda diSessa, David Dugoncevic, George Evelyn, Janey Fritsche, Geraldine GaNun, Shelley Gardner, Anki Gelb, Sonia Gill, Wendy Goldberg, Kellie Greenwald, Ellen Gust, Kirk Hinshaw, Ruan Hoe, Amanda Rose Hopkins, Dennis Korkos, Ann Langston, Marcia Lavine, Mary Ann Leff, Linda Lieberman, Nini Lion, Hilary Maslon, Katya McCulloch, Heather McFarlin, C.S. McIntire, Barbara McLain, Gail Morrison, Patricia Oji, Cindy Ostroff, Cindy Pavlinac, Benito Rangel de Maria, Connie Ryan, Michael Ryan, Elizabeth Scarborough, Irene Schlesinger, Mimi Sheiner, Matthew Felix Sun, Claudia Tarantino, Vera Tchikovani, John Torrey, Paulette Traverso, Paula Valenzuela, Joshua Warren, June Yokell, Ji Young Yoon, Linda Yoshizawa


Jack Fischer; owner and director, Jack Fischer Gallery 

Skullls and Roses WEBSITE IMAGE

Skulls and Roses

remembrance and rebirth

October 1–November 12, 2021

Calaveras y Rosas
recuerdo y renacimiento 

Camilo Villa; artist, designer, educator


Skulls and Roses  is about remembrance, rebirth and transformation in correlation with San Rafael’s Día De Los Muertos celebration. To paraphrase juror Camilo Villa: “Remembering and honoring life is one of the most powerful tools art has offered since ancient communities imprinted beliefs and practices in their cave paintings. Art allows us to understand our ancestors in order to understand and honor where we come from. These exhibiting artworks will immerse the audience in the process of birth, life, and death. Drawing the audience in to question what it means to live and die in this world today.”


Timothy Armstrong, Vincent Avalos, Benjamin Benet, Harry Caldwell, Craig Coss, Linyu Diaz Arroyo, Marlee Durand, Matthew Felix Sun, Timothy Flanagan, Andrea Flores, Jo Ford, Django Golden, Vicki Gunter, Zoe Jackson, Jose Jimenez, Ruben Joy, Stephanie Jucker, Eric Kelly, Tom Kirk, Antonia Lawson, Sanda Manuila, Barbara McLain, Jeanette Monterio, Irene Schlesinger, Mary Serphos, Siana Smith, Andrea Speer Hibbard, Eliza Thomas, Paulette Traverso, Camilo Villa, Raffi Zaroukian

BEAUTYorTRUTH website image


by Pacific Rim Sculptors

April 23–June 13, 2021

While it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Merriam Webster defines it as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses” and truth as “that which is in accordance with fact or reality.” The Latin phrase Pulchritudo splendor veritatis (beauty is the splendor of truth) is thousands of years old, and suggests that beauty and truth are interrelated. John Keats famously declared “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, -- that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

featuring artists:

Barry Beach, Barbara M. Berk, Jan Blythe, Cheryl Coon, Catherine Daley, Tara Daly, Lynn Dau, Rene Dayan-Whitehead, Marguerite Elliot, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, Jacquelyn Giuffre, Annette Goodfriend, Jane Grimm, Karl Hauser, Maru Hoeber, Rachel Karklin, Jeff Key, Oleg Lobykin, Judy Miller, Jann Nunn,  Joseph Slusky, Marina Smelik, B Stevens Strauss, Charles Stinson, Lynne Todaro, Emil Yanos

juried by: Chandra Cerrito, principal Chandra Cerrito / Art Advisors
Pacific Rim Sculptors: 

ThePleasureofColor WEBSITE IMAGEThe Pleasure of Color

March 5–April 11, 2021 

Virtual Art Walk: March 12 and April 9, 6pm

In-person viewing: Fri 5–8pm, Sat + Sun, 1-5pm (starting March 6)

Virtual Gallery: click here
Gallery Store: click here
Featuring the artwork of:

T Barny, Debra Bibel, Jennifer Blalack, Mae Charles, Thomas Cooke, Jane Corich, Cynthia Correia, Christine Cox, Larry Davidson, Ian Day, Carol Durham, Emily Dvorin, Carole Fitzgerald, Jonathan Gaber, Rinat Goren, Margot Hartford, Kristy Headley, Stephanie Jucker, Xinyan Kong, Renate Kuprian, Liz Lauter, Nini Lion, Rachel Major, Patrick Marquis, Barbara McLain, Barbara Poole, Mary Shisler, Gordon Sizelove, Carol Thomas, Craig Upson, Amy Vidra, Joshua Warren, Sue Weil, Melissa Woodburn, Dave Yoas, Xueling Zou


Theme: Color has long been credited for affecting our emotions and attitudes. We daily choose colors to wear, setting the tone for the day ahead. Artists instinctively choose colors that speak to the mood of a work they are creating. Sometimes extreme pleasure is found in the accidental or purposeful combinations of colors. One can feel uplifted by the saturation of even just one color.

Juror: Susan Press, Curator and Artist

howareyou website imageHow are You?

January 8—February 21, 2021

After one of the most tumultuous years in modern history, How are You? offers a source of empathetic processing for the public’s wellbeing by exhibiting a selection of artwork made in 2020. Visual art can express both the individual artist’s voice and—as a collection— a society’s collective voice. This exhibition gives viewers the chance to find connection, validation, commiseration, or unexpected insight through the dynamic language of visual art.

Tori Berghoff, Jane Corich, Norma Dimaulo, Susan Doyle, Katy Drury Anderson, Kathleen Edwards, Abraham Elterman, Janey Fritsche, Geraldine GaNun, April Gavin, Kathryn Kain, Eric Kelly, Mila Kirillova, Barbara Lawrence, Susan McCormick, Victoria Mimiaga, Anne Pennypacker, Barbara Poole, Katie Richardson, Roz Ritter, Tachina Rudman-Young, Susan Saunders, Pat Scarpa, Vera Tchikovani, Phyllis Thelen, Will Toft, Paulette Traverso, Sandra Wong Orloff, Melissa Woodburn

Juried by:  Suzanne Gray and Donna Seager of Seager Gray Gallery,

88 Messages from Quaratine from Paulette on Vimeo.

dotd sr logo 2020Dia de los Muertos

October 9–November 2, 2020

In collaboration with the Multicultural Center of Marin and the San Rafael Día de Los Muertos, Art Works Downtown is joining the festivities by offering an exhibition of altars and selling covid masks.

Day of the Dead–Día de los Muertos San Rafael is celebrating its 32nd anniversary for the entire month of October 2020 with an interactive celebration presented online and in various store-fronts. As usual, YOU are the key to asuccessful celebration. Join in the fun to enjoy videos of altars, videos of talent submissions, and so much more by visiting:

Altars:  See the Altars by visiting 1337, 1335, 1331, and 1327 Fourth Street, San Rafael, CA any time October 9–November 2. Keep an eye out for additional altars around San Rafael too.

Events:  The month of October will be full of online events. Find the event schedule and links to join here:

Masks:  AWD is no longer selling masks. They will be available at the car procession in the Canal District of San Rafael on November 1st. Learn more here:

Blowin in the Wind- bamboo sheets- paper- wasp nest fragment- beads  28 x 23 x 12 005

Blowin’ in the Wind  © 2014, bamboo shields, mulberry bar, stenciled paper, 28” x 23” x 11”

Cocoon- Eucalyptus bark- twig ball- paper- nest- glass egg- 14 x 35 x 14 007

Cocoon © 2016, eucalyptus bark, twig ball, paper, nest glass egg, 14” x 35” x 14”.

Phyllis Thelen: Coming Full Circle

January 10–February 27, 2020
Receptions: January 10 • 5–8pm + February 14 • 5–8pm 
Artist Talk fundraiser event: January 31, 6–8pm

1337, Underground Gallery, Founders’ Gallery, Donors’ Gallery

Art Works Downtown is pleased to honor Phyllis Thelen, Founder of AWD, with a retrospective of her work. Now 93, Thelen has been making and exhibiting her art for the past 70 years.

The exhibition will fill four galleries at AWD, and include her painting, sculpture, printmaking, and scrolls. An entire gallery will feature her political and environmental art, including the series Planet Earth Screwed and Take Shelter from the News.

Phyllis Thelen’s art encourages us to think differently about our relationship to nature. Inspired by the organic materials she finds in the forests and on the beach, her work has unfolded in many phases. She began as a painter and printmaker, and then began to create the fiber sculptures for which she is best known. While Thelen has continued to experiment with materials and forms, all of her work is unified by her passion for defending, protecting, and celebrating nature.

Thelen, now 93, has continued to make art throughout her life. This is the first retrospective of her work. The exhibition is titled Coming Full Circle because Thelen’s work has developed in a series of widening circles. In recent years she has returned to her early days as a painter and printmaker, using these skills in a contemporary way. She explores themes of reinvention, transformation and sustainability by incorporating her older silkscreen and woodblock prints into new forms, including innovative scrolls and small vessels.

Thelen is an award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout California and in Japan.  Her fiber sculptures were featured in two solo museum shows: Spirit Vessels at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art and Journeys of the Imagination at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. This is the first retrospective of her work.  

The exhibition will also showcase a video about Thelen’s  life and work by award-winning documentary filmmaker Harris Cohen.  

Exhibition Curated by Carol Durham, Mary Edwards, and Max Thelen
Phyllis! video by Harris Cohen
The Voice of Mother Earth, audio installation by Natalie Mendes and Max Rehkopf, in the Underground Gallery
Installation by Chris West 

Exhibition Articles
Marin IJ: 

Pacific Sun:

Phyllis Thelen:Coming Full Circle featured sponsors

                    Marin Arts

Small Works 2019 Front2

Small Works Exhibition

November 15—December 21, 2019
Reception: December 13, 5–8pm

The annual Small Works Exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to find affordable, quality artwork for the holiday gift-giving season. 

Theme: The Small Works Exhibitionis AWD's annual exhibit featuring a large quantity of artists’ quality artwork for sale to the holiday gift buying public.

Featuring: Barbara Andino-Stevenson, Primo Angeli, Lucy Arnold, Sheldon Bachus, Frank Barnhardt, Kate Barrengos, David Barry, Suzanne Bean, Molly Blauvelt, Kendra Bontz, Tim Brody, Heidi Brueckner, Patricia Bruning, Jan Buscho, Claudia Campazzo, Gail Caulfield, Martha Cederstrom, John Cobb, Larry Davidson, Janet Glore Davis, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, Paul Ford, Geraldine Ga Nun, Tebby George, Wendy Goldberg, Mirto Golino, Deborah Darling Gray, Ellen Gust, Karl Hauser, Ane Howard, Sudha Irwin, Barbara Jacobs, Carol Jenkins, Stephen Kane, George Kaplan, Jude Kaye, Lyudmila Kirillova, Ann Langston, John Laue, Barbara Lawrence, Antonia Lawson, Ellen Leo, Nini Lion, Hilary Maslon, Mary Anne McKernie, Barbara McLain, Gail Morrison, Chris Motley, Patricia Oji, Cindy Ostroff, Anne Pennypacker, Heli Perrett, Anastasia Pritchard, Margo Reis, Steven Schreibman, Team Sherreme, Tom Tabakin, Vera Tchikovani, Jasmin Viducic, Sue Weil, Kathryn Wills, Wilton Wong

Marin ArtsJuror:Alexander Schwarz, art consultant, Caldwell Snyder Gallery,


Ceramic Sensibilities 

Ceramic Sensibilities

September 20–November 8, 2019
Receptions: October 11 • 5–8pm + November 8 • 5–8pm

Art Works Downtown presents an intriguing exhibition of Bay Area ceramic artists. Ceramic Sensibilities features works chosen for their inventiveness, a high level of skill, and thoughtful use of the medium with a focus on individual expression. We invite you to explore and delight in this unique selection of ceramic artistry.

Mimi Abers, Bill Abright, Isidoro Angeles, Gail Ritchie Bobeda, Gail Caulfield, JoAnn Coffino, Natasha Dikareva, Judy Dornbush, Sam Fleeger, Carol Fregoso, Tebby George, Diana Greenleaf, Heather Hillard, Susan Hontalas, Susie Kelly, Daniel Klapprott, Francoise LeClerc, Gary Marsh, Vince Montague, Gordon Morris, Kathy Pallie, Shoshana Parry, Al Sinerco, Marina Smelik, Irmgard Sundermeyer, Claudia Tarantino, Nadia Tarzi-Saccardi, Melissa Woodburn, Emil Yanos

Marin ArtsJurors: 

Bill Abright, exhibiting artist, lifetime ceramist, retired professor of art and ceramics; 
Claudia Tarantino, exhibiting artist, lifetime ceramist, accomplished object and art restorer; 

Images—top row, L–R: © Susie Kelly; © Carol Fregoso; © Melissa Woodburn; middle row, L-R: © Daniel Klapprott; © Francoise LeClerc; © Vince Montague; © Gary Marsh; © Marina Smelik; bottom row, L–R: © Judy Dornbush; © Gail Ritchie Bobeda; © Kathy Pallie; © Tebby George; image, R: © Emil Yanos.


 Zenpop Nellie King Solomon


A solo exhibition by Nellie King Solomon

August 2–September 13, 2019
Receptions: August 9 • 5–8pm + September 13 • 5–8pm

Curated by Marialidia Marcotulli

ZENPOP is a curatorial term developed by exhibition curator Marialidia Marcotulli to describe a certain cultural dynamic in today’s contemporary art practice.  The term was adapted by Nellie King Solomon in this series of new abstractions in which paint is poured pushed and pulled. The energy of the fluid directed, manipulated, and surrendered to, in degrees of certainty and restraint.

In one group of large-scale square canvases the tell-tale line of architectural rendering emerges from the ground of sealed but otherwise unpainted cotton duck. In a second series of canvases the flow is left unchecked by the precision of draftsmanship. Here, gravity is left to do its thing, poured pigment directed only by shifts in the angle of the stretched canvas’s vertical lean until the properties of the polymer freeze the flow. This juxtaposition of technique tempts the mind to explore the subtleties of action and the choices made. We feel these choices and the questions that preceded them. How much should she insist? How much should she let go? What is the difference between a line pulled with pencil and an edge pushed with paint? Why should one precede the other? Or vice versa. Curator Marialidia Marcotulli states  "The effect carries the vibe of surf but not the aesthetic. There is more going on here than simply that." 

About Nellie King Solomon

Internationally exhibited, Nellie King Solomon is a Marin native who received her MFA from California College of Art in 2001.  

“I make paintings that interrogate painting. I’m a painter who breaks with the conventions of painting because I come to it through the back door of architecture, Supergraphics, printmaking, ballet, and surfing. These are fluid acts about conversation and their omissions, driving and ducking, hydrodynamics and hang-ups, and the dangers of moving though the world as a straight woman.”

"I work on supersized canvases, hyper wet, with custom-made glass tools, on inclined surfaces which allow me to set up systems of surrender to gravity, viscosity, erosion, time, and touch. My work is evidence of something having happened there. Work is pulled from my experiences of western liquid landscapes, interior and exterior terrains, the shock of unabsorbed events." 

Marin ArtsZENPOP extends beyond the 1337 Gallery. See more at the following satellite locations.

Bank of Marin 1203 Fourth Street, San Rafael  

Proof Lab 907 Fourth Street, San Rafael  

San Rafael Chamber of Commerce 817 Mission Avenue, San Rafael  

San Rafael City Hall 1400 Fifth Avenue, San Rafael  

Sense of Place Postcard

Sense of Place

June 14–July 26, 2019
Receptions: June 14, 5–8pm and July 12, 5–8pm

The seemingly common term place can relate to an almost infinite variety of associations. For example, place can relate to a sense of security, impermanence, immigration, pride, social roles, geographic location, and atmosphere. Place is particularly important to Art Works Downtown because a major function of our public offering is creative place-keeping. By maintaining a 140-year-old building to house and share visual arts, artist studios, low-income housing, retail businesses, and more, Art Works Downtown offers a place for constructive and creative interaction. You are invited to explore this dynamic group exhibition and to expand your own Sense of Place.

Featuring artists: Nancy Bardach, David Barry, Debra Bibel, Lisa Clarke, Margaret Jo Feldman, Paul Ford, Rich Fowler, Michael Goldman, Ellen Gust, Tania Houtzager, Linda MacDonald, Jack McTiernan, Cindy Ostroff, Cynthia Rettig, Roz Ritter, Emily Van Engel, Sue Weil, Erin McCluskey Wheeler, June Yokell, Bing Zhang

JurorGriff Williams, owner and director of Gallery 16;  

Images—top row, L–R: Subway-3 © Bing Zhang; Street Barricade Into 2 Benches Transformation © Michael Goldman; middle row, L-R: Migrants © Roz Ritter; Kensington Circle © Debra Bibel; [-+-+] 095-19 Stare/Stair Portland © Jack McTiernan;bottom row, L–R: Too Deep © Lisa Clarke; We Have Always Lived in the Castle © Erin McCluskey Wheeler; Gerryrigged, Moments in Other People's Houses © Cynthia Rettig.



April 26–June 7, 2019
Reception: May 10 • 5–8pm

Coastal celebrates and explores the Bay Area’s broad and diverse coastal region, including inland and sea, from Santa Cruz to Bodega Bay by sharing a collection of artistic interpretations and renditions.

Featuring: Cary Bailey, David Barry, Janice Best, Tim Brody, Jan Buscho, Christin Coy, Harlan Crowder, Ian Day, Mary DeShaw,Steve Emery, Virginia Fauvre, Janey Fritsche, Neil Goldstein, Kathryn Gray, Irene Hardy, Elia Haworth, Jeff Ishikawa, Juli Lederhaus, Sarah Lee, Linda Lieberman, John Lund, Margaret Niven, Cindy Ostroff, Kathy Pallie, Sara Post, Linda Ryan, Mary Sheft, David Smith, Christine So, Ann Switzer, Carol Thomas, Cecelia Thorner, Jack Weaver

Juror: Elia Haworth, Curator of Coastal Marin Art & History at the Bolinas Museum; 

Images: © Irene Hardy (left top); © Sarah Lee (left middle); © Janice Best (left bottom); © Ian Day (2nd top); © Ann Switzer (2nd middle); © Janey Fritsche (2nd bottom); © Kathryn Gray (3rd top); © Steve Emery (3rd 1st middle); © Mary Sheft (3rd 2nd middle); © Cindy Ostroff (3rd bottom); © Cecelia Thorner (right top); © Mary DeShaw (right middle); © Cary Bailey (right bottom).

 JennyPhillips NettedBag C 2019

Netted Bag ©   2019 Jenny Phillips, watercolor on canson bristol vellum, 14.75" x 14.75".



March 1–April 19, 2019
Receptions: March 8 • 5–8pm + April 12 • 5–8pm

Curator: Victoria Mara Heilweil

Ordinary is an exhibition highlighting the ordinary through subject matter and use of materials. The antithesis of the spectacular, familiar objects bring art down to human scale and into the intimacy of daily life. Marcel Duchamp first championed the use of mass produced, utilitarian objects in his readymade artwork in the early 20th century, and has continued to influence nearly a century of artists that have followed him, each pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be art, and how it could be created. Decades later, feminist artists continued with these ideas, often taking ordinary objects from the domestic realm as material for their art. These artists highlighted unseen labor, and incorporated their everyday life as rituals for their artwork. Ordinary features eight female artists who work with these concepts in their art and process. 

Featuring: Tana Quincy Arcega, Irene Carvajal, Victoria Mara Heilweil, Dana Hemenway, Sarah Newton, Jenny Phillips, Chris Thorson, Imin Yeh

March 8 Performance: Inheritance

"Don't shy away from hard work, get an education, cherish your family". Grandpa's hands were busy making something useful, grandma would be cooking. I would be given a task and told it feels good to be useful. This is the inheritance I received from my grandparents. My grandfather worked at a distillery as a mechanic in the mid 1900's in San Jose, Costa Rica. He hand made many of the tools needed for the maintenance of the distillery and for his own home. Grandma was a school teacher and a lousy cook. But never has food tasted so good to me as hers.

Inheritance is a performance comprised of edible objects molded from these tools. I will be ingesting and digesting my family history as I share their stories.

 Stephanie Jucker The Garden of Love 16x16 mixed media on panel

The Garden of Love ©  Stephanie Jucker, mixed media on panel, 16" x 16".

Restless Garden

Stephanie Jucker

January 11–February 22, 2019
Receptions: January 11 • 5–8pm + February 8 • 5–8pm
Picnic: Saturday, February 16, 2–4pm

Curated by Lauren Bartone

“Things in the garden are making me nervous. To quote William Blake’s poem Garden of Love, I am seeing ‘what I never had seen.’ My use of garden as a metaphor is partly influenced by the iconography of a Catholic upbringing, with its portrayals of Eden, and a nostalgia for the English garden I played in as a child. I revisit that sense of play in my work, but from a place of experience. My response to feeling anxious has been to recycle materials that accumulate around me. With burnt, water-damaged, and discarded stuff, I construct symmetrically balanced compositions to reassure and ground myself. The design is informed by the geometry of insects and flowers resulting in wall pieces, books, and mobiles compositionally anchored by a central axis. From this secure core they burst with life, referencing the giddy optimism of creation in the face of a tenuous future.

The garden wants change and has ideas of its own. Whether we’ll be around to see what those are really hangs in the balance.” Stephanie Jucker

Small Works 2018

Small Works Exhibition

November 16—December 22, 2018
Reception: December 14, 5–8pm

The Small Works Exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to find unique, quality artwork for the holiday gift-giving season. 

Featuring:  Kate Barrengos, Karen Barry, Annie Bates-Winship, Beverly Brown, Kevin Brown, Kristen Brown, Jan Buscho, Angela Casey, Gail Caulfield, Dan Caven, John Cobb, Siobhan Cooke, Eileen Davidson, Suzanne Engelberg, Licita Fernández, Paul Ford, Karyn Gabriel, Anki Gelb, J. M. Golden, Valeriya Grant, Jennifer Hall, Cele Hanzel, Christine Huhn, Claude Ibrahimoff, Josie Juantorena, Stephanie Jucker, Stephen Kane, Kyung Min Kim, Connie Kirk, Barbara Bryn Klare, Kate Knudsen, Ann Langston, Barbara Lawrence, Miran Lee, Nini Lion, Dulce MacLeod, Liz Mamorsky, James Marc, John McDonald, Patricia Oji, Marianne Owens, Justin Pastores, Cindy Pavlinac, Davis Perkins, Barbara Poole, Susan Press, Margo Reis, Cayen Robertson, Andreana Rosnik, Susan Searway-Fertig, Marina Smelik, Ann Switzer, Leitha Thrall, Sue Weil, Kelly Won, Melissa Woodburn, Yige Xie

Juror:  Cameron Brian, Owner and Director of Transmission Gallery, 770 West Grand Ave. Oakland California;

Slow Clap Marcela Pardo Ariza1
Slow Clap ©  Marcela Pardo Ariza, photography


Jose Joaquine Figueroa, Alexander Hernandez, Marcela Pardo Ariza, and Jessica Sabogal

Curated by Sergio De La Torre and Fernanda Partida Ochoa

September 21–November 9, 2018
Receptions: October 12 • 5–9pm + November 9 • 5–8pm

The exhibition takes its name from the phonetical transcription of the word "care." The term "care" is a shifting concept that variates its meaning in opposite directions according to where is placed in a sentence. The concept swings from burden and comfort as a concern, as well as the ability to feel that something matters, to be cherished. For Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) this concept was the epicenter of his philosophical system of thinking. He employed the word at an abstract, ontological level to illustrate the basic structure of the human being.

Considering this concept, curators Sergio de La Torre and Fernanda Partida Ochoa bring together the work of five Bay Area-based artists: Jose Joaquin Figueroa, Alexander Hernandez, Marcela Pardo Ariza, and Jessica Sabogal. The selection of artworks in the exhibition traverses different moments in each artist’s practice. Its common thread, what each artist cares for, emerges in a variety of disciplines. 

/ker/ at Art Works Downtown illustrates the abstract notion of "care" in its broad range of interpretation. That said, having a concept to start with, isn’t always such a bad idea. Because we do care, do you?

This exhibition and receptions are part of the larger project, Latinx, celebrating Latin culture and art. Latinxincludes additional exhibitions and events at Art Works Downtown and various venues in the San Rafael Culture and Arts District. Learn more at and

Windy Chien Spinal Column

©  Windy Chien 

Veer Sydney Cohen

©  Sydney Cohen

Veer Randy Colosky

©  Randy Colosky


Artists: Windy Chien, Sydney Cohen, Randy Colosky, Amos Goldbaum, Mary Anne Kluth, Patricia Lyons Stroud

Curators: Theodora Mauro & Tracy Wheeler

August 3–September 14, 2018
Receptions: August 10 • 5–8pm + September 14 • 5–8pm

Curators Theodora Mauro and Tracy Wheeler focus on the mystery of how nothing becomes something in the art making process, balancing in part on an artist’s ability to veer from an original concept towards what’s calling to be made. Windy Chien, Sydney Cohen, Randy Colosky, Amos Goldbaum, Mary Anne Kluth, Patricia Lyons Stroud passionately embrace the vertigo of not knowing in order to make work that teaches them, piece by piece, about what they’re after. 

Chien considers how to create a line that asks one to contemplate control. Cohen lives to impart a deep wisdom about color. Colosky explores the tension inherent in our cultural expectations of particular materials. Goldbaum digs into how human endeavor impacts purpose and place. Kluth investigates the nature of reality in the context of landscapes. Stroud makes a plea for softness and touch.

Taken together, the work in Veer featured at Art Works Downtown in San Rafael, offers evidence that allowing oneself to move abruptly away from preconceived goals and expectations can lead to glorious new directions. That said, having an idea to start with, isn’t always such a bad idea.


Windy Chien makes art that activates space and crafts objects that elevate the daily rituals of life. She is best known for her 2016 project, The Year Knots, in which she learned a new knot every day for a year. Her work ranges in size from a knot that can fit in the palm of a child's hand to majestic, room-sized installations that are sought after by private collectors. Following long careers at Apple/iTunes and in the music industry, she launched her studio in 2015. Her work has been covered by Wired, The New York Times, Martha Stewart and more.

Sydney Cohen has exhibited in San Francisco, Oakland & Berkeley, Atlanta, British Columbia, Iowa and Chicago, and is in public collections in Boston and Iowa, and private collections all over the world. She is a Senior Adjunct Professor at the California College of the Arts. She has a MA/MFA from the University of Iowa, Iowa Arts Fellow and a BFA from California College of Arts and Crafts.

Randy Colosky regularly exhibits in the Bay Area and New York. Frequently commissioned to do large public art, his work can be seen at the Embarcadero Square Complex, the Downtown Oakland Art Park and Sonoma State College, amongst other locations. He has been an artist in residence at Facebook, Inc. and KALA Art Institute, and has received grants from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The Zellerbach Family Foundation and the Fleishacker Foundation. He as a BFA in Ceramics from the Kansas City Art Institute.

Amos Goldbaum is a native San Franciscan line drawer/painter, muralist, and street peddler of original apparel. His murals can be seen in the Bay Area, Japan, and Nepal. He received his BFA from Grinnell College, Iowa.

Mary Anne Kluth has exhibited widely in the Bay Area as well as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle and Hong Kong. She has an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a BFA from the California College of Arts.

Patricia Lyons Stroud has shown painting and sculpture since 1973 in over thirty solo and group exhibitions including Seager Gray Gallery, Fresno Art Museum, Triangle Gallery, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and Montalvo Center for the Arts. Her work has been acquired by The State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, Hawaii and is in many public and private collections. Stroud has a National Diploma from the Liverpool School of Art and a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.


Theodora Mauro co-directs the alternative gallery space SATELLITE OF. LOVE, is director of ampersand international arts, and is a San Francisco native supporting artists, local and international, emerging and mid-career, with platforms for communication and exhibitions that are open, unique and inspirational.

Tracy Wheeler co-directs the alternative gallery space SATELLITE OF. LOVE, is a regular curator at ampersand international arts, and is a strategic consultant for artists and cultural spaces or initiatives.

 Storytelling Postcard


June 8—July 27, 2018
Receptions: June 8 • 5–8pm + July 13 • 5–8pm

There is a rich history in the Bay Area of art that is essentially storytelling. This exhibit is a look at what stories a broad range of artists are telling now. Stories implied, mysterious, compelling, reminiscent, mind-bending, quiet, boisterous, surreal, or everyday. We tried to include many art traditions and media looking for art that makes us ask, ‘What is happening here!?!’

Featuring: Katy Drury Anderson, Nancy Bardach, Gerald Barnes, William Binzen, Linda Lee Boyd, Kay Bradner, Mary DeShaw, Wyn Di Stefano, Myra Eastman, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, Abigail Lee Goldberger, Paul Goldman, Karl Hauser, Eric Kelly, James Lammers, Shirley Manfredi, Heather McFarlin, Donna Mossholder, Irina Mukhacheva, Roz Ritter, Karen Robinson, Noel Ryan, Gil Sambrano, Mary Shaw, Jen Solomon, Rose Steiner, Claudia Tarantino, Vaidis Valaitis, Judith Williams

Juror:  Kay Bradner, nationally exhibiting artist, retired art professor. 

Images—L–R: Council of Twelve © Heather McFarlin; Treading Light-Stream Step © William Binzen; ...And Then It Shattered © Gil Sambrano; Chic © James Lammers; Auntie Mae's Sewing Basket © Claudia Tarantino; And Her Mother Is Worse Than None © Eric Kelly; He Left Without His Shoes  © Katy Drury Anderson; Forgiveness is a Warrior © Jen Solomon; Prelude to a Blind Canon Ball © Paul Goldman; Juxtaposed © Mary DeShaw;The Bridge © Karen Robinson; Showtime© Vaidis Valaitis.

After Nature Postcard2After Nature

April 20–June 1, 2018
Reception: May 11 • 5–8pm

The theme for this exhibition was inspired by conversations about the blurring of the line between what we consider natural, and what we consider unnatural. There is a rich history of artists working in nature and with scientific research specimens to render animals, insects and plants in all of their diverse splendor. Let’s call this the natural. We are also at a point in time where nature is inseparable from human influence–we have entered the geographic footprint and forever changed ecosystems, the landscape and the climate–leaving the nonhuman life of the planet to respond and adapt, or perish. This is where the line begins to blur. Seeking to present both a catalog of living things, and to reflect upon the future of “natural” development in the Anthropocene Epoch, After Natures intent is to explore, in equal parts, traditions of “capturing nature” through means such as photography and still life painting, evaluate the current response of nature to humans, and consider what may yet be to come.

Featuring: Ellery Akers, Angelique Benicio, Mary Blake, Melissa Bolger, Tiffany Bozic, Molly Brown, Emily Budd, Kristine Bybee, Shone Chacko, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, Tina Erickson, Ryan Erler, Anne Garden, Tom Gehrig, Georgia Gibbs, Vicki Gunter, Ayris Hatton, Joanna Kidd, Maryann Nardo, Win Normandi, Marianne Owens, Stephanie Peek, Anne-Whitney Pennypacker, David Reisine, Clark Rendall, Susan Searway-Fertig, Marie Van Elder 

Juror: Sharon Bliss, Interim Director at Fine Arts Gallery, San Francisco State University

Images—Top row, L–R: Lost Wax © Emily Budd; Stump VI © Marie Van Elder; Burmese Beetle © Molly Brown; Redemption © Win Normandi; Mother and Child Octopi © David Reisine. Bottom row, L–R: Conquerer's Gauntlet © Angelique Benicio; Midnight Flowers II © Stephanie Peek; Reconnoitering Confusion Hill © Tom Gehrig; Specimens (detail) © Joanna Kidd (top); Turbine Pass © Joeann Edmonds-Matthew (bottom). 

Serena Cole Dont Even Fing Try It2
Don't Even F***ing Try It ©    2017Serena Cole, watercolor, colored pencil, and flashe on paper, 20" x 16". 

What It Feels Like For a Girl

solo exhibition by Serena Cole

March 2–April 13, 2018
Receptions: March 9 • 5–8pm + April 13 • 5–8pm
Artist Talk: March 10, 11am

Bay Area artist Serena Cole presents What It Feels Like For a Girl a body of work based on the appropriation and reconstruction of found imagery from fashion, art history, and current events. Cole's highly detailed mixed media artwork continues tropes from the history of painting such as the female figure and the still life. She uses these traditional formats as metaphors to examine what it feels like to be female living in America today. Uncanny, forward-facing and often distraught expressions of her portraits give autonomy to the figures who can see the viewer seeing them. Still life flowers continue reflections upon expectations of beauty and explore profound and inevitable failure as the flowers droop and fade. Cole considers each piece an avatar of herself, creating a uniquely personal exhibition of self-portraiture that invites reflection from the broader audience on female-hood in the current political climate. 

Serena Cole received her Master of Fine Arts degree in 2011 from the California College of the Arts. Her work has been exhibited widely including exhibitions at Hinterconti in Hamburg, Germany; the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco; Soo Visual Arts Center in Minneapolis; and Phillips de Pury and Dodge Gallery in New York. 

Color Emotion Front-Horizontal2 

Color Emotion

January 12–February 23, 2018
Receptions: January 12 • 5–8pm + February 9 • 5–8pm

Color Emotion is an exhibition about the relationship of color to emotion; featuring artworks that primarily use color to evoke, express, or contemplate emotion or the narrative.

Featuring: Sarah Ammons, Suzanne Bean, Autumn Bree, Gail Cooper, James Cooper, Kathleen Crocetti, Ryan Erler, Ellen French, Swann Freslon, Elizabeth Gignilliat, Enrique Goldenberg, Ginny Heenan, Stephanie Jucker, Connie Kirk, Ellen Leo, Suzanne Leslie, James Marc, Barbara McLain, Carol Myer, Cindy Ostroff, Margo Reis, Karen Robinson, Mitchel Rubin, Tachina Rudman-Young, Bruce Schauble, Yudith Segev, Mary Sheft, Jennifer Kim Sohn, Kathryn St. Clair, Abraham Suskind, Vaidis Valaitis, Shital Velani, Sue Weil, Judith Williams, Karin Worth, Wilma Wyss, Erin Zerega

Juror: Jeremy Morgan, Exhibiting Artist, Associate Professor of Painting at San Francisco Art Institute

Images: G. Cooper (left top); M. Sheft (left middle); M. Reis (left bottom); S. Jucker (2nd top); S. Freslon (2nd middle); Marc (2nd bottom); B. McLain (3rd top); E. Leo (3rd 1st middle); B. Schauble (3rd 2nd middle); J. Cooper (3rd bottom); C. Ostroff (4th top left); K. St. Clair (4th top right); T. Rudman-Young (4th middle); K. Crocetti (4th bottom); W. Wyss (right top); G. Heenan (right middle); K. Robinson (right bottom). 

Small Works 2017 Postcard


Small Works Exhibition

November 17—December 23, 2017
Reception: December 8, 5–9pm 

The annual Small Works Exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to find affordable, quality artwork for the holiday gift-giving season.

The submissions contain a diversity of mediums and subject matters. The artwork was selected based on the artists’ unique and modern approaches to subject matter, composition, color, and light. I enjoyed the range of submissions from three dimensional works, photography, and sculpture.

Featuring: Barbara Andino-Stevenson, Steven Andresen, Della Barnett, Annie Bates-Winship, Suzanne Moreno Berke, Beverly Brown, Jan Buscho, Douglas Bush, Margie Caldwell-Gill, Angela Casey, Dan Caven, Arnold Chao, John Cobb, Laura Culver, Taryn Curiel, Robert Duvall, Marguerite Elliot, Suzanne Engelberg, Virginia Fauvre, Licita Fernández, Victoria Fernandez, Peter Funk, Anki Gelb, Elizabeth Gignilliat, Sonia Gill, Wendy Goldberg, Chadwick Herrera, Robert Hersey, Eric Kelly, Sandra Koenig, Patricia Leeds, Linda Lieberman, Nini Lion, Barbara McLain, Eileen Moderbacher, Jane Mothersill, Ashwin Narayanan, Marianne Owens, Cindy Pavlinac, Alan Plisskin, Barbara Poole, Lorraine Prinzing, Margo Reis, Cayen Robertson, Gil Sambrano, Bruce Schauble, Susan Searway-Fertig, Rita Sklar, Ann Switzer, Vera Tchikovani, Brian Tepper, Kashyap Thakor, Stephanie Thwaites, Vaidis Valaitis, Jack Weaver, Yige Xie

Juror: Julie Zener, Art dealer, Curator, Artist Manager, and Gallery Owner: Julie Zener Gallery, Mill Valley CA.

Printer Migration  Front Vertical1



September 29–November 10, 2017
Receptions: October 13, 5-8pm + November 10, 5–8pm

While the definition of migration typically refers to the intentional movement from one place to another, we can point to this action being present in both our personal lives and on a global stage. Movements of individuals, communities, cultures and climate conditions have shaped history and continue to craft our current moment. Migration offers an exploration of this condition by the following artists.

Featuring: Naomi Alessandra, Jose Maro Alvarado, Jenny Balisle, Della Barnett, Cynthia Brannvall, Barry Beach, Ulla de Larios, Lori Katz, Eric Kelly, Julia Ledyard, Isaac Lewin, Stela Mandel, Gary Marsh, Lara Myers, Janet Norris, Marianne Owens, Tijuana Rick, Ignacio Rojas, Susan Ryan, Jennifer Kim Sohn, Cecelia Thorner, Stephanie Thwaites, Sue Weil, Tyler Wilkins, Emil Yanos, Erin Zerega, Jane Zich

Juror: Emily A. Kuhlmann, Director of Exhibitions and Curatorial Affairs of the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco. 

Images: Migration Dreams © Della Barnett, oil on canvas (top left); Canary Mine © Naomi Alessandra, watercolor, pen and ink, gouache (top middle); Coexisting © Susan Ryan, oil, (top right); Who are we? Where are we from? Where are we going? © Eric Kelly, mixed media on wooden panel, (middle left); Navy © Emil Yanos, ceramic (middle right); A Beautiful Wall is Still a Barrier © Sue Weil, handwoven tapestry (bottom left); Get In The Car Kids, It's Time To Go: IDPs, Refugees, Detainees, and Deportees © Lara Myers, installation: clothing rack and clothing (bottom middle); Search for Home © Ignacio Rojas, oil on panel (bottom right).

Angelique Benicio entangled

Entaglement © Angelique Benicio, oil on wood,12" x 12" 

Waking Dreams

Angelique Benicio: painting - scuplture - video

August 4–September 22, 2017
Receptions: August 11, 5-8pm + September 8, 5-8pm
Art Talk: August 26, 11am
Closing Party: September 16, 7–11pm (tickets required)
performance art by Angelique Benicio at the Twisted Circus event

Angelique Benicio’s work evokes the enchantment and eerie quality of Grimm’s fairy tales. The lush surfaces and realistic attention to detail in these oil paintings draw the viewer in, but there are unsettling undercurrents. Many paintings reveal an acute awareness of uneasy surroundings; others depict children facing difficult situations. Benicio understands that all of us have access to states of innocence and experience, regardless of age. The artist’s love of allegory is apparent in both her two dimensional and three dimensional works. Her paintings and installations invite the viewer to ask if there is something familiar gazing back, some long forgotten feeling, which, though difficult to define, is both unnerving and transformative.

The work of award-winning artist Angelique Benicio has exhibited in museums and galleries in California and abroad, including the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in Novato, the Axis Gallery in Sacramento, and the Trans-Art Gallery in Trondheim, Norway. Her performance work has exhibited at The Crucible in Oakland and Trails and Vistas in Truckee. 

abstraction postcardThe Art of Abstraction

June 9–July 28, 2017
Receptions: June 9, 5-8pm + July 14, 5-8pm

Featuring: Janice Best, William Binzen, James Cooper, Rene Dayan-Whitehead, Cathleen Evangelista, Alex Friedman, Georgia Gibbs, Tina Green, Victoria Heilweil, Nicholas Hullibarger, Stephen Kane, Connie Kirk, Geneviève L'Heureux, Ellen Leo, Toni Littlejohn, Sherrie Lovler, Mimi Makowsky, Sanda Manuila, Cindy Ostroff, Phyllis Pacin, Cindy Pavlinac, Margaret Realica, Margo Reis, Holly Savas, Jeffrey Sully, Vera Tchikovani, Vaidis Valaitis, Leslie Patterson Werner, Tyler Wilkins, Kathryn Wills

Juror: Toni Littlejohn, artist and Board President, Gallery Route One, Point Reyes California.

Images: After the Apple © Sanda Manuila (top left); Flow #6 (Cloudscape) © Stephen Kane (top 2nd); Soaring II © Rene Dayan-Whitehead (top 3rd); Velo © Mimi Makowsky (top right);The Spaces In Between © Georgia Gibbs (bottom left); Spatial Binary Five B © Nicholas Hullibarger (bottom 2nd); Flow: Seafoam © Alex Friedman (bottom 3rd); Lucci I © Tina Green (bottom right).

Paper as Voice postcard

Paper as Voice

April 21–June 2, 2017
Reception: May 12, 5-8pm

Paper as Voice showcases artwork by 29 Bay Area artists using innovative techniques, concepts, and compositions to feature paper as the prominent "voice" of their work.

Featuring:  Juline Beier, Linda Belden, Carol Brighton, Janine Brown, Eleanor Coppola, Kenna Doeringer, Deborah Friedman, Deb Hayden, Susan Hersey, Cynthia Jensen, Giselle Kappus, Kathryn Kenworth, Goran Konjevod, Bonnie Kuhr, Marcia Lavine, Diana Marto, Lucia Matzger, Gretchen Jane Mentzer, Kristin Meuser, Judy O’Shea, Barbara Poole, Bruce Schauble, Sharyn Sears, Young Shin, Augusta Talbot, Jude Vasconcellos, Katherine Warinner, Sue Weil, Susan Zimmerman

Juror:  Judy O'Shea is an internationally exhibiting artist who focuses on large-scale paper installations in challenging locations. 

Images: Reaching Out © 2017 Juline Beier, paper, thread, beeswax, 9" x 9" x 8" (left top); Moment by Moment 7 © 2016 Janine Brown, sewn raffia and ink on mitsumata, 7" x 10" (left bottom); Phyllotaxis 2 © 2017 Katherine Warinner, embossed monotype on paper, 36" x 36" (right top); Untitled 11 © 2017 Goran Konjevod, folded paper, 10" x 12" x 12" (right middle); Alice in Wonderland © 2015 Kenna Doeringer, paper and mixed media, 8" x 12" x 12" (right bottom).]

Lynch Nathan doubledown

Doubledroop © 2016 Nathan Lynch, burned cedar, 68" x 68" x 12" 

Meine Em-To Round A Course Remnant

To Round A Course Remnant © Em Meine, ink on paper, 6" x 8"

Asleep in the Tanning Bed

Nathan Lynch and Em Meine 

March 3–April 14, 2017
Receptions: March 10, 5-8pm + April 14, 5-8pm

Nathan Lynch statement:

Working in fired clay and wood I started making three-dimensional abstract representations of events. Then I manipulated those events and gave them bends and shadows to articulate the way that the history of an event is told, or stories are relayed. As if accumulating another layer, the story changes over time with emphasizing, forgetting and retelling. The history of an event becomes a collection of half-truths and partial views. Consider the news. There can be a strong dissonance between what actually happened and what is told/experienced/retold/represented/read. As I worked I was thinking about personal, cultural and political conflicts and the benefit of adopting a generous allowance for differences.  But that thinking took place during the last presidency when multiple points of view made sense. 
Nathan Lynch is represented by Rena Bransten Projects 

Em Meine statement:

A constellation contained on a piece of paper, a vessel with no point of entry, a map that's also a sculpture turned back upon itself - these drawings represent things that aren't real, or can't be. The work addresses containment and confining - layered webs, tethered stars, and closed circuits. Each drawing is a contained thought - self-sufficient, but perhaps better understood in the context of a sea of other thoughts, where ideas can respond to and communicate with one another. 


Small Works Exhibition

November 18—December 23, 2016
Reception: December 9, 5–8pm

The annual Small Works Exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to find 
affordable, quality artwork for the holiday gift-giving season.

Small Works 2016 postcard

Juror: Leigh Vogen, Director of Retail at Cavallo Point Lodge, since 2009 overseeing the Mercantile & Art Gallery. We feature contemporary photography by local Bay Area photographers. 

Melissa Adkison, Jose Maro Alvarado, Nancy Bardach, Annie Bates-Winship, Juline Beier, Deborah Bertola, Tim Brody, Beverly Brown, Dan Caven, John Cobb, Laura Culver, Germaine De Luca, Joseph Demaree, Sam Fleeger, Kadi Franson, Adam Gerlach, Wendy Goldberg, Ellen Gust, Tana Hakanson, Joanne Harwood, Ayris Hatton, Robert Hersey, Stephen Kane, Ann Langston, Linda Lieberman, Dulce MacLeod, Barbara McLain, Carol Myer, Patricia Oji, Cindy Ostroff, Marianne Owens, Cindy Pavlinac, Alan Plisskin, Barbara Poole, Heather Rosmarin  DJSears, Rita Sklar, Kalie Standish, Ann Switzer, Deanna Taubman, Victoria Veedell, Sue Weil, Linda Yoshizawa, Carlos Zamora

Musical Postcard



August 12–September 16, 2016
Receptions: August 12, 5-8pm + September 9, 5-8pm

Musical aims to showcase artwork relating to the art of music through subject matter, medium, or composition. 

Featuring: Jizell Albright , Brandin Barón, Nancy Bardach, Juline Beier, Ruth Brophy,  Zwanda Cook, Joyce Creswell, Srimongkol Darawali, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, Virginia Fauvre, Sam Fleeger, Ayris Hatton, Cindy Hawkins, Dennis Hearne, Bao Hoang, Rose Kelly, Debbie Patrick, Piro Patton, Susan Press, Margo Reis, Sandra Rubin, Michael Ruiz, Millicent Tomkins, Jack Weaver, Sue Weil

Jurors:  Donna Seager and Paul Liberatore:  Donna Seager is the co-owner of Seager/Gray Gallery, Mill Valley California, Paul Liberatore is a well-known writer who reviews music and pop culture for the Marin Independent Journal, his own blog page,, and many other publications.

Images: Mayor Mitch Polzak of the Royal Deuces © 2016 Dennis Hearne (left column top); Ponte Concerto © 2015 Jack Weaver (left column bottom); G Minor © 2014 Nancy Bardach (2nd column top); Adagio © 2016 Virginia Fauvre (2nd column middle); The Cellist © 2008 Bao Hoang (2nd & right column bottom); Blue Notes © 2016 Debbie Patrick (right column top); Yesterdays © 2016 Juline Beier (right column middle).

Raylene Gorum Skychart
 Sky Chart © 2016 Raylene Gorum, vinyl and acrylic, 48"x48"


A survey of works by Raylene Gorum

June 24–August 5,2016
Reception: July 8, 5-8pm
Artist Talk: Saturday July 23, 11am

Phases is a contemplation on the various passages of time featuring a survey of recent work by Raylene Gorum. Using a variety of pattern sources such as topography, climate patterns, celestial movements, and Islamic tessellations; Gorum creates temporal works, which interact with the immediate space. The exhibition includes book publications; wearable concept art (mathy bling); a 40' long street-facing installation; map based works created in vinyl, acrylic, and mirrors; and a peek into her sketchbooks and process.

Artist Bio
Raylene Gorum is a Bay Area based artist who works primarily with intricately cut vinyl and tape to create installations and flat work that blur spatial boundaries through the use of reflective and transparent materials.

She has a Bachelors of Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and through the Ecole d'Architecture in Paris. She also studied Experimental Printmaking at Central St. Martins while living in London.

Her works have been exhibited in San Francisco, New York, London, Milan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, and Brazil and included in lots for auction at the Whitney Art Party and Phillips du Pury. Her largest installation to date occupied 165' x 16' of window across the street from MOMA NY on 53rd Street.

She recently relocated to California and bought a houseboat in Sausalito after selling a popular singing bar, Baby Grand, that she designed, owned and operated in Soho, NYC.

Marin ContemporaryMarin Contemporary

April 29–June 17,2016
Receptions: May 13, 5-8pm + June 10, 5-8pm

Juror: Julie Zener
art dealer, curator, artist manager, and gallery owner, Zener Schon Contemporary Art, Mill Valley California

Marin Contemporaryshowcases Marin County artists who demonstrate unique and cutting edge applications of medium, composition, subject matter, and palette. The selections embody a diverse assortment of contemporary art that pertain to our modern day environment.

Featuring: Diane Amil, Ilene Avery, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, Virginia Fauvre, Victoria Fernandez, Roy Forest, Enrique Goldenberg, Brian Huber, Colleen Joyce, Stephanie Jucker, Betsy Kellas, Patricia Leeds, Martin Lesinski, Carol A. Levy, Stela Mandel, Richard Moquin, Lara Myers, Cindy Ostroff, Cayen Robertson, Susan Searway-Fertig, Karen Theisen, Vaidis Valaitis, Katherine Warinner, Sue Weil, Kate Zimmer

Images: Lightshow © 2015 Cindy Ostroff (left column top); Pulled from the Fire © 2015 Stephanie Jucker (left column middle); Red Petal © 2016 Kate Zimmer (left column bottom); Adverse Reactions To Cymbalta Include: aeiou and sometimes y © 2015 Lara Myers (2nd column); Flag RWB © 2015 Stela Mandel (3rd column top); Atachafalaya © 2015 Brian Huber (3rd column middle); At Sea © 2016 Carol A. Levy (3rd column bottom); Urban Thoughts: Breaking In/Breaking Out © 2013 Richard Moquin (4th column top); Life's Complexities (San Anselmo creek) © 2013 Victoria Fernandez (4th column middle); Vino's Individuality II © 2015 Susan Searway-Fertig (4th column bottom); Circles © 2013 Enrique Goldenberg (right column top); Kellas.Diptych 2 © 2014 Betsy Kellas (right column bottom).

Architecture Postcard
Images: Saint Mary's - Abstract © 2015 Ryan Brignoni (left column top); Fortress © 2015 Sue Weil (left column middle); Abstract Digital Surface © 2016 Mahsa Vanaki (left column bottom); Escher Town © 2010 Suzanne Bean (center column top); Structures in a Floating World © 2016 Patricia Oji (center column middle); Pierce Ranch Triptych © 2015 Barbara Lawrence (center column bottom); Contrast © 2012 Debra Bibel (right column top); On My Way Home © 2014 Sandra McHenry (right column bottom).


March 4–April 22, 2016
Receptions: March 11, 5–8pm + April 8, 5–8pm

Juror:  Erick Moreau, architect, artist, president of Art Works Downtown

Like art, the practice of architecture deals with the balance of materials, decisions, and light to design form, function, and space. The artwork in this exhibition offer a dialogue about these dynamics as well as a variety of expressions, imaginations, and celebrations relating to architecture.


Barry Beach, Suzanne Bean, Debra Jan Bibel, Ryan Brignoni, Beverly Brown, Mary Ciofalo, Victoria Fernandez, Raylene Gorum, Robert Hersey, Barbara Lawrence, Lisa Levine, Oleg Lobykin, Michael Manente, Sandra McHenry, Patricia Oji, Alan Plisskin, Mahsa Vanaki, Sue Weil, Keith Wilson, Carlos Zamora

Climate Change

Climate Change Postcard2

Images: Salmon © A. Gaul Culley (left column top); King Tide at Crab Cove © 2013 Ron Rothbart (left column middle); Beth Terry © 2013 Tess Felix (left column bottom); Coywolf © 2014 Ellen Litwiller (2nd column top); Continuum © 2007 Lawrence LaBianca (2nd column middle); Canaries & Elephants 6–Oil & Ice © 2011 Vicki Gunter (2nd column bottom); Legacy © 2011 Constance Anderson (right column top); Byte-cycle © 2014 Angela Gonzalez (right column middle); Chulas Fronteras © 2015 Pamela Blotner and Elizabeth Addison (right column bottom).

January 8–February 26,2016
Receptions: January 8, 5–8pm + February 12, 5–8pm

Description of Theme:
Climate Change exhibition aims to inspire stewardship of the planet by showcasing artists' visions of adaptation and responses to our changing environment.

Constance Anderson, Janice Best, Pamela Blotner and Elizabeth Addison, Marvin Burke, Norlynne Coar, Joyce Creswell, 
A. Gaul Culley, Denise Deleray, Eden V. Evans, Tess Felix, Susan Galleymore, Anne Garden, Angela Gonzalez, Vicki Gunter, Jamil Hellu, Cynthia Jensen, Bonnie Kuhr, Lawrence LaBianca, Ellen Litwiller, Kara Maria, Lara Myers, Elise Odom, Barbara Poole, Marcia Poole, Ron Rothbart, Rita Sklar, Lorraine Weglarz, Ama Wertz

Juror’s Statement
Art Works Downtown’s exhibition Climate Change brings a propitiously timed show to the San Rafael community. Artists depict the subject of climate change in a visual dialogue introducing viewers to the complexities that people, governments and societies face when envisioning Climate Change. Climate change within the Anthropocene epoch is based on human activities that generate anthropogenic, greenhouse gases, distinct from the greenhouse gases naturally present in the atmosphere. These emissions alter the atmosphere's composition, causing the “increased greenhouse effect that is leading to global warming.” The exhibition explores issues that led up to it and what it means to adapt to Climate Change. In December 12, 2015, 195 countries signed an historic global climate agreement in Paris, France. Artists instinctively captured the range of topics nations addressed at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, such as global warming, extinction, migration, mitigation, and adaptation. We experience in this diverse exhibition how artists are wrestling with and interpreting the vast array of complex climate change topics such as environmental ecosystems at risk, commentary on the political-economic players, and highly intrapersonal struggles humans experience. We see through these selected works the power of art to communicate on a truly visceral level. Artists approach these topics from many angles through work that is literal, abstract, expressive, or refined. Art Works Downtown offers a new platform for artists to lead the community in an exploration of the local, as well as the global, implications of climate change, providing potential for hope and peril. Through these selected works, we hope to inspire the audience to engage in discussion, both at the exhibition and in their daily lives, to educate themselves and be empowered to make a difference.

Small Works Postcard 2Small Works Exhibition

November 20—December 31,2015
Reception: December 11, 5–8pm

Juror: JD Beltran is a conceptual artist, filmmaker, and writer whose artwork has screened and exhibited nationally and internationally receiving reviews in the New York TimesArt in AmericaArtNews, and many other notable publications. She writes a blog column for, the online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, and is faculty in the New Genres, Film, Interdisciplinary Studies, Critical Studies, and Urban Studies Programs at the San Francisco Art Institute. JD Beltran is also the President of the San Francisco Arts Commission.

The annual Small Works Exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to find affordable, 
quality artwork for the holiday gift-giving season.

Fire and Water • Juried Exhibition

fire water postcard

September 25—November 13, 2015
Otober 9, 5-8pm + November 13, 5–8pm

Juror:Donna Seager and Suzanne Gray 
of Seager / Gray Gallery, Mill Valley California • 


Barbara Aliza, Douglas Andelin, Alexis Arnold, Marie Bergstedt, Kevin Brown, Shanna Bruschi, Carol Dalton, Suzanne Engelberg, Carol Fregoso, Alex Friedman, Janey Fritsche, Wendy Goldberg, Deborah Hayner, Douglas Heine, Robert Hersey, Mary Huntsman, Ronnie Hutton, Cynthia Jensen, Stephanie Jucker, Judith Klausenstock, Diana Lee, Mary Ann Leff, Linda Lieberman, Cathy Locke, Raewyn McMains, Merry Meier, Barbara Milman, Dawn Nakashima, Will Noble, Lynda Nugent, Cecily O'Connor, Patricia Oji, Christopher Olsen, Susan Press, Victoria Reynolds, Kay Russell, Marie Van Elder, Jonah Ward, Michael Welch 

Beltran Minneman Cinema Snowglobe 5x7

Cinema Snowglobe © 2015 JD Beltran and Scott Minneman, glass sphere with fluid, snow, film, custom electronics and circuitscustom software and hardware, glass globe, film and video, custom display, 2.5” x 2.5” x 2.5”
 duration variable URL 
For more information on the Cinema Snowglobe, see

Technological Mediations

July 31—September 18, 2015
Receptions: August 14, 5-8pm
+ September 11, 5–8pm

Curator's Talk: August 29, 11am

Technology has fundamentally changed how we experience the world. It mediates our sense of place, our identity, our relationships and communities. The artists in Technological Mediations use technology to discuss our mediated lives in the digital age.

Curated by Victoria Mara Heilweil
Photographic Artist / Curator / Educator 

Featuring: JD Beltran and Scott Minneman, Ryan Berkey, Jim Campbell, Craig Dorety, Mitra Fabian, Peter Foucault, Charles Gadeken, Victoria Heilweil and Phil Spitler, Scott Kildall, Jenny Odell, Penny Olson, and Tim Thompson and Paul Sable Snibbe

Jim Campbell's works are exhibited courtesy of the artist and Hosfelt Gallery.
Craig Dorety's works are exhibited courtesy of Johansson Projects.

Penny Olson's works are exhibited courtesy of Chandra Cerrito Contemporary.

art of rock of legends  postcard 

The Art of Rock Legends

June 12—July 24, 2015
Receptions: June 12, 5-8pm + July 10, 5-8pm

The Art of Rock Legends benefit exhibition features artwork by such iconic '60s musicians, artists, and photographers as Jerry Garcia, Carlos Santana, Janis Joplin, Dave Getz, Grace Slick, Marty Balin, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez, George Frayne (Commander Cody), Peter Max, Stanley Mouse, Graham Nash, Baron Wolman, and many others.

The Art of Rock Legends is the opening event of San Rafael Rocks, a multi-faceted, multi-partner rock 'n' roll art, film, and music celebration with proceeds benefitting DrawBridge, a Bay Area arts program for homeless children, and California Film Institute Education, which provides creative film programs for Bay Area students.

Exhibition curated by Bruce Burtch

The Art of Rock Legends  Preview Party, Friday, June 12 from 5-8pm, will be open to the public as part of Art Works Downtown 2nd Friday Art Walk.

For more information, visit 

Note:  Pricing for the events of San Rafael Rocks ranges from free (The Art of Rock Legends and San Rafael Rocks Block Party) to various ticket prices for events at the Smith Rafael Film Center and the Fenix musical tribute to Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders, Sr.

Richard and Martha Shaw Table with Unfinished Painting

Painters Table with Unfinished Painting © 2015 Richard and Martha Shaw, ceramic, 37" x 20" x 15"
Photography by Alice Shaw

Richard Shaw

April 24—June 5, 2015
Reception: May 8, 5-8pm

In the world of contemporary ceramics, Richard Shaw is the master of trompe l’oeil sculpture. He has developed an astonishing array of techniques, including perfectly cast porcelain objects and overglaze transfer decals. By combining the commonplace with the whimsical, the humorous with the mundane, Shaw captures the poetic and the surreal with the sensibility of a comedian.

Art Works Downtown is honored to exhibit the work of master artist Richard Shaw. This special exhibit features collaborative works with painter Martha Shaw plus new work which has never been publicly exhibited. Thanks to Gallery Paule Anglim and B. Sakata Goro for their support of this exhibit.

Jessica Hess postcard

Defenestration Day © 2013 Jessica Hess, gouache on paper, 22" x 30"

hashimoto contemporary logo 
Jessica Hess
selected works

March 6—April 17, 2015
March 13, 5-8pm + April 10, 5-8pm

Art Talk: March 28 • 11am
with gallery owner Ken Harman 
and artist Jessica Hess

Jessica Hess is a San Francisco–based artist whose focus lies primarily in photorealist painting. Hess's depictions of the urban landscape both celebrate and document the art of graffiti through a fine art lens of oil paintings on canvas and gouache paintings on paper. This career-spanning survey also includes hand-painted ceramics produced in conjunction with longtime collaborator Christa Assad.

Jessica Hess: 

Hashimoto Contemporary:

fiber2015 postcard
Juried Exhibition

January 9—February 27, 2015
Reception:January 9, 5–8pm + February 13, 5–8pm

Richard Elliott is an Associate Professor and former Chair in the Textiles program at California College of the Arts in Oakland. Elliott has lectured, juried and curated several exhibitions and was a recipient of a California Arts Council Artist-in-Residency grant. His work is in private and corporate collections including the State Department of Health Services.

Juline Beier, Deborah Corsini, Susan Doyle, Katy Drury Anderson, Carol Durham, Emily Dvorin, Julie Garner, Jaya Griscom, Susan Helmer, Nancy Knoles, Kelsey Leib, Lucia Matzger, Topaze Moore, Chris Motley, Jennifer Pellman, Barbara Poole, Liz Robb, Carol Lee Shanks, L. Susan Stark, Joy Stocksdale, Myrna Tatar, Susie Taylor, Vanessa Wimmer

Images: Green Mountain © 2014 L. Susan Stark, silk dupioni and organza (top left); Cycle of Life © 2013 Susan Doyle, fiber (top right); Curves © 2013 Kelsey Leib, woven and knitted monofilament (bottom left); Reds © 2014 Chris Motley, knit wool, fulled and sewn (bottom middle-left); Urban Ephemeral © 2013 Emily Dvorin, oxygen tubing, acupuncture needle holders, cable ties (bottom middle-right); Scintillating Scotoma © 2012 Deborah Corsini, linen wedge weave (bottom right).

Small Works Exhibit 2014 - Juried Exhibition

November 21, 2014—January 2, 2015
Reception: December 12, 5-8pm

Juror: Alan Bamberger is an art consultant, advisor, author, appraiser and principal of the website  He has written three books and numerous articles about how the art world works, has photographed and reviewed thousands of art openings and events mainly in San Francisco and the Bay Area, and has consulted and advised numerous artists on all aspects of their art and careers.

Small Works 2014 postcard

Jack Androvich, Art by Bebe, Ned Axthelm, Marsha Balian, Kate Barrengos, Suzanne Bean, Ashley Bell, Nanette Biers, Tim Brody, Ann Brooks, Kevin Brown, Dan Caven, Yu Jean Choi, Audra Cobelis, Sandra Cohn, Lynn Dee, Mary DeShaw, Yuksel Dinccag, Melinda diSessa, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, Virginia Fauvre, Beth Goldberg, Rinat Goren, Stuart Gourlay,Joanne Harwood, Jeanne Hauser, Isabel Hayes, Robert Hersey, Beri Ketema, Judith Klausenstock, Ann Langston, Diana Lee, Linda Lieberman, Alec MacLeod, Liz Mamorsky, Barbara McLain, Catherine Merrill, Natalie Nesser, Julie Nunes, Marianne Owens, Manisha Patel, Barbara Poole, Benito Rangel de Maria, Kay Russell, Gil Sambrano, Holly Savas, Francesca Saveri, Francis Snyder, Kashyap Thakor, Monica Umana, Vaidis Valaitis, Mary Valente, Michael Welch, Kathleen White, Liz Wiener, Laura Williams, Tony Williams, Charlie Wingo, Melissa Woodburn, June Yokell, Linda Yoshizawa, Kate Zimmer

sculpture as metaphor

Sculpture as Metaphor • Jurried Exhibition

October 3—November 14, 2014
Receptions: October 10, 5-8pm + November 14, 5-8pm

Bella Feldman, award-winning artist and former professor of sculpture, California College of Arts and Crafts


Barbara Andino-Stevenson, Marie Bergstedt, Sandra Cohn, Arthur Comings, Ralph Davies, Susan Fiori, Sam Fleeger, Marianna Goodheart, Vicki Gunter, Sheila Halligan-Waltz, Mary Huntsman, Oleg Lobykin, Tina Marie, Brian Martinelli, Lorenzo Mills, Tom Montan, Kathy Pallie, Anne Pinkowski, Biagio Scarpello, Ceevah Sobel, Derek Springer, L. Susan Stark, Nelcy Tarics, Mark Thomas, Eike Waltz

Front Images: Halcyon © 2014 Mary Huntsman (top left); Metamorphosis © 2014 Barbara Andino-Stevenson (top middle); Burning Vacillation © 2014 Mark Thomas (top right); A Delicate Balance © 2014 Sandra Cohn (bottom left); Convey © 2013 Biagio Scarpello (bottom right)

Carol A. Levy
Delicate Balances
Paintings, Drawings, and Monotypes

August 1—September 19, 2014
Receptions: August 8, 5-8pm + September 12, 5-8pm

Curated by: 
Marianna Goodheart and Stan Gibbs


Bay Moon © Patricia Payne, etching, 14" x 12”Printing the Bay Area

June 13—July 25, 2014
Receptions: June 13, 5-8pm + July 11, 5-8pm

Juror: Tom Killion, NorCal Landscape Printmaker and Book Artist

Vicky Chen, Lynn Curtis, Shari DeBoer, William Ericson, Monica Farrar, Rich Fowler, Joan Karissa Gallego, Zachary Gilmour, Stephanie Jucker, Tom Killion, Linda Lieberman, Kent Manske, Gail Morrison, Patricia Payne, Barbara Poole, Colin Teague, Deirdre Weinberg

Cutting on the cutting edge of contemporary culture; squeezing ink where the waters of California squeeze between hills and mountains; cranking and pressing the images of this fleeting moment on the edge of the infinite sea. Bay Area printmakers make it their own way, but weave their work together in the brilliant light of this beautiful place and time. 
- Tom Killion, 2014

Shelter - Juried Exhibition

April 25—June 6, 2014
Reception: May 9, 5-8pm

Juror: Catharine Clark

Owner/Director of Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco


The Hell Brewers

March 7—April 18, 2014
March 14, 5-8pm + April 11, 5-8pm
Artist Talk: March 29, 11am

A Peek Into the Weird World of 
Dr. Flotsam 
and His Carny Clan

The art of Mike Shine and friends with special music guest, Beso Negro.

Featuring Helen Bayly, Joe Bender, John Butler, Ben Clarke, Colin Day, Blair Tom, and Calvin Wong

Including Mike Bennett, Jake Cortez, Spencer Cunningham, Kim Dittrich, Jonah Elias, Leonardo Ferlinghetti, Maxx Moore, Kyla Neugebauer, Cooper Shine, Riley Shine, Sawyer Shine, and Oliver Whitcroft

Jeremy Morgan Exhibit at Art Works DowntownJeremy Morgan

January 10—February 28, 2014
Receptions: January 10, 5-8pm + February 14, 5-8pm

Curated by Stan Gibbs + Linda Samuels

Small Works Show

November 29, 2013–January 3, 2014
Reception: December 13, 5-8pm

Juror: Holly Blake, Residency Manager,
Headlands Center for the Arts

Bob Nugent: Dialogues with Nature  Aparados da Serra, 2012, watercolor, gouache, charcoal, pencil on linen, 50" x 70"

  • October 25 - November 22, 2013
  • Opening Reception: November 8, 2013 • 5–8pm
  • Curated by: Satri Pencak, M.A.

Memento Mori

  • August 30 - October 11, 2013
  • Reception: September 13, 2013 
    + October 11, 2013 • 5–8pm 
  • Curator - Stephanie Jucker

Art Talk "Art and Public Space" with Eddie Colla + D Young V

  • September 21 • Noon



 Photography-Based Imagery + Alternative Processes + Traditional Materials + Film + Digital

July 12 - August 23, 2013
in 1337 Gallery

Reception: July 12, 5 – 8pm
2nd Reception: August 9  5 – 8pm

Juror: Thom Sempere Executive Director, PhotoAlliance & Educator

drawing2013 EnnisA large

an exhibition at art works downtown • a juried art show

may 24 - july 5, 2013
in the 1337 Gallery

opening reception: june 14 • 5 - 8pm

Foad Satterfeild “Ahwahnee Pond”, Acrylic on Canvas, 50 x 50” 2012Foad Satterfield


March 29 - May 17, 2013
in the 1337 Gallery

opening reception: April 12 • 5 - 8pm
second reception: May 10 • 5 - 8pm

shadows tiny

Kay Russell • Patricia Ancona • Claudia Tarantino

January 25 - March 22, 2013
in the 1337 Gallery

opening reception:  Feb 8 • 5 - 8pm
2nd reception:  March 8 • 5 - 8pm

Art on the Farm

Building-wide fundraising exhibit for Marin Organic

November 30, 2012 - January 17, 2013
in the 1337 Gallery

opening reception:  Dececember 14, 2013  5 - 8pm
2nd reception:  January 11 5 - 8pm

Land & Form
echoes from the heartLandForm_echoes_mod

Davis Perkins & Aiko Morioka

October 5 - November 16, 2012
in the 1337 Gallery

RECEPTION: Friday October 12 5-8pm
2nd reception: Friday November 9 5-8pm


Organic Intentions

Mari Andrews
Mary Button Durrell
Patricia Lyons Stroud

August 10 - September 28, 2012
in the 1337 Gallery

dynamic sculptural installations by 3 Bay Area artists

Still LifesStillLifes_cardFRONT

Juried by Rab Terry + Jennifer Farris

June 29 - August 3, 2012
in the 1337 Gallery

Surface DesignSurfaceDesign

an art exhibit curated by Virginia Breier

May 4 - June 22, 2012
in the 1337 Gallery


The ElementsElements

juried by Maria Medua
director of SFMOMA Artists Gallery

March 9 - April 27, 2012
in the 1337 Gallery

Lightscape/Darkscape: Kala ArtistsKALA_postcard_front  

curated by Andrea Voinot

January 13 - March 2, 2012
in the 1337 Gallery


AWD Small Works ShowSmallWork

AWD's annual holiday exhibit featuring affordable art by 85+ artists

November 18, 2011 - January 6, 2012
in the 1337 Gallery





Dia de los MuertosDayofDead300

Day of the Dead altar exhibit

September 30 - November 11, 2011
in the 1337 Gallery


Baulines Craft GuildBCG-cropped

Material at Play: New Master Works

August 12 - September 23, 2011
in the 1337 Gallery


Clay & BeyondClay+Beyond

curated by Carol Durham and Dianne Romaine
Lauren Ari, Carol Fregoso, Gregg Jabs, Margaret Moster + Tebby George

June 24 - August 5, 2011
in the 1337 Gallery

Love + PleasureLPmedium

the art of Susan Danis + Livia Stein

April 29 - June 17, 2011
in the 1337 Gallery


recycled art by Martin Freeman
a collaboration with Visual Aid

March 3 - April 23, 2011
in the 1337 Gallery


Edythe BresnahanEBresnahanPostcard150

A selection of paintings by Edythe Bresnahan,
former chair of the Art Department at Dominican University of California

January 13 - February 25, 2011

AWD Small WorksAWD-small-works

featuring 85+ small works priced for the holidays

November 18, 2010 - January 7, 2011



an exhibit of digitally influenced art

September 23 - November 12



RSS_Postcard_web300American Peasantry: Life and Labor in the Fields of California

A Photographic History by Richard Steven Street

August 5 - September 18, 2010

Realm of Dreamsrealm-of-dreams-postcard

a collaborative exhibit by Phyllis Thelen + Barbara Andino-Stevenson

June 10 - July 30