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Jasmin Viducic 2018

Dont Look At Me Pen and Ink Watercolor-8x10 2018 


pen and ink, watercolors by Jasmin Viducic

April 13–28, 2018
Reception: April 13 • 5–8pm

Jasmin Viducic is an artist who uses her skill in pen and ink, as well as watercolor, to create semi-realistic figure drawings and portraits. Jasmin also creates watercolor paintings of the beautiful landscapes that she encounters on her adventures throughout Marin County and the surrounding Bay Area. She is currently a student at Dominican University of California receiving her BFA in Studio Art and is also working as a volunteer intern at Art Works Downtown.

Unmasked is a series of figure drawings that utilize watercolor backgrounds to show the true emotion that gets hidden beneath the surface. Jasmin’s drawings depict each figure or portrait with a sad smile and empty gaze. While a person is struggling with anxiety and depression, they often wear a mask to disguise these feelings. The surrounding pop of color represents the mask fading away as that person learns that it’s okay to show how they’re really feeling. 

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