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Between Inks Pigments Judith Miller

Between Inks and Pigments

Paintings and Drawings by Judith Miller

August 8-September 6, 2014
Reception: August 8 • 5–8pm

Resurrection, Judith Miller

The work at the Donors' Gallery includes both Drawings and Paintings.

The Paintings and Drawings summarize years of observation and puzzlement.

In my childhood while growing up on a cattle ranch I was interested in the mysteries of nature and the mysteries of communication. I loved the hidden meanings of cattle brands. The first codes I read were those pictographs. Then came the miracle of reading and writing.. Other codes came later: shorthand, computer, poetry, critic language, sidestep language, formal art elements.

Art is an optimistic act. It connects 3000 years of human history and portends, all evidence aside, that humans will have an extended future. To paint is to experience death and rebirth as acceptance of painting in the last half-century is constantly dying and being reborn.


In the disorder and chaos of modern (post?) life, nature gives me some stability. I expect spring to follow winter. I’m convinced the sun will come up. We will have rain. Seeds and pods will regenerate a new crop of plants. But nature often whispers to me of its secrets and illusions: shadows, ripples, disguises, micro-organisms. I feel that connection to nature is necessary for wholeness of spirit. For me, a day-by-day interaction with nature reminds me of my relative place in the universe.


Judith Miller graduated with honors from San Jose State University (BA 1975) and had an honors studio at the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA 1980). Her works have been in numerous shows in her home state of California and in sixteen other states as well. They are owned by public collections in CA, Washington D.C., Japan and Iowa. Judith’s art has been reviewed in over twenty newspapers and catalogs.

Her awards and grants include a Faculty Excellence Grant from Millikin University, Decatur, IL; a transportation grant from the American Society of Aesthetics for a Solo Show in St. Louis, MO; and a presentation grant from Cabrillo College in Aptos. Recently she was asked to put a monotype in the Library of Congress.

Resurrection © Judith Miller