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Tom Rohrer 2014 Rock Face

 Rock Face

Tom Rohrer rock2-tr

Photography by Tom Rohrer

June 13-July 5, 2014
Reception: June 13 • 5–8pm

This Rock Face series of photographs addresses a sense of presence and personality. Each mountain portrait pictured here has its own unique characteristics. Just as with portraits of people, the texture and surface of each rock face was produced over time by gradual, intense experience. 

Each of these faces are several hundred feet tall. Find the trees for scale. Their lifetimes are profoundly long. All of these photos were taken in Yosemite within miles of each other, yet each place reacted differently to the same conditions. Each looks different as the light hits it throughout the day and throughout the year. Each is a landmark.


All photographs are inkjet printed on rag paper and are available for sale framed or unframed.

Tom Rohrer rock1-tr          Tom Rohrer rock3-tr