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Artist Wall • Current

Mimi Seton

Mimi Setten Royal Blue and Orange Surprise web 

 Royal Blue & Orange Surprise, Mimi Seton 2022, photographic metal print, 24" x 24".


July–August 2022

Thursday–Saturday, 1–8pm: public hours


I am fascinated by the repeated patterns in nature, the observable correspondences between the human being and all other expressions of life, from fish to flowers.  These patterns assure me of our unity with all other things -- the indelible truth that we humans are not just connected to but actually a part of each other and the world around us, birthed by the same powers of our mother: Earth. This “divine unity” and the sacred geometry that is a fundament of its language, is recognized by scientists and mystics, mathematicians and artists. To feel it and know it is pure joy!