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1337 Gallery - Current Exhibit

1337 Gallery • Current

 Zenpop Nellie King Solomon


A solo exhibition by Nellie King Solomon

August 2–September 13, 2019
Receptions: August 9 • 5–8pm + September 13 • 5–8pm

Curated by Marialidia Marcotulli

ZENPOP is a curatorial term developed by exhibition curator Marialidia Marcotulli to describe a certain cultural dynamic in today’s contemporary art practice.  The term was adapted by Nellie King Solomon in this series of new abstractions in which paint is poured pushed and pulled. The energy of the fluid directed, manipulated, and surrendered to, in degrees of certainty and restraint.

In one group of large-scale square canvases the tell-tale line of architectural rendering emerges from the ground of sealed but otherwise unpainted cotton duck. In a second series of canvases the flow is left unchecked by the precision of draftsmanship. Here, gravity is left to do its thing, poured pigment directed only by shifts in the angle of the stretched canvas’s vertical lean until the properties of the polymer freeze the flow. This juxtaposition of technique tempts the mind to explore the subtleties of action and the choices made. We feel these choices and the questions that preceded them. How much should she insist? How much should she let go? What is the difference between a line pulled with pencil and an edge pushed with paint? Why should one precede the other? Or vice versa. Curator Marialidia Marcotulli states  "The effect carries the vibe of surf but not the aesthetic. There is more going on here than simply that." 

About Nellie King Solomon

Internationally exhibited, Nellie King Solomon is a Marin native who received her MFA from California College of Art in 2001.  

“I make paintings that interrogate painting. I’m a painter who breaks with the conventions of painting because I come to it through the back door of architecture, Supergraphics, printmaking, ballet, and surfing. These are fluid acts about conversation and their omissions, driving and ducking, hydrodynamics and hang-ups, and the dangers of moving though the world as a straight woman.”

"I work on Supersized canvases, hyper wet, with custom-made glass tools, on inclined surfaces which allow me to set up systems of surrender to gravity, viscosity, erosion, time, and touch. My work is evidence of something having happened there. Work is pulled from my experiences of western liquid landscapes, interior and exterior terrains, the shock of unabsorbed events." 

ZENPOP extends beyond the 1337 Gallery, see more at the following satellite locations.



Bank of Marin 1203 Fourth Street, San Rafael 

Proof Lab 907 Fourth Street, San Rafael 

San Rafael Chamber of Commerce 817 Mission Avenue, San Rafael 

San Rafael City Hall 1400 Fifth Avenue, San Rafael

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