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1325 Donors' Gallery • Current 

Constance by Swann Freslon 

Constance © Swann Freslon

 Lucie Dupuis

© Lucie Dupuis


Lucie Dupuis and Swann Freslon

September 14—October 6, 2018
Reception: September 14, 5pm–8pm

Swann is a painter, Lucie is a ceramic artist. The two are friends and decided to show their art as the extension of their lives.

Everything we experience, see, feel, leaves a trace on us like the stroke of a brush on canvas, or the kiss of the flames on pit-fired porcelain. From the shores of Normandy for one, to an african childhood for the other, both artists create pieces influenced by their own histories and surroundings. Through art, theses traces deep within, images, emotions and colors can find their way out, raw and intense for Swann, deceptively quiet for Lucie, complementing one another. Swann and Lucie want to propose a dialogue between paintings and ceramics, and let them resonate with each other, and with the viewer’s inner traces of their own lives. 



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