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The Art Works Downtown Exhibits Program highlights artists who are committed to their artistic practice, promotes IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility), encourages artistic expression, and aims to build community and engage the public. AWD invites artists, curators, art organizations, and art groups who live 100 miles from San Rafael CA, to apply to and propose exhibits. We hope you will apply and share your creativity!

Foad Satterfield Open Space • Sacred Ground Exhibit 2013
Foad Satterfield Open Space • Sacred Ground Exhibition 2013

How to Apply for an Exhibit

Call for Entries: group exhibits

Call for entries are announced through our newsletter, emails, social media, and other online forums. The application process is provided through Call for, which requires artists to open a free account. Applicants must pay an entry fee—discounted for AWD members—to submit entries. The themes of the exhibits offer continuity and boundaries, but also aim to invite a wide variety of interpretations. If you’re not sure if you’re artwork qualifies, it probably does. This is a great way to build your resume, experience, meet artists, and get exposure to art professionals such as gallery owners. 

Receive notifications by joining the newsletter and opportunities emails: here


Exhibit Proposals: group, solo, curated

Submit a proposal to be considered for an exhibition. Whether you’re ready for a solo exhibit, have a group of artists to exhibit with, or curate artists; we hope you will apply. Continue reading to learn more about the proposal process. 

Proposal Requirements

  • Apply by emailing the proposal to program manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  • Include the following items: (We prefer to have all the information included in one PDF document under 20MB.)
    • Exhibition Vision Statement: Outline the exhibition’s concept. Explain how the artists and artwork support your vision and goal of the exhibit. (2000 words maximum).
    • Images of proposed artworks
      • 5–20 images showing the artworks to exhibit. We recognized the selection of art in the proposal may not be be guaranteed, but the images should provide a good example of what the exhibit will include.
    • Include a list of artwork information featured in the proposal images including title, media, dimensions.
    • Artist information: resumes, bios, artist statements, and links for each artist you plan to exhibit
    • Curator resume, bio, links, curator statement, examples of past exhibits
    • You’re welcome to submit additional information if it helps to explain your vision.

Summary of evaluation criteria

Proposals are reviewed by an anonymous committee. Applicants may not receive a response unless they are approved. Please understand we are unable provide critiques or feedback about your proposal. 

  • Proposals are evaluated based on qualities such as strength of concept, quality of artworks, quantity of proposed artworks, and feasibility of exhibit plan.
  • Attention is given to proposals supporting themes of inclusivity, diversity, equity, or accessibility. 
  • Concepts should be accessible to a wide spectrum of audience from art-educated guests to people who are new to art.
  • Artwork content with explicit sexual content or graphic violence is prohibited.
  • Artists must reside within 100 miles of San Rafael
  • Video art is welcome, but must qualify as follows.Audible works must use headphones; they can not broadcast sound through the space.
    • Most display equipment required for the exhibit must be provided.
    • Projections are usually prohibited because the space contains too much light.
    • Audible works must use headphones; they can not broadcast sound through the space.
    • Editions. AWD perfers to exhibit original artwork.
      • Originals of limited editions are permitted. They must be signed and numbered. For example: photographic prints, printmaking, bronze castings. 
      • Un-editioned reproductions such as giclée’s, or print-to-order, are prohibited.
  • Sales: 
    • AWD sells the artwork and processes the sales tax. AWD asks for a 40% donation upon sale.
    • At least 50% of the exhibiting artworks must be for sale.


Exhibit Models

Call for Entries group exhibits

This model provides a theme for see how artists’ work relates to the theme. Artists apply to the call, then a juror of art professional stature chooses the artwork to exhibit. The application process is managed through a third-party service and requires an entry fee. Accepted artists exhibit for free. These exhibits usually occur in Gallery 1337. 


Curated group exhibits

This model invites curators, groups of artists, or arts organizations to pre-organize an exhibit. These exhibits usually occur in Gallery 1337 or the Invitational Galleries.


Solo exhibits

AWD generally aims to offer the most opportunities for the most artists. Solo exhibits in Gallery 1337 are rare, but always considered. Most solo exhibits occur in the Invitational Galleries.


Members’ benefits

AWD Artist Members receive discounts on Call for Entries application fees, participate in the annual Members’ exhibit, and are considered for unique opportunities and invitation to exhibit. join the membership


Galleries in Art Works Downtown

Each gallery space has unique characteristics. Where do see your work exhibiting?


Gallery 1337: 

AWD’s flagship gallery features traditional, contemporary, and cutting edge work. This is the most sought-after gallery space. The exhibit schedule offers various Call for Entries group exhibits and a few high-concept exhibits. Curated or solo exhibits are rare. The street-facing gallery space is also the main entrance into the AWD art center.


Invitational Galleries:

The Underground Gallery offers an intimate space in the lower level. The gallery is available for solo and group exhibits and installations. 

The Founders’ Gallery offers a broad space in the lower level of AWD. The gallery is available for solo and group exhibits and good place to show sculpture. The space is also an intersection between artists’ studios and parts of the art center.

The Donors’ Gallery offers an elongated display area located on the street level opening onto Fourth Street. The display space is primarily for wall-art and acts as an egress into and out from the art center. This is a great space for displaying a series.



Art Works Downtown recognizes your effort and applauds your art practice. Thank you for considering our venue as an opportunity to further your practice and share your artwork with the public.