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2nd Friday Art Walk: Participate Form



Wine sign-ups must be submitted by the Wednesday of the week two Fridays prior to the Art Walk event Friday. In other words, three weeks in advance.

Serving wine during 2nd Friday Art Walk, you grant permission for your venue to serve wine per ABC regulations (form ABC-221), agree to sell Wine DURING the event, agree to ID people that look under 25, agree to stop serving alcohol if a patron is obviously inebriated, and agree to follow the AWD Art Walk Policies and Procedures. If you are NOT participating in AWDʼs 2nd Fridays Art Walk wine feature, you agree to NOT serve alcoholic beverages during the event OR you understand that you are in violation of ABC regulations, are willing to incur any and all associated legal risks, and you indemnify and hold harmless 2nd Fridays Art Walk, Art Works Downtown, and the City of San Rafael for loss, damage or legal liability arising from such actions.

Submitting this form online constitutes "your signature" that you have read and understand the above policy.

Questions please contact Stan Gibbs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.