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2nd Friday Art Walk: Participate Form

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Wine sign-ups must be submitted by the Wednesday of the week two Fridays prior to the Art Walk event Friday. In other words, three weeks in advance.

Serving wine during 2nd Friday Art Walk, you grant permission for your venue to serve wine per ABC regulations (form ABC-221), agree to sell Wine DURING the event, agree to ID people that look under 25, agree to stop serving alcohol if a patron is obviously inebriated, and agree to follow the AWD Art Walk Policies and Procedures. If you are NOT participating in AWDʼs 2nd Fridays Art Walk wine feature, you agree to NOT serve alcoholic beverages during the event OR you understand that you are in violation of ABC regulations, are willing to incur any and all associated legal risks, and you indemnify and hold harmless 2nd Fridays Art Walk, Art Works Downtown, and the City of San Rafael for loss, damage or legal liability arising from such actions.

Submitting this form online constitutes "your signature" that you have read and understand the above policy.

Questions please contact Stan Gibbs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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WineSymbol    venues with wine supporting art walk
strawberry-icon   venues with refreshments
music   venues with live music or DJ
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Sep Map

Enjoy galleries, open studios, art exhibits, live music and refreshments as you stroll in downtown San Rafael. Anchored by Art Works Downtown galleries and artist studios, the 2nd Friday Art Walk links venues along downtown Fourth Street the second Friday of each month.

2018 Art Walk dates: 1/12, 2/9, 3/9, 4/13, 5/11, 6/8, 7/13, 8/10, 9/14, 10/12, 11/9, 12/14

To learn how to participate click here  

Art Walk map for 
September 14, 2018  5-8pm*

*Open hours vary depending on the venue. See current listings on this website page during week of the Art Walk. Printed Maps are available at participating venues during the week of the Art Walkdownload September 2018 map 

1515 3rd st  Marin Society of Artists strawberry-icon 
reception: Coast to Coast, a National juried Fine Arts exhibition in our upstairs gallery. This is a fabulous show-147 artists entered from 17 states. Come and see the artwork selected by juror Kay Carlson. Artwork by MSA members is featured in our Flex and Downstairs galleries.

1408 Mission st Falkirk Cultural Center 
exhibition: Form and Fire: Alchemy of Clay
Terra Linda Ceramic Artists
Through the process of transformation of matter and the act of combining seemingly ordinary elements, artists have created dozens of extraordinary and magical pieces on display. 
music: Judy Hall


1340 4th st   Mc Rosky Mattress Company    music
reception: Watercolor paintings by Brian Elder
I like detail, I like odd colors, I like Andrew Wyeth, I like Mark Rothko, I like going around to places where I’m the only one not wearing camo, or packing. I really like dead of winter places, too, but it’s usually too cold to paint. About fifteen years ago I met a man who saw the currents of universal love flowing through everything, and could show these to you, if you were interested in looking. I was interested in looking, and so he showed me. And now I humbly present these reflections of what I saw.
music: Mundo Rio plays the sounds of Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba, as well as a variety of other South American and Afro-Cuban music.

1337 4th st  Art Works Downtown  strawberry-icon WineSymbol  
reception: Veer  info 
Curators Theodora Mauro and Tracy Wheeler focus on the mystery of how nothing becomes something in the art making process, balancing in part on an artist’s ability to veer from an original concept towards what’s calling to be made. Windy Chien, Sydney Cohen, Randy Colosky, Amos Goldbaum, Mary Anne Kluth, and Patricia Lyons Stroud passionately embrace the vertigo of not knowing in order to make work that teaches them, piece by piece, about what they’re after. Taken together, the work in Veer offers evidence that allowing oneself to move abruptly away from preconceived goals and expectations can lead to glorious new directions.

Underground Gallery (AWD)  info 
reception: Curiously Grim
digital collage and mixed media installation by Eric Kelly with Le Mysterium

Eric Kelly transforms images from the earliest days of photography into surreal dreamscapes and assemblages, using digital processing and layers of metal leaf and resin to animate the past with an eerie new life. In collaboration with Rodney Griffin of Le Mysterium Collective, he reimagines Art Works Downtown’s Underground Gallery as an alternate universe Victorian salon, to showcase his curiously grim (and at times absurdly humorous) creations.

Founders' Gallery (AWD)   info 
reception: The Bigger Picture, Heather McFarlin
For Heather McFarlin, abstract painting and the creative process go hand in hand with intuition and insight, producing a greater understanding of her life and the world at large. Often times the ‘bigger picture’ becomes clear as the painting progresses, and understanding is gleaned in areas such as personal healing, or in response to a specific subject or topic. Symbols, images, gestural marks, color, and even the composition that emerges are all part of this process that help inform her.

1325 Donors'Gallery info 
reception: Traces, Lucie Dupuis and Swann Freslon
Swann is a painter, Lucie is a ceramic artist. The two are friends and decided to show their art as the extension of their lives.
Everything we experience, see, feel, leaves a trace on us like the stroke of a brush on canvas, or the kiss of the flames on pit-fired porcelain. From the shores of Normandy for one, to an african childhood for the other, both artists create pieces influenced by their own histories and surroundings. Through art, theses traces deep within, images, emotions and colors can find their way out, raw and intense for Swann, deceptively quiet for Lucie, complementing one another. Swann and Lucie want to propose a dialogue between paintings and ceramics, and let them resonate with each other, and with the viewer’s inner traces of their own lives.

1331 4th st Marin Jewelers Guild  strawberry-icon WineSymbol
Abigail Lee Goldberger 
“My paintings are inspired by fairy tales, myths, dreams, memories, experience, longing, religion, and nature.”

917 C st Youth In Arts    WineSymbol  kids_icon
exhibition: Kids Imagine Our World, will include a showcase of work from talented K-8th grade artists responding to the prompt, “I Imagine the World with…”
activity: Kid-sized ode to Yayoi Kasuma's "Obliteration Room." All white space will be infused with color by children visiting the exhibit who are invited to add colorful dots!

1020 B st VenturePad   strawberry-icon 
reception: Showcasing Nance Miller, Jane Heaphy, and Susan Searway-Fertig
A variety of modern artworks from each artist.

1138 4th st Rileystreet Art Supply   strawberry-icon WineSymbol music 
reception: Beyond Pain
Portraits in oils and pencil by Rouzbeh Delijani 
While in the process of painting his portraits, Rouzbeh looks for the mental aspect, seeking to find common ground with his subjects. His portraits have taught him that we all have pieces of each other.
music: Gary and the Crew

819 A st Community Media Center of Marin (6-8pm)   
reception: Marin Latinx Art Exhibit
Georgia Annwell Gallery
CMCM is proud to display selected artworks from The Canal Welcome Center from September 1 to October 31! The opening reception will be held on Friday, September 14 from 6 PM - 8 PM. Meet the artists, enjoy free beverages and refreshments, and be inspired by a colorful collection of Latin Art, including several larger than life Dia de Los Muertos Murals. 

Featuring art by: Carlos Herrera, Jaime Herrera, Isidoro "Isis" Angeles, Sandy Coronado, Eustorgia Sol Navarrete, Ernesto Hernandez Olmos

905 4th st Crome Architecture  strawberry-icon 
reception: Animal Surrealism
Alex Nizovsky

850 4th st Copperfield's Bookstore  
reception:  Marin Ventures
An exhibition of artwork of the clients of Marin Ventures, a day program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

1108 Tamalpais ave The 1180 Gallery 
reception: to be announced
music: to be announced


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MERCHANTS become a venue.
ARTISTS contact venues to display your art.
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Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more

Merchants may sign up online:

  • Participating Venues must provide art/event information two Tuesdays prior to the 2nd Friday event.
  • Venues interested in serving wine must follow the AWD Art Walk Policies and Procedures:  click here  Including: $25 for a ABC license fee, Property owner signature, How to sell wine
  • Participation Form
  • Looking for the paper sign up form? download here


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