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2nd Friday Art Walk

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Enjoy galleries, open studios, art exhibits, live music and refreshments as you stroll in downtown San Rafael. Anchored by Art Works Downtown galleries and artist studios, the 2nd Friday Art Walk links venues along downtown Fourth Street the second Friday of each month

2019 Art Walk dates: 1/11, 2/8, 3/8, 4/12, 5/10, 6/14, 7/12, 8/9, 9/13, 10/11, 11/8, 12/13

To learn how to participate click here   

Art Walk map for October 11, 2019  5-8pm*

*Open hours vary depending on the venue. See current listings on this website page during week of the Art Walk. Printed  Maps are available at participating venues during the week of the Art Walkdownload October 2019 map  

1611 4th st  Rebound Bookstore  
reception: Kate Pepper’s Big Show! 10 years of watercolor
“I am excited by gardens of all kinds, in whatever state of glory or disrepair. I love to paint at high noon, when shadows are at their most intense. Marin has been my home for 25 years. and I feel blessed to be surrounded by so much natural beauty. Color and light are everything.” 

1553 4th st  Atelier 1553  
reception:Bound, Karyn Gabriel, October 4–25
Influenced by shapes and patterns found in urban landscapes and nature, my work searches beneath the surface, paring form to its essence and revealing the structures surrounding us.I find beauty in the elemental and unadorned, the slightly brutal forms often hidden in plain sight. My current work delves into personal identity and our sometimes tenuous attempt to hold all the disparate pieces together. What binds those elements of self is a source of inspiration and exploration. 
Atelier 1553 announces its grand opening of a new furniture, lighting and art gallery. This workspace is also the studio to local architect Jeffrey Mahaney and interior designer Chelsea Brown of Leap Interior Design. 

1515 3rd st  Marin Society of Artists strawberry-icon 
reception: 92 Years of Innovation
The 92nd annual members Fine Art Show, in the main gallery. All types of fine art will be on exhibit, including painting, photography, sculpture and crafts. The Art Centre has two floors of art galleries featuring members artwork, as well as 16 artist studios, many open to the public. Come, enjoy delicious snacks and meet the artists.

1408 mission st Falkirk Cultural Center  strawberry-icon 
Artists of Mt. Tamalpais and Awards
Don't miss the chance to experience the collective work exhibited in the Artists of Mt. Tamalpais group show. Sponsored by the Muir Woods Park Community Association, the exhibition includes photography, paper arts, woodworking, painting, pastels, textiles, ceramics, basketry, and mixed media from twenty artists. Join us for free refreshments provided by the artists & City of San Rafael/ Falkirk Cultural Center and meet the artists. Artist information available at  

1340 4th st   McRoskey Mattress Company strawberry-icon music   
Mr. Pickles sandwiches & pillow raffle
music: Mundo Rio

1337 4th st   Art Works Downtown  strawberry-icon WineSymbol  
receptionCeramic Sensibilities  info 
Art Works Downtown presents an intriguing exhibition of Bay Area ceramic artists. Ceramic Sensibilities features works chosen for their inventiveness, a high level of skill, and thoughtful use of the medium with a focus on individual expression. We invite you to explore and delight in this unique selection of ceramic artistry.

Underground Gallery (AWD)   info 
reception: What Lies Ahead, Lisa Clarke 
Exploring the painful andbeautiful process in which people come together for the common good. Inwhich humans acknowledge their place in nature. In which we understand that we are completely insignificant as far as the universe is concerned. And in which we discover that we are as unique, intriguing, and inexplicably wondrous as anything else in existance. 

Founders' Gallery (AWD)   info  
Been Black & Dazed, Fan Lee Warren
My work examines historic results on contemporary Black American Culture. Figures are arranged within layered fragments of historical memories woven into a visual language steeped in symbolism that analyzes the impact on societal norms and behaviors. The work examines the reality of looking backwards and being in the present simultaneously. Images are drawn and painted on collaged, stressed paper using pigment, graphite, ink, watercolor, and acrylic paints.

1325 Donors' Gallery (AWD) info 
Transformer, Mark Olson
Painting is transformation. The collecting and applying of various tools and compounds to create an image is perhaps the oldest human act of transformation, outside the human transformation of dance. As artists, we’re transformers in the business of transformation, you might say it’s our stock and trade. The painter scratches his marks or daubs his color knowing that the deep mystery of his work opens a portal between realms, and that, even if only for a moment, whoever truly sees is transformed. Doubtless some have always understood this better than others, as the caves at Chauvet and Lascaux reflect, as well as the likelihood that even back in those times there were probably famous painters. But as just dance transforms the dancer, so does painting transform the painter both during and after the act itself. This is a simple fact, the result of a path authentically pursued. It is not an easy path easily pursued though, nor could it be otherwise. Thus it was in the beginning, so it is today.

1331 4th st  Marin Jewelers Guild   strawberry-icon WineSymbol
reception: Anna Ladyzhenskaya, oil painter
“ art resides between the past and the present, between time and space, between the real and the imagined.”

917 C st Youth In Arts     WineSymbol 
exhibition: Outside the Lines: Collaborative Art from Special Day Classrooms

1138 4th st Rileystreet Art Supply   strawberry-icon WineSymbol music
reception: One, Isabel Hayes
Isabel is a self-taught portrait painter whose subjects emerge entirely from her imagination. Her subjects have captivating faces inviting the viewer to imagine a narrative. She works with oil and acrylic paints. Her work is totally spontaneous and intuitive. Isabel uses bright colors to express mood and emotion and is inspired by the vibrant colors and visual richness of her childhood in Madrid and Guatemala.
music: Todos Santos

 846 4th st Glaze & Confused Pottery & Gallery 
Featured artists on display

emPOWER Utility Box Art Project 
 emPOWER Utility Box Art Project
Social media moment: Snap a pic with up to six beautifully painted utility boxes -- #emPOWERboxes. Tag us! @ArtWorksDowntown @SanRafaelCoC

A beautification project developed by the 2019 cohort of the Leadership Institute -- a program of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce. Six talented, San Rafael-based artists/artists groups were selected to design their vision of the “Spirit of San Rafael”. Join us in celebrating art in unexpected places as you enter downtown San Rafael. Featured artists and utility box locations:



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