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2nd Friday Art Walk

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WineSymbol    venues with wine supporting art walk
strawberry-icon   venues with refreshments
music   venues with live music or DJ
yellowstar  venues with performance or demo  
kids_icon  venues with activities
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APRIL 2019

Enjoy galleries, open studios, art exhibits, live music and refreshments as you stroll in downtown San Rafael. Anchored by Art Works Downtown galleries and artist studios, the 2nd Friday Art Walk links venues along downtown Fourth Street the second Friday of each month

2019 Art Walk dates: 1/11, 2/8, 3/8, 4/12, 5/10, 6/14, 7/12, 8/9, 9/13, 10/11, 11/8, 12/13

To learn how to participate click here  

Art Walk map for 
April 12, 2019  5-8pm*

*Open hours vary depending on the venue. See current listings on this website page during week of the Art Walk. Printed Maps are available at participating venues during the week of the Art Walkdownload April 2019 map 

1611 4th st Rebound Bookstore 
exhibition: Drawings in Morocco and Rome; a Woman’s Memory
Sparse, disarming, whimsical drawings, haikus of vision; like dry wine, a thought half-remembered, but never forgotten... Marcia S. Dalva is a Marin County ceramic artist. She has been doing fired and glazed clay work for over 30 years.Unique works, never previously shown, on display in the Rebound Bookstore. The drawings are also gathered in a limited edition hardbound and softbound journal, Drawings in Morocco and Rome. Signed, limited editions for sale at The Rebound Bookstore.

1515 3rd st Marin Society of Artists strawberry-icon 
reception: Images 2019, a National Contemporary Photography Exhibition juried by Jack Fulton, featuring 60 artists from 16 states across the country. Our Flex and Downstairs galleries are featuring artwork by MSA members.

1408 mission st Falkirk Cultural Center   strawberry-icon music 
reception: This Is Not A Book, journals by Minna Towbin Pinger 

We all come from somewhere. We all have family. Journaling has helped me to see the connecting threads in our web of humanity. When we see our connections, the spaces between us become less important and easier to breach. As Maya Angelou writes in The Human Family, “We are more alike my friends than we are unalike.” During the show, artist will be present to discuss, encourage, and facilitate anyone interested in beginning a journal.
music: Judy Hall, pianist

1340 4th st  Mc Rosky Mattress Company   strawberry-icon music
reception: Susan Doyle 
 Illy Bogart draws from a wide reaching plethora of influences from classic jazz, modern funk, and hip hop to bring something new, impactful, and exciting. Celebrating the release of their debut album, Illy Bogart brings new compositions and their unique musical voice.

1337 4th st  Art Works Downtown  strawberry-icon WineSymbol  
reception: Ordinary  info 
Ordinary is an exhibition highlighting the ordinary through subject matter and use of materials. The antithesis of the spectacular, familiar objects bring art down to human scale and into the intimacy of daily life. Marcel Duchamp first championed the use of mass produced, utilitarian objects in his readymade artwork in the early 20th century, and has continued to influence nearly a century of artists that have followed him, each pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be art, and how it could be created. Decades later, feminist artists continued with these ideas, often taking ordinary objects from the domestic realm as material for their art. These artists highlighted unseen labor, and incorporated their everyday life as rituals for their artwork. Ordinary features eight female artists who work with these concepts in their art and process.

Featuring: Tana Quincy Arcega, Irene Carvajal, Victoria Mara Heilweil, Dana Hemenway, Sarah Newton, Jenny Phillips, Chris Thorson, Imin Yeh
Curator: Victoria Mara Heilweil

 Underground Gallery (AWD)  info 
reception: Marcus Alm
Imposter Syndrome presents a collection of Marcus Alm’s artwork including sculpture and mix media works.

Founders' Gallery (AWD)   info 
reception: Open Space is a group show of four young emerging artists who grew up in Marin County: Simon Bermeo Ehmann, LaVetta Clark-Poets, Zach McLane, and Mackenzie Morshead.

Marin County is defined by its open space. Its residents coexist with natural space—they live next to it, they hike through it, they drive by it on their way to work. For those of us who grew up in Marin County, we spent our childhoods in open space. We found hidden trails that felt all our own and snuck out late into the quiet intimacy that open spaces afford.

As artists, our work is informed by the world around us, the spaces we inhabit, those places we have left, and those places we have returned to. As young people navigating the space between childhood and adulthood, we often find ourselves in another kind of open space: the space of transition. The open space between childhood and the lives we want to live, between the past and what we hope the future might be. 

We find our own space, make our own space, ask others to host us in theirs. Art making is about creating a space between oneself and the world, and it is as much about creating that space as it is about understanding it.

1325 Donors'Gallery info 
Deep Secrets Paintings, Marie Krajan
My latest collection of paintings was born out of my love and admiration of the Pacific Ocean. I find this majestic sea both serene and chaotic at once. The calming sound of waves continually crashing on the shore is juxtaposed by their sheer strength and power, above and below the surface. Coral reefs are among the greatest natural wonders of the world. They come in a seemingly infinite array of shapes and colors and teem with life. These qualities gave me the freedom to experiment with abstract graphic elements and a strong color palette helped me capture their amazing beauty.

1331 4th st Marin Jewelers Guild  strawberry-icon WineSymbol
reception: Vera Tchikovani 
Experimentation and discovery keep me challenged. l want to explore the endless possibilities of creation.

921 c st Key Tea   strawberry-icon  music 
music: Jazz in the Neighborhood, will set up its amazing crew of jazz wizardry in Key Tea House. 7pm-9:30pm. By Donation.

917 C st Youth In Arts    WineSymbol  kids icon
Imagining Friendship
Work from Walker Rezaian Creative Hearts kindergarten and 1st grade visual art program.
activities: Kid-sized cardboard world to explore

1020 B st VenturePad   strawberry-icon 
Linda Colnett, Stephanie Jucker, and Ellen Rothman 
paintings and mix media

1138 4th st Rileystreet Art Supply   strawberry-icon WineSymbol music 
Four Artists Who Draw Looking Closely 
Students of Janet Jacobs: Jay Gilman, Naomi Kessinger, Barbara Goodman, and Jane Gardner
music: Gary and the Crew

 846 4th st Glaze & Confused Pottery & Gallery   strawberry-icon music
reception: to be announced
music: to be announced


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