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Studio 30: Tina von Nachtigal

Tina von Nachtigal 2018 

Float a little over this world 36x48in

Float A Little Over this World  © Tina von Nachtigal

glittering pandemonium 36x72in

Glittering Pandemonium © Tina von Nachtigal

Let light in 36x36in

Let Light In  © Tina von Nachtigal

Sanctuary 36x36in

Sanctuary © Tina von Nachtigal

The Max Thelen Studio Residency


Tina von Nachtigal works as a studio artist in San Rafael. A Bay Area native, Tina finds beauty and meaning in her surroundings. From the way dappled light breaks through trees, to the beaches, and the fog that sweeps everything up in its cozy embrace.

After chronic vertigo and photosensitivity made her put down screens and turn back to her true path, fine art, she regained an appreciation for the richness in analog and nature.

Photosensitivity changed the way she viewed the world around her. Foggy overcast days became a necessary shelter from the light. This light sensitivity awakened a keen awareness of her environment and she began having flashes of delicately lit organic forms. These shapes and patterns are present in her work today. In 2017 that she transitioned into producing work that is fully abstract, using acrylics to explore these visions.

She currently resides in Marin County. And she no longer takes for granted the nature that is steps from her door and inspires her to keep her work wild and free.


Contact Info:

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