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Studio 29: Edie Heller

Marble and Stone Art

marble380 marble torso in progress © Edie Heller
alabaster380 alabaster torso in progress © Edie Heller


I love working with stone in order to uncover the shape and beauty hidden inside. It is believed that stone is the oldest material used by humans. Eons ago, sea creatures lived and died and over millions of years, their skeletal deposits built up on seabeds, creating limestone. As the earth shifted, tectonic plates collided and the massive heat and pressure from this shifting transformed the limestone into marble and is now the primary medium of my artistic voice. I find it awe-inspiring to work in a material that has been in existence since the beginning of time and a blessing to be a part of the process of creation.

Sculpting in marble and stone is intensely demanding and one of the most time-consuming and unforgiving of the fine arts, but for me it is an act of pure joy -- it provides great challenges, from hard manual labor to the finest detail work with rasps and rifflers. Stone carving forces me to slow down and I find myself in a meditative place of contentment and peace, where time ceases to exist. I sculpt in stone because I have a passion to create soft curves in a hard material and I think and feel in three dimensions. My desire is to communicate with both the tactile and visual senses of the viewer and I love when people are drawn to reach out and touch one of my works. I strive to make my pieces beautiful and sensual to the eyes and each finished work represents love, pain and a restlessness to create again.


Contact Info:

phone: (415) 260-4806

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


studio hours: Monday and/or Tuesday afternoons and/or evenings, or by appointment



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