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Workshops and Classes

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ArtMatch Workshop Series with Martha Zlatar


February 24, 2021, 6pm

Pricing Your Art
How to Price Your Art & Maximize Its Value 

  • Are you afraid that if you increase your prices nobody will buy your art? 
  • Do you frequently wonder if you are pricing your art correctly? 
  • Are you curious about ways to market your work that will make buyers perceive your art as more valuable? 

Putting monetary value on your art can be a very triggering process for visual artists. How do you put a price tag on your personal creative expression? Well, it’s not easy that’s why many artists tend to price their art emotionally (most favorite to least favorite) which can be quite detrimental to their sales not to mention VERY confusing to potential buyers. There are no strict rules on how to price your art just right but there are general guidelines that can make this daunting process more systematic, consistent and less emotional. 

In this 1.5 hour seminar you will learn: 

  • The 6 most common fears and misconceptions artists have about pricing 
  • The 10 KEY guidelines for pricing your work that will demystify and facilitate the process dissolving many of your current blocks 
  • The most popular formulas used in the art world so you can start pricing your work in a more methodical and organized manner 
  • How to increase the value of your art by using simple marketing tactics that will enhance the way buyers perceive your work so you can command higher prices 



March 24, 2021, 6pm

Selling Your Art (Inner & Outer Game)

  • Is it hard for you to sell your art?
  • Do you think that being a good sales person requires you to be pushy or manipulative?
  • Are you confused about what to do or say when someone walks into your studio to look at your work? Do you frequently wonder how the art sales process works and how to do it right?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then this workshop is for you! 

Many artists find selling their art a hard and daunting experience. Some artists may even perceive selling as a somewhat fake and deceitful endeavour where you have to convince someone to acquire your work. With these kinds of ideas it's no wonder so many artists stay away from learning how to sell altogether. It’s easier to stick to the belief that the art will sell itself or resign to the idea that you simply do not have the personality to be a good sales person. 


Selling your art does not have to be hard. There are stages to the sales process and if you learn and practice these stages you will start to see results, You may even start enjoying selling your work and getting to know your buyers and collectors. In this 2-hour workshop you will learn: 

The top 6 limiting beliefs that most artists have about the sales process that prevents them from selling more art 

  • A new paradigm for looking at selling that feels more authentic, engaging, and fun 
  • The 8 stages of selling art (from meeting buyers to closing the sale) giving you a clear framework on how to handle the sales process 
  • How to speak about your art in a way that is more interesting and engaging so that people are more likely to buy 
  • Tips and ideas on how to cultivate collectors 


April 21, 2021, 6pm

Selling Your Art ONLINE 

Selling your art can already feel very daunting for many artists and if you add to the equation the world of social media, online marketplaces and online galleries this whole process can feel even more overwhelming and confusing. In this 2 hour workshop you will learn:

  • Most common misconceptions artists have about selling art online
  • How the virtual world and social media are changing the art experience across-the-board from museums to individual artists 
  • How to build and nurture your mailing list so you create meaningful relationships that can lead to sales
  • Key features that your website needs to have in order to generate sales and grow your following
  • How to create compelling content that tells your story and grabs your audience attention in your email blasts and social media posts 
  • Marketing strategies used by artists who are successfully selling their art online 





Due to the covid-19 pandemic no classes are being offered at this time.