b2ap3_thumbnail_Deborah-Darling-Gray.JPG     Because I am an intuitive painter I am often surprised by what comes up.  I have tried planning to paint something in particular.  In fact I have often walked around for literally weeks on end with a particular image haunting my senses and taking up a lot of room on the thinking end of things.  Then comes the moment when I sit down to paint and it is as if it never existed and something completely different appears.  OMG or WTF!  I was so sure!  But my intuition is a deeper stream that runs its own course and is connected in ways to a myriad of things not on my conscious radar.  

     In spite of my own predeliction for the wandering ways of the non-linear I do have a group of paintings that I would label a series.  The Mythology series began with a gesture that I was trying to capture and it was a couple of years after I completed it that I identified the subject and noticed I'd gone a step further in the next painting, and in the next.  Voila, a series was born.  The more I worked with the themes in mythology the more I identified deeper and more personal meanings to what had been stories that seemed like fairy tales at first.

      Now I find myself in that space where a.  I am sure I know what I'm doing and  b. I know what is going to come next.  We shall see.

      As you tell the fish are confused - they are heading in every which way through earth, sea and sky.  I have a list, lord help us - a list!, of paintings I think should come next which I can't seem to get too just yet.  But I can see the next one in front of me as plain as day.  I can't give it away.  I just can't be just that embarrassed if I wind up in a completely different part of the world.

     I am pretty sure there will be more water involved.  That seems to be one theme I'm drawn to again and again.

     There are lots of ways the nature of global warming is slipping through the cracks:  Alternate Facts, The Gaslight Effect ...but like water passing through volcanic ash intuition allows the truth to pass through without distorting its message or diverting it from it's ultimate goal.

     To be continued.