Myself (Janelle Schneider studio #20) and the Science Tarot artists have been invited back to the California Academy of Science for Novembers Thursday Nightlife event! Thursday, November 3 ·  6:00pm -  10:00pm

(Science Tarot artists, left to right: Janelle Schneider (Wands Suit), Shari Arai DeBoer (Swords Suit), Kristy Whitehouse (Pentacles Suit), Raven Hanna (Co-Creator), Tammy Stellanova (Cups Suit), Logan Austeja Daniel (Co-Creator), John Daniel (graphics and logo), Kristian Johnson Michiels (Major Arcana artist), and Martin Azevedo (Co-Creator).

Join us for a drink, a dance and a science chat!
View original artwork from the Science Tarot deck, meet the Science Tarot team and enjoy movies of animated science stories in the African Hall.

(me, all science-like with Carl)

When the roads of science and myth intersect at the California Academy of Science you will find Velocity Circus Tarot readers with a deck of Science Tarot cards ready to help you create new synaptic connections between the traditions.