b2ap3_thumbnail_Debrah-Darling-Gray-Arctic.JPGThink of an egg sunny side up.  The center is white surrounded by blue.  The Arctic disappearing fast.  The wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz disappearing, "I'm melting!"

     I think about global warming alot.  I dream about it.  I buy umbrellas, stuffed animals and tote bags from the National Wildlife Federation, The Environmental Defense Fund, the Sierra Club, the National Parks Service, etc.  I have a drawer full of return addess stickes with pictures on them of polar ears, whales, dolphis, brown bears, seals and on and on.  I bring my own coffee cup to bookstores and coffee houses.  We are rabid recyclers of all things plastic and paper.  Tres Marin.

     I have been in this predicament before, stalked by an image demanding to appear only to pick up the brush and find something completely different comes through.  Not entirely true this time.  We will all soon be struck by the irony of water rising around us as the ground we walk on waits for the next drought on top of a shrinking water table.

     I send my granddaughter in New Zealand, (the bottom of the south island is 4 hours from Antartica!), a card called, "Advice from a Penguin:"


      - Dive into life

      - Find warmth among friends

     -  Appreciate snow days

     - Take long walks

      - Stand together

      - Go the extra mile

      - Keep your cool!

     Let it snow!  (My own personal admonition).  

     Lv, Deborah