b2ap3_thumbnail_Deborah.jpgMy student Caitlin and I meet every Thursday to paint.  We start our session together by gathering sustenance.  Taking a walk down 4th St. in beautiful downtown San Rafael we arrive at Arizmendi bakery to score some gluten free muffins.  There should be an Oscar for best gluten free muffin on the planet.  Arizmendi's pumpkin praline would win hands down.  They punch our card because between the two of us we spend more than $5.  Three weeks ago, our card full of tiny holes, we scored a free muffin!  Thanking God for a pumpkin praline favor.

     It's not a long walk and I had been passing it in the usuall auto-pilot mode until one day Caitlin said, "I like the sound of the waterfall."  A waterfall on 4th St.?  Did I miss something?  Sure enough, set back behind a barrier fronting the Wells Fargo Bank between B & C Sts. a fountain was gurgling happily.  We now listen for it on a regular basis as we walk along.  Sometimes noisy chirping birds chime in.

     Muffins in hand we head back on the other side of the street passing in front of the Bank of America just a block down from Starbucks.  "I like the colors,"said Caitlin.  I scanned the horizon, my perceptual view dominated by the our lady of the perpetual coffee shop logo until at the 2 o'clock vantage point I spotted a riot of hues:  purple, indigo, yellow and fushsia.  There is a slightly elevated flower bed in front of the bank.

     As dirt, grime, the noise of cars and other urban woes flood our senses it is nice to take the time to smell more than just the coffee.

     Thank you Caitlin.