Carlo Rovelli, an Italian scientist and author of a book entitled, "Reality Is Not What It Seems, The Journey to Quantum Gravity,"  says: "Electrons don't always exist.  They exist when they interact.  They materialize in a place when they collide with something else....An electron is a combination of leaps from one interaction to another."

     I had the feeling when reading this that such a phenomenon could describe the genesis of many a family conflict, argument or sudden flare of emotions.  And how sad it is that I for one spend an inordinate amount of time looking for the cause or the road to perdition so to speak when in fact there may not be one.  Rather than a psychologist's office I should probably hightail it to a physics lab next time I am deep in the throes of a relationship quandry.

     All of life, it seems, could boil down to being in either the right or wrong place at the right or wrong time.

     What is gods's name does any of this have to do with art?  Well, if there is really no such thing as cause and effect, (call me if this seems like a stretch of logic given the data not available),  I suspect alot of the dialogue that swirls around the criticism of art could be parked at the curb in a no loading zone.  There would be a lot less of a burden in our experience of art.  Interpretation could give way to experience, something we need not justify but acknowledge as a feeling unique to our empathic response to a work of art.

     Something that doesn't exist until we interact with the art we are confronted with.


     lv, Deborah