In the exciting anticipation of the Redception, celebrating Valentine's Day at the Marin Jeweler's Guild, the painting Achille's Heel is hanging in the front window of the Guild.

A.  It's Large

B.  Lots of hearts/Lots

Julie and I had a heart to heart conversation about what on earth Achilles and his heel could possibly have to do with Valentine's Day.  "It's a close fit," I told Julie.  "The guys' a natural."  "How so?" she wisely asked.  (Think ancient Greek version of the Terminator and her skepticism is not far from the truth).

Most people have heard the phrase Achille's heel and know that it signifies the weak spot or someone's most vulnerable point.  A lot of people, even those of us not studying Latin and Greek classics, remember Achilles as being this huge, invulnerable kind of guy who you want on your team.  With one exception - the heel.  Turns out even though he was the son of Greek Gods this was not enough for his mother.  She loved her son soooo much she wanted to make sure nothing, I mean nothing could take the guy down.  When she dipped him into the River Stix, it's a greek thing, she covered every spot except the tiny bit she was holding him by - you guessed it..the heel.

Oh, that a mother's love could make such a macho man an easy mark - if you know where to aim.  Love is the thing that makes Achilles vulnerable and fiercely heroic.  He was killed toward the end of the Trojan War by Paris, the man who stole Helen of Troy and started the whole mess.  This epic tale of misguided romance almost ends by an arrow to the heel, thank you.  Once Achilles is down the Greeks regroup and come up with the Trojan Horse and THAT is the end.   Misguided romance makes way for an act of treachery and guile famous to this day.