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The EACH Foundation Studio

each foundation

The EACH Foundation Studio Artist residency is a studio residency program generously funded by the EACH Foundation. The residency aims to support emerging artists by providing free studio space, exhibition opportunity, and exposure to the public for one year.

The EACH Foundation prides itself on being a radically inclusive, ethnically diverse, and impossibly efficient 501(c)3 grant-making nonprofit. EACH stands for eight giving areas (Education, Environment, Children, Community, the Arts, Animal welfare, Health, and Homelessness) which their thirty volunteers and philanthropic advisors give to for social change, granting over 10% of their assets per year to over 200 unique nonprofit organizations annually. • 415.277.5993 •This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Sunila Bajracharya

Sunila Bajracharya2021-2022
The EACH Studio Artist Residency

Listening to your inner voice is the art of living. 

I was born in Nepal and moved to California in 2006. My dream has been to have a studio at Art Works Downtown since the first time I visited there. Every year I thought about having my own studio so I could become more deeply involved in my art, but time slipped away from me. This year my inner voice became so strong and determined that I applied for the AWD residence. 

As a mother of two, a wife, and a full-time curator at Cedars, there are many demands on my time, but my small, inner voice says these elements can be sources for my creativity. “If there is a will, there is way!” Nothing can stop me if I want to start making art again today. 

I am continuing on my inner journey of finding myself through art. I am working with many questions concerning space, social boundaries, and time and my own dharma. How does a different country make me different? How does my own mindset, my space, my time, affect me and my artmaking? I am searching for a way to express all of this through art. 

I am fascinated by the expressiveness of the human form and their existing. I love working from live models and people I meet every day. That is usually the starting point for my improvisation: I observe carefully and then let my imagination and intuition take over. My main media are acrylics for painting, and wire, wax and clay for sculpting. 

I am thankful to AWD for this opportunity to explore myself as an artist more fully.



Isidoro-Filadelfo Angeles

Isidoro portrait2020-2021
The EACH Studio Artist Residency

Isidoro-Filadelfo was born in Oaxaca, Mexico in 1965. From an early age, he loved to draw. In 2005 at the age of 40, he began his formal art training under the instruction of Emily Lazarre at the College of Marin in Kentfield, CA. Isidoro had his first solo show in 2007 at College of Marin Student Center. He continues to enjoy critical acclaim for his uniquely bold take on figurative realism.



sara gallagher2 

Sara Gallagher

The EACH Studio Artist Residency

Sara is a working artist, musician, and designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Inspired by the pursuit of emotional and spiritual intelligence, she utilizes her work as an explorative tool into the inner and outer landscapes of the human experience. She has found that this practice allows her not only to understand herself better, but to access deeper compassion, empathy, and the ability to engage with others from a place of greater integrity.  This endeavor is ongoing, by nature.  

Sara studied Photography at CSU Long Beach before receiving her BFA with a Dual Emphasis in Painting & Drawing and Photography from San Francisco State University in 2013. She attended the Artist in Residence program at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, Colorado, in the fall of 2014, and recently completed a certificate program in Advanced Realism in Portrait Drawing through the Dzimirsky Realism Art Master Atelier (D.R.A.M.A.) in Warmsen, Germany, at the beginning of this year. 

During her time at Art Works Downtown, Sara will be completing her body of work Intimacy; a year-long exploration into the blocks around, pathways to, and practice of intimacy within one’s personal, familial, and communal life. Coming together as a collection of hyperreal graphite drawings, the images created will be both figurative and symbolic, depending on the element of intimacy being highlighted. If you are interested in participating in this experiment, please reach out to her to connect! She is open and looks forward to hearing from you. 


Justin Pastores 


Justin Pastores

The EACH Studio Artist Residency


Painter Justin Pastores currently works with both transparent and opaque water media. Often working in sketchbooks, Pastores's subjects range from a combination of figures, landscapes, and illustrative work. Themes explored include identity, urban/social observation, and acculturation. His scale of work can be described as pocket size, as many of the images and surfaces are under postcard scale.

Pastores was included in Bynd Artisan's Perfect Sketchbook group show, Interlace, in Singapore. He placed first at the second Annual Benicia Plein Air Paint Out along with receiving the Artist Choice Award in summer 2017. In early 2017, he exhibited and lectured with his collective Epekto Art Projects at the Wailoa Arts & Cultural Center in Hilo, Hawai'i. Upon receiving a BFA in Traditional Arts from California State University, East Bay, he was also the recipient of the Friends of the Arts Scholarship Award and his painting "#Nofilter" was collected by the university. He has exhibited across the Bay Area including Oakland, Berkeley, Novato, and San Francisco. He works as an art instructor for Cal Color Academy in Fremont and lives in Alameda.